Wizard 397

Chapter 397 Day Two, Miko and Magic Studies

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 Not just one night, but almost the whole day, Shinji and the others spent in wild passionate activity. And by the time Shinji had fallen asleep, the date had already changed, and Flair and the others had all passed out. Thus, the first day in a room with a different flow of time ended, and by the time Shinji woke up, it was just before noon on the second day.

 (…Ahhh… I slept well…)

 When Shinji wakes up, his mind is foggy and he thinks back to last night, and he can remember the affair that his thing had no time to dry up. The lustfulness of the spirits was just the thing for an incubus, and Miko Arian’s body was becoming more and more developed as she took on more and more of his own colors, which was very fulfilling.

 (…I’m hungry)

 Suddenly, Shinji’s stomach rumbles. Remembering that he hadn’t eaten properly since he had been screwing around, Shinji got up from the bed and noticed that there is a good smell in the air.

 The smell is coming from the kitchen area in the corner of the large room. There, Miko Arian, wearing an apron over her white vestments, is stirring a pot with a ladle. When Shinji froze at the unexpected sight, Miko Arian noticed Shinji’s movement and turned around.

 ”Danna-sama… Good morning. It’ll be ready in a minute…”

 ”G-Good morning… Are you cooking for me?”

 ”Yes… ♡ I wanted to try cooking for Danna-sama… ♡”

 Shinji adjusted his clothes and sat down in the round chair, watching her put one hand on her blushing cheek. He looked around, but saw only her. It seemed that Flair and the others who had woken up while Shinji was sleeping had already left the room, so the only people in this room were Shinji and Miko Arian. And…

 ”You had fun last night, didn’t you, Apostle Shinji?”

 ”…Good morning, Goddess. Thanks to you…”

 Here she is, the third person (?) Goddesses Arian, in a form of glowing spheres. Shinji bows to the glowing sphere hovering over the round table in front of him, but Goddess Arian immediately tells him to relax his posture.

 ”You don’t have to be so formal in this room, Apostle Shinji, I don’t blame you for your disrespect”

 ”Thank you, Goddess. So why Arian can cook? I thought Miko was supposed to be taken care of and not do such things”

 ”Yes, she doesn’t have to do that now. But before she became a Miko, when she was living on a floating island of winged race, she lived a very normal life. It seems that she is beginning to practice to regain her instincts from that time. Isn’t it admirable?”

 ”G-Goddess… what are you trying to say…”

 From Miko Arian’s panic, Shinji could tell that she was starting to cook for him again, something she no longer needed to do for herself.

 ”Thanks, Arian. It makes me happy”

 ”Yes…♡ Danna-sama, I hope the taste of my homeland will suit you… just wait a little longer, please”

 ”Fufufu, I’m happy for you… So, Apostle Shinji… what will you do today?”

 Shinji looks away from Miko Arian, who has returned her attention to her cooking, and looks at Goddess Arian. Goddess Arian, who can read Shinji’s mind without his having to say a word, read his intentions and continued the conversation.

 ”So, you’re taking today off, but on the 3rd day you’ll be with <Green Traveler>, on the 4th day you’ll be off, on the 5th day you’ll be with Freri and the others, and on the 6th day you’ll be off again. Well, I think it’s a good idea, too, Apostle Shinji”

 ”Thank you very much. Yes, it’s like that”

 Shinji had a plan in mind, just as Goddess Arian had said, and now that he had been allowed, he wondered what he would do today. Even though almost half a day had already passed, there is still plenty of time to spare. Shinji takes his time to think.

 (Well, studying magic pores… or studying magic to control time… Both of them are hard to choose, but I think I’ll go for time manipulation magic. After all, this is a situation I’m actually experiencing. Perhaps I can study the magic that’s affecting this room… If it lasts for six days, there should be a magic circle somewhere…)

 Shinji is silent, but Goddess Arian watched him without interrupting. She continued to read Shinji’s thoughts, watching his face as he made his predictions with a serious expression.

 (Fufu, he’s thinking a lot… There isn’t really a magic circle in this room… but maybe I should make one. That way, Apostle Shinji’s research on magic will be more advanced)

 The magic that changes the flow of time between the outside and the inside of this room is maintained by Goddess Arian using her enormous magical power in a simple and forceful way. After all, for Goddess Arian, it is easy to maintain the magic while doing other things.

 The reason why Goddess Arian is still in the form of a ball of light is that if she reveals her true form, Shinji and Miko Arian, in their human bodies, will not be able to withstand the influence of the divine power. However, there is a solution to this problem.

 (For today, let’s watch over Apostle Shinji and my daughter. But on the last day… Apostle Shinji seems to be planning to take a rest, however I won’t let him do so♡)

 Goddess Arian is planning to monopolize the whole 6th day. And before Shinji can realize this, Miko Arian brings him a meal that she has finished cooking.

 ”Danna-sama, thank you for waiting…♡”

 ”Thank you, Arian. It looks delicious… Goddess, won’t you eat?”

 ”No. I don’t need it. I mean, I can’t eat it now without a vessel”

 At Goddess Arian’s lack of concern, Shinji’s stomach rumbled with relief. He was already starving.

 ”Please eat up…♡”

 ”Thanks for the food!”

 Among the usual menu of grilled toast and fried eggs, only the soup is something Shinji has never seen before, but he doesn’t mind and sips it. It tasted really good, and Shinji ate it one after another. Miko Arian continued to watch him with a happy smile.

 Afterwards, Shinji looked around the room and found a magic circle that kept activating the time magic. Time magic is a magic that Shinji does not know, so Shinji and Miko Arian exchanged their opinions on time magic and proceeded with their analysis.

 Thus, the second day passed with immersion in magic, and Miko Arian took care of Shinji until the last minute.

 The second day.

 Shinji spent the second day with Miko and the Goddess.

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