Wizard 395

Chapter 395 Day One, Miko and Spirits, Part Three

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 It was while Shinji and Flair had finished their affair and were relaxing after cleaning up that Miko Arian woke up. Since the soundproof magic had been turned off when the cleanup was finished, Shinji noticed the sound of cloths rubbing as Miko Arian began to move about.

 ”Arian, good morning. You slept well”

 ”Yawn… Danna-sama… Good morning…”

 Miko Arian, who is still sleepy, smiles innocently at Shinji as he walks over to her and lifts her head.

 ”I’ve slept a lot…”

 ”That’s how tired you were. It can’t be helped. You used a lot of magic, and it was your first time on the battlefield”


 Miko Arian starts to get down from the center of the bed, crawling on all fours. She looked so defenseless that it was no wonder Shinji’s eyes are drawn to her swaying breasts and cleavage.

 ”Would you like something to drink, Arian? We are just having a cup of tea made by Flair”

 ”Thank you… Ahm…”

 Miko Arian grabbed Shinji’s hand that was offered to her. But at the wrong time, her stomach rumbled with hunger, and Miko Arian blushed with shame.

 ”You seem to be hungry, shall we eat first?”


 ”Ufufu~♪ Then~ I’ll prepare it right away~”

 Miko Arian sat down on a chair with her head down as Shinji pulled her hand with a smile on his face. And when Marie left her seat and went to prepare a meal, Shinji followed her while Miko Arian looked embarrassed.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 Shinji and the others finish eating the meal prepared by Marie. After that, they took a bath at Miko Arian’s request. Like sleeping together, she doesn’t usually have time to spend with Shinji, and she wants to do various things. The reason why she took a bath was because she wanted to do something like +wash her husband’s back+.

 ”Danna-sama…does it feel good…?”

 ”Yeah… you can do it a little harder”

 ”Yes…♡ Fufu, your back is big…♡”

 Miko Arian gazed lovingly at Shinji’s toned back as she scrubbed it with a soapy towel. As there is no partition in the bathroom, Shinji could feel Flair’s and others eyes on him, but he quietly let Miko Arian do what she wanted.

 ”Danna-sama, I’ll wash the front too…”


 Miko Arian’s lush breasts pressed against his back. Her soft and firm breasts are exceptional, and Shinji couldn’t help but let out a gasp of admiration. As her hands rubbed downward from Shinji’s chest, she inevitably moved down to his crotch, where her hands rested on his erect p*nis.

 ”Danna-sama… you’re already like this…♡”

 ”Arian’s breasts feel so good. …. Can you clean me more?”


 Shinji’s excitement is evident from the blush on his cheeks as she happily washes his back. Her hands, slippery with foam, gently held his cock, and when she rubbed it gently, his cock bounced again and again. The bubbles mingle with the pre-cum from the glans, and the water begins to make a lewd wet sound.

 This action created a lustful atmosphere, which is a blessing for Flair and the others who had been waiting for the right moment to mix.

 ”If you’re so inclined, we’ll join you-noja!”

 ”We will make you feel good a~lot…♡”

 ”We’ll wash you too, with our breasts”

 Flair, with her healthy brown skin, Marie, with her clear white skin, and Sylphy, with her blemish-free skin. The three girls, each with their own nude bodies, sit beside Shinji. His arms are between the cleavage of Marie’s and Sylphy’s breasts, and his head is in Flair’s arms, burying his face in her breast. Shinji tries to speak, but his words are muffled and slurred.

 ”An ♡ Shinji, don’t be violent-noja ♡”

 ”Danna-sama, you can ejaculate whenever you want…♡”

 ”There’s a~lot of time…♡ Lick…♡ Slurp…♡”

 ”Shinji-san, do you like your ears too be attacked too? ♡ Kiss…♡ Chew…♡”

 The sweet scent of Flair’s ticklish breast, Miko Arian’s careful hand job, the whispering and ear licking in both ears. All of this ignited a fire in Shinji. Shinji is helpless as he is buried in the attractive woman’s body, and he ejaculates as the four women torture him. ….

 However, as soon as he does, Shinji starts to fight back.

 Flair,Marie and Sylphy, who had just been well disciplined while Miko Arian slept, did not have the energy to disobey Shinji when he told them to line up in a row. Flair is on the left, Sylphy in the middle, and Marie on the right. But Shinji inserted his p*nis into Sylphy’s vagina first, and then inserted his middle and index fingers into Flair and Marie.

 ”Really…I was having so much fun with Arian. But you three are so unbearable. I think all of you need to be punished a little”

 Shinji looks at Miko Arian as he says this. And then, he asked her to wait until the three spirits are quieted down, but instead she stands beside Shinji as he tries to punish the spirits. She also feels that she has been interrupted, and wants to give them a little punishment.

 ”Danna-sama, I want to help…”

 ”Oh. Then you can help me by playing Sylphy’s asshole. Sylphy has a weak butt, you know”

 ”S-Shinji-san? You shouldn’t ask Miko to do that ♡”

 But then, Miko Arian’s thin, supple fingers gently stroked Sylphy’s butthole, causing Sylphy’s hips to jump and her vagina to tighten.

 ”It feels good. Can you do more?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama ♡”

 Miko Arian cuddles up to Shinji and starts playing with Sylphy’s butthole without hesitation. Shinji also unleashes his estrus magic into the spirits’ vaginas, shaking his hips and stirring their vaginas with his fingers as he increases the sensitivity of the spirits’ bodies.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ S-Shinji ♡ that magic again ♡ this is no good noja ♡ it makes me addictive ♡”

 ”Even though ♡ it’s only a finger ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ it feels so good~ ♡ Ah, ah ♡ I love this magic~ ♡”

 Flair and Marie are panting and shaking their hair, completely captivated by the estrus magic. Flair says no, but she won’t run away and shakes her hips, and Marie is so intoxicated with pleasure she’s almost dreaming.

 ”My butt ♡ and my vagina ♡ is tortured together ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ It made me can’t think anything ♡ I can easily cum…♡ Wait ♡ Please wait…♡”

 Sylphy lowered her head in front of Shinji, who was pushing her vagina up and down and rubbing her shallow parts with great skill, and her beautiful back was turned up. She is already climaxing as her butthole is being tortured at the same time. But Shinji and Miko Arian didn’t stop their torment.

 ”Aaahhhh ♡ ah ♡ why ♡ whyy ♡ so violently ♡ really ♡ aaah ♡ aaah ♡ aaah ♡”

 Shinji’s hips changed from skillful to forceful thrusting. Over and over again, the glans kissed Sylphy’s cervix, her face twisted in a lustful way as her body prepared for ejaculation and impregnation. The way she rubbed her butt in time with Shinji’s thrusts is the very image of a woman flattered by ejaculation.

 Rub…♡ Rub…♡ Rub…♡ Rub…♡ Rub…♡

 Pound…♡ Pound…♡ Pound…♡ Pound…♡ Pound…♡

 Squelch…♡ Squelch…♡ Squelch…♡ Squelch…♡ Squelch…♡

 Shinji thrusts his cock harder than ever, and pinches Flair’s and Marie’s clits as the three women enjoy the harmonious sound of the water. At the end, they all climaxed at the same time.

 ”I’m cumming ♡ I’m cumming-nojaaaaaa ♡ ♡”

 ”Hah, ahhhhhh ♡ it’s so much, it’s reaaly so much…♡ I’m coming so much…♡”

 ”Haaaah ♡ I can’t do it anymore…♡”

 Miko Arian swallowed her saliva in front of the three girls. Apparently, the girl who was playing Sylphy’s butthole was also affected by this overly lascivious atmosphere.

 (Danna-sama… is this what you really do…♡)

 Miko Arian had only ever been gently held by Shinji, and this is the first time she had actually witnessed the forceful s*x that keeps on tormenting them even after they climax. The sight of the three of them collapsing to the tile floor makes her feel a strange envy. Because everyone had a happy look on their face, as if they couldn’t help but feel good.


 ”Arian, what’s wrong?”

 She squeezed Shinji’s arm, and Shinji caught her gaze. She looks up at him, her mouth moving as she speaks.

 ”Please love Arian a lot too…♡”

 ”Of course. Arian, shall we go to bed?”


 Leaving the three of them in the bathroom, Shinji went to bed with Miko Arian in his arms.

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