Wizard 40

Chapter 40 Renka’s Falls

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 A month has passed since the lewd crest was imprinted on Milis without Alvin’s knowledge.

 The activities of the <Running Wolves> are going very well.

 They spend their days completing quests and diving dungeons to earn money. No serious injuries, no illnesses.

 The days were ordinary, but irreplaceable.

 Of course, some things have changed.

 Alvin and Milis now have rings of the same design on their left ring fingers. The wedding is yet to take place, but they look so happy together, as if they are a married couple.

 Under the influence of these two, Renka made up her mind.

 She was going to tell Shinji how she felt about him.

 On the way home after finishing the quest. Walking behind Alvin and Milis, Renka whispered in a voice that only Shinji could hear.

 ”Shinji… do you have time tomorrow?”

 ”Yes, I do. I’ve got something important to tell you too… can we meet tomorrow?”

 ”Eh… U, um… okay”

 Renka’s heart fluttered at Shinji’s unexpected response. Maybe… she hoped faintly.

 ”Then let’s meet up tomorrow. I know a place where we can talk. Can you come in the morning?”

 ”No problem. Then I’ll see you tomorrow”

 After being told the meeting place by Shinji, Renka chased after Alvin and Milis. Her smile as they parted was very cute.

* * *

 ”I wonder if it’s here…”

 The next day, early in the morning, Renka went to the designated place and found it to be a residential area. As she looked around for Shinji, the door to one of the houses opened and he appeared.

 ”I’ve been waiting for you, Renka”

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Shinji… What’s this house?”

 ”This is my house. I bought it during the previous party. Living alone is a hassle, so I don’t usually use it, but… please come in”

 ”I see… sorry to disturb you”

 At Shinji’s urging, Renka entered the house.

 Renka is convinced that this is Shinji’s room, as it is calmly furnished with a minimum of furniture and equipment.

 ”Today you look especially stylish, you look beautiful”

 ”Tha, thank you… I’m so happy”

 Renka was not wearing her adventurer’s robe, but her casual clothes.

 It was a simple jacket and miniskirt, but it looked even more beautiful when worn by the well-dressed Renka.

 Shinji reached out his hands to hug Renka, who was somewhat nervous. Renka wanted the same, so she put her arms around Shinji’s back and hugged him back.

 Renka’s heart beat faster. She felt safe in the arms of Shinji and rubbed her cheek against his chest.

 ”I like you, Renka”

 ”I like you too…♡”

 When Shinji whispered in her ear, Renka looked up.

 She and Shinji met each other’s gaze and stared at each other for a while before Renka kissed Shinji, just touching him. During the s*x, they have kissed a lot, but the kiss after they understood each other’s feelings was exceptionally happy.

 ”More than Alvin…?”

 ”Yes… ♡ Al is like a younger brother… family oriented. It’s Shinji that I love. I finally realized that… ♡”

 ”I’m so happy…”

 He repeated the gentle kisses, “Chuu…♡ Chuu…♡ Chuu…♡”

 As they did so, Renka noticed that Shinji’s p*nis, which was in close contact with her, was getting harder. Renka herself was so happy and excited that she couldn’t wait to have s*x with Shinji.

 ”Shinji, let’s have s*x… ♡”

 ”Shall we go to bed?”

 They made their way to the bed and undressed each other.

 Renka’s underwear is a beautiful underwear with a black lace that connected from top to the bottom. Shinji is completely naked, but he felt it would be a waste to let Renka take off her s*xy underwear, so he pushed her down on the bed as she was.

 ”Your black underwear looks really good on you”

 ”…I thought Shinji might like it ♡”

 Shinji pushed Renka on top of her. He put his body between her thighs and put her waist against his waist. He rubbed the back of his erect p*nis against her private parts while caressing both of her breasts with a soft touch.

 ”Ah… ♡ Ah~ ♡ It feels so good… ♡”

 Renka receives Shinji’s caresses with an ecstatic look on her face.

 He carefully rubs and caresses her, then pinches her nipples… and rubs her breasts again. He also rubbed his p*nis, and the light caresses that traced the surface of her secret area continued.

 It’s not the usual pleasure-seeking caress, but a caress that takes its time and stimulates arousal, causing Renka to drip her love juice and wet her underwear.

 Her vagina tingles and she squirm her hips as she gazes at Shinji with lust in her eyes.

 ”Shinji…♡ Don’t tease me…♡ Please insert it…♡”

 ”Hmm… Okay”

 Renka, who had said she loved Arvin, now gave her body and soul to Shinji, begging for his love. Shinji felt an unprecedented arousal at the sight.

 He slips her underwear to the side and places his p*nis in her secret area.

 Shinji’s big p*nis is inserted into her vagina, which is dripping with love juice.

 Renka’s vagina received Shinji’s p*nis as if it was wrapped tightly.

 ”Fuaaaahhh ……♡♡♡”

 Renka’s vagina wrapped tightly around Shinji’s p*nis. Her vagina, which remembers the shape of Shinji’s p*nis, provides the best tightness and gives Renka an indescribable sense of peace.

 ”Chuu…♡ Shinji…♡ I love you…♡ I love you…♡ I’ve always wanted to say it…♡ Chuu…♡”

 Renka hugged Shinji tightly and kissed him several times as she was overcome with emotion. Her both legs are tightly entwined, and she holds Shinji as closely as possible.

 ”I love you… Renka”

 ”Hah… ♡ Nn~ ♡ I’m so happy~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ It’s bigger than usual… ♡”

 The slow movement of her hips made Renka feel the pleasure slowly rising from inside her. She could feel Shinji’s big dick in the slow s*x, which was different from the intense s*x she had been having.

 ”Chu… ♡ Rero… ♡ Nmu~ ♡ Nfu… ♡ It’s shivering… ♡ Please ejaculate… ♡ Ejaculate inside me… ♡”

 Renka begged for cum.

 The vagina tightens up and the inner folds of the vagina continue to swell in order to make Shinji’s p*nis ejaculate. Shinji has reached his limit with her trying to squeeze him out, something he has never felt before even with the many women he has held.

 ”I’m going to ejaculate!!”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡♡♡ Amazing…. ♡ It’s deep… ♡ I’m cumming too ♡ Cummmmmming ♡♡♡”

 Renka’s back slumped and she climaxed violently.

 She continued to hug Shinji as she clung to him, her body twitching and convulsing. It was the deepest climax she had ever experienced in her life.

 (Amazing… ♡It feels too good… ♡ Shinji… ♡ I love you… ♡♡)

 Renka, who had given her body and soul to Shinji, was at the peak of her happiness as he penetrated her. The warmth of the semen was comforting, and it was a pity that she couldn’t conceive Shinji’s child right now.

 It was no exaggeration to say that Renka had accepted everything Shinji had to offer, and was now completely defenseless.

 That’s why she accepts without resistance the hypnotic magic that Shinji secretly releases, which is so strong that it changes her sense of values.

 The contents of the spell are…

 Suddenly, the house is unlocked and the door opens.

 The person who opened the door was Freri, who Shinji had been instructing behind the scenes.

 Leaving Freri behind at the front, Milis entered the house and locked the door again.

 In no time at all, Milis had stripped off her clothes and was completely naked. Her lewd crests shone clearly, and Milis gave a look of envy to Shinji and Renka with eyes drowning in lust.

 ”Renka-chan… ♡ Mix me in too… ♡”

 ”Already… ♡ I can’t believe you were Shinji’s s*x friend… ♡”

 [Shinji has a lot of s*x friends. The lewd crest is a sign of s*x friend. He deserved to be an attractive male] …They have been planted that awareness in their minds by him.

 ”Because…♡ Sex with Shinji-san…♡ It’s become a habit…♡ Please don’t tell Al-kun…♡”

 ”Okay…♡ But…Shinji is my boyfriend, so don’t fall in love with him…♡”

 ”Yes…♡ I love Al-kun so much…♡♡”

 A girl dominated by pleasure and a woman drowned in love.

 The conversation between the women Shinji had so changed was not normal from a third person’s point of view. However, there is no one here who would disagree.

 He pulls his p*nis out of Renka and lifts her up.

 With his right hand he held Renka, and with his left he held Milis, who invited him over.

 ”You still have time until evening today, right?”

 ”Yes…♡ Al-kun is training with Emily-san…♡”

 ”It’ll be fine as long as we get home before dinner…♡”

 Shinji gently squeezed their breasts with the hand he was holding.

 Milis and Renka rubbed their bodies against Shinji happily as they made sweet sounds of “An… ♡”.

 ”Then let’s have s*x until the end of time…”


 The time limit is about half a day.

 Milis and Renka look up at Shinji’s face with an ecstatic smile.

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