Wizard 394

Chapter 394 Day One, Miko and Spirits, Part Two

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 In fact, Shinji had woken up from the moment Flair and the others started moving toward his lower body, but he pretended to be asleep. If he hadn’t, there was no way he would have been able to control the feeling of ejaculation and shoot his cum into their faces at the right time.

 ”I have no choice…♡ I’m tingling from the lewd crest♡ Also, Shinji’s smell makes me want to do it even more-noja♡”

 Flair’s tongue licked off the semen near her mouth, and she boldly took off her dress, quickly stripping naked. And in order to take care of her, Shinji gently pulled his arm out from under Miko Arian’s body and put a soundproof magic in the shape of a dome. It was his idea to keep Miko Arian from awakening and disturbing her sleep.

 ”Then let’s start with Flair. I will get out of bed”

 ”Hmm? Okay, I’ll go first…♡”

 Flair stands beside Shinji as he gets out of bed. She’s been in heat for six hours, and it’s hard to tell from her appearance that she is concerned about the pride of the spirits. In that case, Shinji smiles thinly and decides to be cruel to Flair.

 With Flair in tow, Shinji enters the tiled bathroom space. Sylphy and Marie follow behind them.

 ”Flair, can you put your hands up?”

 ”Is this okay? Whaa, S-Shinji!? T-This outfit is…fuaah♡”

 As Shinji’s words are spoken, Flair raises his hands upward and the ivy binds hes wrists together. When the ivy, controlled by Shinji’s magic, stretches toward the ceiling and fixes it, Flair is unable to move. If anything, Flair remembered this position.

 In front of Sylphy and Marie, who are startled by the sudden turn of events, Shinji steps behind Flair, with Flair’s front facing the girls. His hand then grabbed Flair’s breast, which was not wearing any clothes, and lightly squeezed it, causing a sweet voice to come out of her mouth.

 ”Flair, it’s the same as when I corrupted you. And now, you are so squishy from the lewd crest even though you are restrained…. But that time, you were still wearing the dress”

 ”S-Shinji♡ Sylphy and Marie… ah, ah♡ Un♡ Y-You are messing with me around♡”

 Shinji just pinched her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, and she lost her verbal resistance.

 ”Wow~♡ Flair-chan, I didn’t know he did this to you~♡ But it must have been hard to corrupt you~♡”


 Flair blushes in shame, Sylphy blushes as well and stares at Flair with saliva in her mouth, while Marie talks to her at her own pace as usual.

 ”Yes, you’re right. It took me all night to corrupt her. That’s how strong the resistance of high-ranking spirits is… right!?”

 ”Fuahh…♡ It’s coming in-nojaa…♡”

 Flair’s mouth leaked out a squeal of delight, despite the fact that she was talking to Marie as she has been inserted without hesitation. Flair’s vagina is in excellent condition, leaking her love juices, and the folds of her vagina are tightening around the p*nis more than ever. Flair’s vagina, which is warmer than most people’s, felt good, and when the glans touched the opening of her cervix, the vagina tightened in a pleasurable and loving way. And unable to take it any longer, Shinji began his pistoning motion.

 *squelch♡ *squelch♡ *squelch♡ *squelch♡ *squelch♡

 The room is filled with the sound of the thick, muscular member slurping up the overflowing love juices. And Flair’s face is aglow with the pleasure of welcoming the p*nis she’s been waiting for while the glans pushes up against her vagina.

 ”I’ve thought this since the first time, but Flair’s vagina is so warm and good”

 ”W-What is it? ♡ Why are you mention it now…♡ Ah, haah♡ Ah, M-Marie, Sylphyy♡ Don’t look at me-noja♡ Ah, anh, ah♡”

 ”Don’t worry about us…~♡””(*nod* *nod*)”

 ”Even if you say so, Shinjii♡ ah♡ ah♡ hia♡ ah♡ ahh♡ Ywu are♡ too intense♡ Nna♡”

 Flair tries to move in time with Shinji’s hip shaking, but she realizes that Sylphy and Marie are watching her. And so, Flair doesn’t move her hips because she doesn’t want them to see her shaking her hips like that, still they don’t care, they just stare at the s*x.

 However, such leisure is lost when Shinji starts to move his hips faster and slams his hips hard. With both hands grabbing her breasts, which bounce with each thrust, Flair also begins to lose herself in s*x as his p*nis rubs against her vagina.

 *pound♡ *pound♡ *pound♡ *pound♡ *pound♡

 And so, the two of them are in perfect sync with each other, and their hips work in synergy to create even more pleasure. It’s not about apostle or spirit now, it’s about a man and a woman having s*x like animals.

 ”Haa♡ Ah♡ I’m cumming♡ I’m cumming…♡”

 Flair’s voice tells them that she is close to her limit. Shinji also felt an ejaculation coming on. Then, with the swollen glans of his near ejaculation, he thrusts up into the womb, and the opening of his urethra meets the opening of her uterus. Their hips and butt pressed against each other, in the closest possible contact.


 ”Nhooooooo♡ Ah♡ Amazing…♡ This is, this is absolutely unbelievable-nojaa…♡”

 Shinji ejaculates and a large amount of semen fills Flair’s vagina. The sensation of semen flowing deep into her womb and the climax that numbed her head to the core made Flair feel the happiness of a woman. Moreover, because the first shot of the day is so thick and so much, it can’t be contained and drips from the vagina while they are still connected…♡.

 ”*pant…* *pant…♡ Cum shot inside my vagina (Nakadashi) is so good-nojaa…♡”

 Her voice is ecstatic, coming from the bottom of her heart. And Shinji, who hears so, smiles, thinking that her rebellious attitude back then is a good reaction, but now that she’s become obedient to pleasure, her reaction is also good. Sylphy and Marie, who saw Flair, are jealous of her smile, as if she is a woman who has been corrupted by an incubus (man-succubus).

 (Flair-chan, I’m so jealous~. You’re getting a lot of love from Shinji-san~. Shinji-san’s s*x is amazing~…)

 (Flair, you look happy…. And the way Shinji-san looks at her as if she’s his girl… it’s kind of nice…)

 The girls are already fascinated by Shinji’s p*nis. Then, after a few moments, he pulls out his p*nis out of Flair’s vagina, revealing it covered in semen and love juice, and Flair, having decided it was other spirit turn, squats down in front of Shinji and starts to give him a clean blowjob.

 ”Thank you…now it’s Marie’s turn, do you have any requests?”

 Shinji looks at Flair, who is lingering in the aftermath of his deep climax, and Marie, who is licking his p*nis with her tongue. Marie also answered after seeing Flair’s figure.

 ”Hmm~… If that’s the case~, will you do the same thing to me as you did to Flair~? I’ve never been tied up before~♡”

 ”Then I’ll do as you wish”

 ”Hyan♡ Aren’t your wrists more painful than I thought?”

 ”I’m taking it easy… Also, Sylphy, please wait for me”

 With that, next to Flair, he does the same thing to Marie, restraining her wrists with ivy. Shinji then takes his place behind Marie, who seems to have lost her mind. It’s not every day that Marie, a high-ranking spirit, gets the chance to be tied up, and the prospect of being caught in the back of a pose with so many openings makes Marie’s heart race with anticipation. While Marie thinking so, Shinji pulled up the long skirt of her dress and hugged her from behind while inserting his p*nis between her thighs.

 ”Nn♡ Are we doing this with my clothes on~? ♡”

 ”Yeah… more importantly, you’re already wet”

 ”An…♡ I got wet while watching Flair-chan~♡ Who wouldn’t if someone showed them something that intense~♡”

 Just by rubbing the glans over her panties, a wet sound could be heard. But Marie shamelessly affirms it and wiggles her hips as she rubs Shinji’s p*nis with her thighs together. Shinji felt her low body temperature and the feel of her thighs is so good that it made him want to spill his load all over her thighs.

 ”Shinji-san~♡ hurry up~♡”

 ”I’ll try to do the same to you like Flair”

 ”Haaaa~…♡ It’s so big~~♡”

 But today, his priority is to meet Marie’s request. He pull down her panties and slowly insert his p*nis. Her sopping wet vagina easily accepts Shinji’s cock, and Marie enjoys the pressure with an enraptured expression.

 However, this is as far as her relaxed attitude goes. Marie feels her womb tingling from the inside, and blinks her eyes. When Shinji pushes his hips forward, the depths of her vagina are pushed upward, and Marie’s mouth is filled with the most wonderful sound of pleasure she has ever felt.

 ”Aaa~♡ Ah♡ Nnah♡ W-What is this…♡ Nuooohh♡”

 ”What is it? I just cast a bit of estrus magic on you. Just like Flair”

 It’s true that magic doesn’t work well on high-ranking spirits. However, now that Freri has grown, the quality of Shinji’s magic has improved greatly. He can now exert his magic by touching Marie’s genital with his genital and directly applying the magic to her womb.

 ”W-Whyy♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Shinji-saa♡ Ah ♡ F-Flair-chaa♡ Geez, already♡♡”

 Marie’s face is melted by Shinji’s skillful use of his hips. She tries to move away from him reflexively, but he grabs her wrist and pulls her closer, and it made her vagina tighten up as he gouged her. It’s obvious that she had climaxed lightly, but Shinji did not stop shaking his hips. Her head is shaking and she’s drooling, and her mouth is filled with shameful sounds.

 ”Ah♡ Ah♡ I want to talk♡ Ah♡ Hyuu♡ Wait♡ Waitt♡ Ah♡ Ahhhh♡ Ah♡”

 (That Marie…)

 Sylphyi gasped at the sight of Marie’s one-sided torture. What Sylphy saw from her eyes is a woman who had been brought to her knees by a man. It’s just a pleasant, intense intercourse between a man and a woman. The sound of flesh and flesh hitting each other and the harmony of their charming voices are the only thing that kept playing. The end is also abrupt.


 The same scene as the previous Flair is unfolding. The ejaculation in the vagina, which is done while they are in close contact, hits Marie with a pleasure that her head cannot handle. The climax is so deep that her back is turned, and when Shinji pulls his p*nis out, she loses her support and slumps to the floor.

 (This is… the effect of estrus magic… ♡ I never thought it would feel this good… ♡)

 While she is convulsing from cumming too much, Marie vaguely felt the afterglow of rutting s*x. Even Marie, who had spent so much time with him, did not know that s*x could be so good. Then, Shinji approached Sylphy, leaving Marie like this.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Sylphy. What can I do for you?”

 ”Umm, I’d like to play it normal, maybe…but gentle is better”

 Sylphy seems to have cooled down a bit at Flair and Marie’s eagerness. So, Shinji, who had been told so, held her shoulders as gently as possible and put his mouth to her ear.

 ”Okay, okay. I’ll be gentle, okay?”


 Sylphy’s cheeks reddened as his fingers traced over her asshole, her sensitive spot. And then she was in Shinji’s arms.

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