Wizard 399

Chapter 399 Day Three, Lewd with -Green Travelers-, Pre

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 Having persuaded Iris to agree, he thought it would turn into a 5P with her involved, but it didn’t. After all, Iris, who had seen the large bathroom with its unique layout, wanted to take a bath first and wash her body clean.

 Well, there is a bathhouse in the Hateyama branch, but it is only large enough for one person and is only used by the staff in shifts. So, the adventurers had no choice but to cleanse themselves with magic, and so did Iris and the others.

 ”…I want to take a bath first, desu”

 ”Then me too. Shinji-san, can I use the bathroom with Iris-chan?”

 ”Oh, no problem. You can use it as you like”

 Iris and Lila thanked him happily and headed for the bathroom. It seems that the two of them, who have a high affection for Shinji, want the person they like to see a more beautiful version of themselves.

 ”Then we’ll do it first ♡”

 ”Shinji-san is alone, and I think it’s better to have two of us together than four of us together ♡”

 The twins, Lili and Lilu, on the other hand, seem to be more concerned with the quality of the act, and take both Shinji’s arms, thinking that it would be more pleasurable for the three of them to engage in the act than for the five of them. Lili, whose blonde hair is tied up on the left side of her head, takes Shinji’s left arm, and Lilu, whose blonde hair is tied up on the right side of her head, takes his right arm and pulls him towards the bed.

 ”…Senpai, let’s take a bath together… Mmgh…”

 ”Iris-chan, let’s take a bath with me〜♪”

 Lila hugged Iris to stop her. Then, Shinji climbed into bed with Lili and Lilu, while Iris, her face covered by Lila’s ample breasts, wobbled about. Before the sisters could join forces, they split up into pairs, Lili and Lilu, Iris and Lila. Shinji couldn’t help but laugh at how well they did it.

 ”Iris, I’ll be back later, can you wait a bit?”

 ”Mggh… I understand, desu. Lila-san, jeez, please let me go. I can’t strip…”

 ”Ufufu, why don’t we give each other a wash and wait?”

 ”…I don’t understand why we should doing that, desu”

 ”Isn’t that fine? Just leave it to Onee-san”

 ”…Nn, as long as you wash me properly”

 As they go to the bathroom, Lila pushes her along, and Shinji somehow understands their usual relationship. Lila, the eldest daughter, had originally led her twin sisters, Lili and Lilu, to the party, and Iris must have joined the twin sister. As if to confirm this idea, Lili and the others speak.

 ”After Iris-chan joined, onee-chan got more and more excited…”

 ”Iris-chan’s arrival was a good stimulus for us. I think it’s a good thing that we got promoted to upper-intermediate rank in no time”

 ”Iris-chan also practices her magic every day without fail. We mustn’t lose, right?”

 Lili and Lilu, who are twin sisters and have similar voices, took turns talking to him. The girls are in the room, so they are not wearing cloaks, but are dressed in thin sleeveless shirts and miniskirts. When Shinji’s hand touches their bare legs, both of them shiver.

 ”I’m glad to see you guys are getting along so well. It seems that Lili and Lilu are going to start first, so let’s get started…”

 ”Oh, Shinji-san. Wait”

 ”Let us do it first, okay?”

 At their words, Shinji’s hand ran down their thigh, stopping his finger from going between their legs. It was the first time he’d heard the girls say they wanted to service him.

 ”It’s been a while…”

 ”Oh yeah. I have to say hello to Shinji-san’s cock…”

 ”Okay, okay. I think I’ll leave it to Lili and the others today”

 Both hands stroked Shinji’s cock up his pants. Shinji’s eyes were moistened with anticipation, and he smiled.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 In the middle of the super-sized bed, the twins took off Shinji’s pants and underwear. His exposed cock was already erect, and Lili and Lilu are staring at his big cock with their cheeks stained at a breathing distance.

 ”*pant…* as I thought… it’s so big… ♡”

 ”The cock that saved us… ♡”

 They both breathed hotly on him, and his cock trembled. It was as if it wanted to be stimulated quickly. On the left side of the cock is Lili, and on the right side is Lilu, and they open their small mouths and start flicking their tongues.

 ””*lick* *flick* *flick* *lick* *lick* *slurp…* *pant* *lick* *lick* *kiss* *kiss, kiss*””

 Lili and Lilu’s tongues are not as skillful as they seem. Their technique is not as skillful as the three spirits’ blowjobs he experienced on the first day. Nevertheless, Lili and Lilu’s blowjobs gave Shinji as much pleasure as any other.

 Besides, the two girls are so well-timed that it is almost as if they are talking to each other with their eyes. Unlike the Flair and the others spirits who took turns licking him, their tongues are constantly crawling over his p*nis. Their double blowjobs are so well synchronized that the glans is flooded with pre-cum one after the other.

 (My mouth, it’s getting tired…)

 (Then, let’s move on)

 Pant… with a hot exhale, their tongues part once. The thread of saliva connecting the tip of the tongue to the cock is severed, and Lili and Lilu move to reposition themselves. They pull up Shinji’s shirt and lightly kiss his nipples with their lips. At the same time, their slender fingers tease at his cock. As their fingers delicately work on his saliva-stained p*nis, Shinji can’t help but cry out.

 ”Kuh… both of you, it feels so good…”

 ”*kiss…* I’m glad then…♡ Shinji-san’s nipples are getting really big… ♡”

 ”Shinji-san’s nipples must feel good, too…♡ *kiss* Hyaa ♡”

 The twins’ red tongues lick Shinji’s nipples. Lili squeezes his rod up and down, and Lilu rubs his glans carefully, and it doesn’t take long for him to feel like he’s about to ejaculate.

 Shinji’s hands also grabbed and kneaded their petite asses, and it made them twitched and squirmed. When Shinji touched them, the raging twins became even more aggressive. Their hands moved wildly in an attempt to make him ejaculate, and finally he couldn’t hold back.

 ”Kuh… I’m about to ejaculate…!”

 In response to Shinji’s words, Lili and Lilu move simultaneously.

 ”*chew* *Slurppppppppp…*”

 Lili takes her hand away and immediately opens her mouth wide to suck the glans into her mouth. She guides the p*nis into her warm mouth and swallows the first thick load of cum of the day that shoots into the back of her throat.

 ”*kiss* Nnuu…♡ *lick, lick* *lick, lick*”

 Lilu, on the other hand, changes her sucking point from her nipple to Shinji’s lips. To response her, Shinji’s tongue extends out to her small mouth and enters her mouth, and it intertwines with Lilu’s tongue. The deep kissing of their tongues intertwined with each other enhanced his pleasure of ejaculation, and they continued to kiss each other stubbornly while he let out the last drop of his cum while making watery sounds.

 ”Puha…♡ Shinji-fuan, fuh-haan… ♡”

 When the ejaculation is over and Lilu stops kissing Shinji, who is still reeling from the aftermath, Lili shows him the semen all over her tongue. It’s a lot of cum, and she had drunk most of it, but there is a reason she hadn’t finished it.

 ”Lili, give me some… ♡”

 ”Oh… ♡”

 Before Shinji’s eyes, Lilu takes Shinji’s semen from Lili’s mouth and swallows it. As the twins shared his semen, the cock, which had never wilted, became even more engorged.

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