Wizard 396

Chapter 396 Day One, Miko and Spirits, Part Four

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 Holding Miko Arian by her shoulders, Shinji moved from the bathroom to the bed. He sat with her in the middle of the king-sized bed, which could sleep several people.

 Despite the fact that he had just had s*x with Flair and the others, Shinji’s p*nis had not wilted, and Miko Arian, seeing the intense s*x that unfolded in front of her, is eager to connect.

 ”Arian, can you get on top of me?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama… ♡”

 Lying on his back, Shinji had Miko Arian straddling his waist. Flair and the others’ naked bodies were beautiful, but Miko Arian’s naked body excited Shinji even more. She had the largest breasts Shinji had ever seen, and looking up at her from below gave him a spectacular view that really turned him on.

 ”Danna-sama really likes breast…♡ Since Arian’s breast is only for Danna-sama, you can have them as you like…………. ♡”

 ”Kuh… Arian’s vagina is already so slippery”

 ”Because…♡ I’m so envious…♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji’s hands grabbed the soft breasts that swayed with every breath and slight movement of her body. The softness of her breasts is so soft that his fingers sink into them, but they’re also firm, and her vagina tightens up when he rubs them softly.

 ”Ah~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡ ah…♡ Danna-sama, Arian feels good too… ♡”

 Miko Arian spreads her pure white wings and wiggles her hips, making an erotic movement. Her vagina pressed down tightly against Shinji’s p*nis, and her love juices flowed incessantly as she rubbed against her good parts. The dedicated cunt that remembers the shape of Shinji’s is superb, and the hand that squeezes her breast is also very strong.

 ”Please don’t play with my breasts only…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Danna-sama, Danna-samaa~♡ Please move too…♡ Ahh ♡”

 ”I’m sorry. I got carried away…!”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡ Danna-sama~♡ That’s okay…♡ Arian’s inside~♡ and Danna-sama’s thing…♡ is twitching…♡ Ahh ♡”

 Miko couldn’t stand the caressing of only her breasts anymore, and at Arian’s request, Shinji also changed his movements. He pulled his hand away from her breasts, grabbed Miko Arian’s nubile waist and thrust up from below. As Shinji moved, Arian’s hips changed from a circular movement to an up and down movement.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 The creaking and squeaking of the bed is breathtaking, and the timing of Shinji’s thrusts and Miko Arian’s hips descending are perfectly synchronized. His hips and hers pressed tightly together, and each time the glans pressed against the back of her vagina, a sweet, numbing pleasure shot through Miko Arian’s head.

 If she moved boldly up and down with her back bent, her lush breasts would sway lustfully with jiggle! And the swollen nipples seem to be inviting Shinji to suck on them.

 (Isn’t Arian’s body too erotic…? She sways her hips with devotion… it feels so good…)

 Although Arian’s eyes are soaked with pleasure, deep inside her eyes, Shinji can sense her feelings for him. And so, Shinji’s ejaculation is heightened by an itchiness and comfort that cannot be found in the pleasure of being turned into a woman and dyed with pleasure.

 ”Danna-sama…♡ Ejaculate…♡ Ejaculate into my vagina…♡ I love you, Danna-sama… ♡”

 ”Kuh… I’m gonna ejaculate, Arian…!”

 ”Ahhhhhh…♡ Ah~♡ So much… ♡”

 Miko Arian realizes Shinji’s limit and speeds up her pace, begging him to cum. The inside of her vagina swelled to receive her beloved’s seed, and tightened on his p*nis more tightly than ever. The tightness of the vaginal walls and the softness and comforting weight of her hips nestled against the shape of his p*nis. Finally, the words of love brought Shinji to the end of his patience, and he shot his semen into her womb.

 ”Aaah… it’s warm…♡ ah… ♡”

 Miko Arian’s smile as she accepted Shinji’s semen with a happy face only fueled Shinji’s lust. He pulled her arm and hugged Miko Arian’s voluptuous body in his arms. Their faces naturally approached each other, and they kissed. Their tongues are intertwined and the kiss is as thick as an exchange of saliva.

 ”Nhh…♡ Nnh~♡ *smooch* *kiss* Ranna-samaa…♡ *kiss* *chew* *slurp* *slurp…*”

 Miko Arian is slumped over Shinji, giving herself over to him, with her large breasts crushed by his chest. She flaps her wings, biting her happiness as Shinji grabs her plump ass and starts to swing his hips again, kneading her butts.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 Miko Arian clutches Shinji with both hands to keep him from slipping off her, so they can feel each other’s warmth more tightly. And with Shinji’s well-trained arms hugging her, Miko Arian, who had already climaxed once and felt like she could cum easily, climaxed while biting down on her happiness.

 ”~~~♡ Ah… *pant…* *pant…* Danna-sama…♡ More…♡ please do it to Arian again… ♡”

 ”Are you sure? It might be a little rough”

 ”Yes♡ If it’s with Danna-sama…♡ Fuahh~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ So rough…♡ Nnn~ ♡”

 So far, when Shinji has held Miko Arian, he’s avoided the continuous climaxes that are hard on the body. After all, she was Goddess Arian’s daughter, so he tried to be as gentle as possible. But now that she wanted him to, Shinji stopped trying to accommodate her. Miko Arian also said that she wanted to feel her husband’s true intentions.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Amazing, it’s good~♡ Ah~ ♡I’m cumming…♡ Ah, ~~~♡ Ah~♡ This is~♡ Danna-sama’s… ♡”

 ”Kuh… this is bad… Arian’s inside feels so good… I can’t stop my hips”

 ”*pant* Ah~♡ Ah~♡ is that so~♡ That makes me happy♡ Danna-samaa♡ I’m cumming♡ Ah~♡ Ah~~~ ♡”

 Holding on to Miko Arian’s hips to keep her from kissing him, he thrusts his p*nis further into her climaxing vagina. All Miko Arian can do is hug Shinji tightly, pressing her body against his, and keep screaming sweetly in his ear.

 She climaxes and Shinji thrusts into her vagina like crazy. The way Miko Arian’s flirtatious vagina writhed and squirmed reminded him of the s*x he had with Goddess Arian in Yoriko’s body.

 ”*pant* *pant…* I’m going to ejaculate… Arian!”

 ”Ah~♡ Yes~♡ Yess~♡ Please ejaculate♡ Danna-samaaaa♡ Aaahhhh♡♡ ♡”


 The glans pushes up against her cervix as he ejaculates into her vagina for the second time. The spurt of semen is the most powerful of the day, and it’s hard to believe that he has already ejaculated many times. If not for the magic, Miko Arian would have been impregnated, and the seed ejaculation while pushing on her womb brought her to a deep and profound climax, and she came with an unkempt face.

 ”*Pant~…* *Pant~…*”

 Now, Miko Arian is shaking her hips and breathing hard. Shinji, who has just had the most wonderful ejaculation, is also feeling weak and lingering. As their hands gently caressed each other’s bodies, the two of them are enveloped in euphoria when three figures appear.

 ”Both of you, don’t forget about the me-noja… ♡”

 ”Shinji-san~♡ Fingers aren’t enough, you know~ ♡”

 ”If you show me something this intense, I’m… ♡”

 Before he knew it, Flair and the others, who were supposed to be lying down in the bathroom, had climbed into bed and started to pester him. Naturally, it is Shinji who gets the most attention, with a hint of degradation in the middle of the s*xiness. Miko Arian’s gaze also was about to change again to the same one as theirs.

 (This is… not over yet, huh…)

 Shinji’s thoughts came true.

 In the end, the first day is spent in s*x. Shinji had a carnal feast with the spirits, and Miko Arian, the four beautiful women, to his heart’s content.

 Miko Arian-chan!

 A girl with big boobs can do well in cowgirl position.

 Anyway, that’s the end of the intense first day.

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