Wizard 398

Chapter 398 Day Three, With -Green Travelers-

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 After a productive second day of exchanging opinions with Miko Arian about time magic, Shinji asks Goddess Arian to explain and guide <Green Travelers> to this room. Although it felt uncomfortable to use a Goddess as an errand boy, only Goddess Arian had access to this room. Shinji had no choice but to accept the situation.

 And so.

 The three Elves, who are members of <Green Travelers>, are separated from Miko Arian. Lila, the eldest, and her twin sisters Lili and Lilu, and Iris came to this room.

 ”I was surprised to suddenly be approached by the Goddess…”

 ”…a very precious experience, desu”

 Lila’s and Iris’s reactions are identical, but they can’t quite hide their excitement. The experience of being approached by a Goddess in person was something that they would never have in their normal lives, so it was understandable that they were excited.

 ”…Also, in this room, time moves differently, which is also a new concept. …The existence of time magic… it’s mind-blowing, desu”

 ”I agree. It’s a magic worth studying”

 ”You two, we can talk about magic later…”

 Shinji was elated, as was Iris, but Lili stopped them both. Shinji clears his throat once, regains his composure, apologizes, and begins to speak.

 ”First of all, thank you. I’m really grateful that you came to help me on such short notice. Thanks to you, I was able to defeat the demon and eliminate the Goddess’s worries. As an Apostle of the Goddess, I’d like to thank you”

 Lila and the others smiled at Shinji as he bowed.

 ”We are honored to be of service to the Goddess. Of course, it was partly because of Shinji-san’s request ♡”

 ”Onee-chan…. Don’t be so serious…”

 ”Haha, we’ve taken care of you before. I hope I was able to repay you in some small way”

 Lili looks at Lila with half-closed eyes as she talks with her hands on her cheeks. Lilu looks at her with a smile and a sideways glance, smiling happily.

 ”…I feel left out by Senpai and Lila-san and others. …I know why I can’t tell you, but since it was Senpai’s request, I did my best”

 Iris, on the other hand, seemed rather unhappy. Iris knows it’s not easy to talk about Apostle and Shinji’s connection with the Goddess, but she can’t help but be frustrated that she is the only one who didn’t know about the situation.

 ”Iris too, thank you so much. I heard from Miko-sama that you did a great job”

 ”…Thanks to my daily training, desu. …The other adventurers acted as a support wall so I could concentrate on my work, desu”

 ”That’s how good Iris’s magic is”

 Shinji nodded in satisfaction, looking at Iris, whose expression was proud but humble. Even though she had defeated a stronger-than-usual monster, the Hateyama monster, Iris’s spirit remained calm and unruffled, and at this rate she would have no problem advancing to a higher rank.

 ”So, I want to thank you all, have you decided? I’ll try to fulfill it if I can”

 Lila is the first to react to Shinji’s words.

 ”Shinji-san, I’d like to ask you out on a date in town… but it seems not possible. So, let’s spend a day together in this room ♡”

 ”Yeah. I don’t think the two of us can have a date in town too. And so, that would be fine”

 ”…I need a minute, desu”

 Iris, who clearly read the meaning in Lila’s words, waited. Iris had a conversation with Lila and her two sisters after the battle, and found out that they are Shinji’s saffle. Of course, Lila got Shinji’s permission to tell her.

 For Iris, who is aware that intercourse is something that lovers and couples do, except for magic ritual, the term “saffle” is unknown and uncharted territory.

 ”…Senpai. Renka-san knows about this too, right…?”

 ”Yes. Renka knows it too. My number one, my lover is Renka. With Lila and the others, it’s just physical”

 ”…I see, desu”

 If Renka, his girlfriend and future wife, approves of it, it doesn’t matter what Iris says. However, Iris is at a loss for words, as she can’t simply say “Oh, I see”. To this, Shinji gave her a wry smile.

 ”Well, I can understand why you don’t understand. I know it’s not normal. But I’m a son of a succubus who has been raised by a succubus. I’m not going to stop living this life teaching girls how to have fun”

 ”Son of a succubus…? Raised by a succubus? Senpai…?”

 Iris’s mind became more and more confused with more information. There is so much new information about Shinji in such a short period of time that she couldn’t think straight.

 (…Umm, Apostle of the Goddess, a saffle, raised by succubus, and son of succubus…? Renka-san knows all this and still loves senpai…? It’s true that Senpai is kind, a good wizard, and helps me when I’m in danger… So, I still love him, but…)

 In contrast to Iris, who was pondering in agony, Lila and the others seemed to be convinced.

 ”I can understand why Shinji-san is so good at doing it…♡”

 ”We’ve been forced to learn…♡”

 ”I’m so happy to play with Shinji-san…♡”

 The three sisters, who had already succumbed to him, couldn’t possibly object to Shinji’s way of life, and Iris couldn’t help but blink her eyes at the affirmation. In this situation, the sensible Iris is in the minority. Not wanting to wait for Iris’s answer, Lila stepped in front of Shinji.

 ”Shinji-san, why don’t we wait for Iris-chan’s answer… while we wait…♡ Why don’t we do that? ♡ I can’t wait any longer…♡”

 The sight of Lila twining her arm around Shinji’s arm seemed provocative to Iris. Lili and Lilu also came close to Shinji, their eyes glazed with the anticipation of pleasure. It’s clear what Lila and the others are looking for.

 (…It’s true, it feels really good to be together with Senpai. He’s good at magic ritual too…♡ I want to do naughty thing too with Senpai…♡ B-But I don’t want to have a relationship just to do naughty things…♡)

 Iris can’t decide, and Shinji’s eyes meet. In front of Iris, Shinji’s expression changes from his usual gentle smile to a confident and somewhat dangerous smile.

 Shinji urges Iris on, knowing that she will not be able to reject him with the lewd crests etched on her body.

 ”Iris too. You can think about it later, can’t you? For now, why don’t you just think about what makes you feel good?”

 ”…♡ Senpai… you are a bad person, desu…♡”

 Iris’s body wanted Shinji, and the tingling she felt in her core made her unable to resist, even though she knew that the invitation is obviously a bad one. It reminded her of all the good things she had done with Shinji, and all Iris could do was make a verbal, token defiance.

 ”Yeah. I’m a bad wizard”

 ”…Then I’m the apprentice of a bad wizard, desu. So, I’ll think about it later…♡”

 And so, the lewd third day began, involving Iris as well.

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