Wizard 41

Chapter 41 Shinji, Milis, and Renka’s Lewd Half-day ・ Part One

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 ”Shinji-san…♡ Do you feel good…♡”

 ”Chuu…♡ Rero…♡ Rero…♡ Juru…♡ Hamu…♡ Chu…♡”

 With Shinji’s ass lying on his back, Milis is kneeling on the bed, receiving Shinji’s magnificent erect p*nis between her rich breasts and giving him a paizuri.

 There’s a nasty sound as her juices and saliva mix together.

 Renka sits beside Shinji and pulls his face to hers, their tongues entwined in a passionate deep kiss, exchanging saliva.

 Shinji rubbed Renka’s breasts with both hands, occasionally pinching her nipples and enjoying the feel of them as he strengthened and weakened his caresses.

 ”Semen…♡ Please let it out…♡ Please pour it on me…♡”

 ”Shinji…♡ Please ejaculate quickly…♡”

 Her paizuri became more and more intense as if she was begging for ejaculation. Milis’s tongue licks around the glans, and the tip of her tongue crawls around the urethra, begging for cum.

 Renka’s fingers caress Shinji’s nipples. Renka whispered in Shinji’s ear and licked his ear with her tongue. He could feel her desire to make him feel as good as possible.

 (It’s great… It’s really worth it to corrupt her…)

 Shinji is in a place where Arvin would have originally visited him. The pleasure of their services combined with Shinji’s arousal makes his arousal reaches its peak.

 Shinji ejaculated as the two girls demanded.

 ”An… ♡ So much…♡ Shinji-san’s cock…♡ So wonderful…♡”

 ”Did it feel good…? ♡ Chu… ♡”

 Milis, who was disciplined by Shinji, liked to be sprayed with semen. It stimulates her desire to be conquered and makes her feel pleasure…. With an ecstasy on her face, she watched as Shinji’s semen stained her face and chest.

 Renka kissed Shinji lightly as she gazed lovingly at him in the afterglow of his ejaculation.

 ”Fuuh… First of all, I have to reward Milis”

 Still with his p*nis erect, Shinji moved back from the top of Milis and pushed her down, flipping her over and lifting her ass.

 Torori… ♡ Milis is dripping with love juices from the secret part of her body, she wriggles her hips as if inviting and waits for Shinji to enter.

 ”Nn~ ♡ Shinji-san’s cock… ♡ It’s coming… ♡♡”

 Without saying a word, Shinji inserted his cock into Milis’ vagina.

 Milis’s vagina, which was well prepared, tightened around Shinji’s p*nis from the beginning. Milis who is captivated by Shinji’s cheating cock is drooling from the corner of her mouth as she enjoys the pleasure.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan

 Shinji begins to piston, and Milis desperately tries not to lose strength in her limbs. Every time Shinji’s hips slammed into Milis’s hips, her lush breasts shook violently.

 (The cock… ♡ Is so big… ♡♡)

 Shinji’s p*nis fully occupied her vagina.

 Milis shakes her hips enthusiastically while making a nasty squirting sound.


 ”Ugh…! Renka…!”

 ”An~ ♡♡ Amazing~ ♡♡ It’s chilling~ ♡♡♡”

 Shinji grabbed Milis’s waist and pistoned her, while Renka hugged him from behind.

 While pressing her soft breasts against Shinji’s, she crawls her tongue into his ear and licks it. The sudden pleasure in his ears caused Shinji’s p*nis to swell even more, putting pressure on Milis’ vagina.

 For Shinji, Renka’s smooth body rubbing against him felt good, and for Renka, the act of rubbing her hardened nipples felt good too.

 ”I’m cumming~ ♡ Cummmmmming~ ♡ Nnnnnn ♡♡♡”

 Milis climaxed as she pushed her hips against Shinji’s waist.

 Shinji push his hips into the inside of her vagina, and her whole vagina swelled with semen.

 A lot of semen is poured into the vagina of Milis.

 Shinji spurt out his last drop of semen and pulls his p*nis out of Milis and separates his hips from her.

 Then, he left Milis lying on the bed. With his face immersed in the afterglow, Shinji pulls Renka down from his back, who was hugging him next to Milis.

 ”Kuuuuh~ ♡ Suddenly… ♡”

 ”It looks like I couldn’t wait for Renka either…”

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Renka’s vagina, which was already so slippery, felt the joy of the sudden insertion, and Renka’s body slumped.

 From the beginning, Shinji opened both of Renka’s legs and started to piston violently, driving her over the edge. The room was filled with the sound of water and the sound of Renka’s moans.

 (Milis has the best breasts and Renka has the best vagina…)

 Shinji inwardly compares the two of them, but Renka doesn’t notice and reaches out her hands to Shinji, begging for a kiss. But Shinji didn’t respond, instead calling out Milis’ name.

 Milis, recovering from the aftermath, approaches Shinji and does as she is told and puts her face to Renka’s. Milis kissed Renka.

 ”Nn…♡ Renka-chan… ♡ Chu…♡ Rero…♡ You’re so cute…♡”

 ”An… ♡ Mil…♡ Nngh…♡ Shinji…♡ Why is it become bigger…♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis gets bigger and bigger as he watches the tongue-on-tongue kissing scene. The s*xual interplay between two people who are usually close to each other has more than enough effect to make Shinji excited.

 ”Hyaa~ ♡ Shinji-san~ ♡ It’s not like that ♡♡”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ It’s deep ♡ It’s very deep ♡♡”

 Shinji changed the position from missionary to crutching. (*Note: Matsuba Kuzushi? -> 松葉崩し)

 While holding Renka’s thighs firmly with one hand, he pushes his p*nis deeper into her vagina with a pistoning motion. He licks her forefinger with his free hand and carefully drills Milis’s asshole as she kisses Renka.

 Despite the fact that this is the first time she has been anally assaulted, Milis is still dripping with love juice from her vagina and feeling the pleasure. Her arousal caused by the lewd crest is so strong.

 ”Milis is such a naughty girl that she can feel it even when her asshole is being played with”

 ”Hnn~ ♡ Please… ♡ Don’t say it… ♡”

 Shinji tells her nastily, as if it were her own talent. Milis is tickled by the idea of being tortured and it sends shivers down her spine.

 Once again, Shinji’s patience was running out.

 In order to ejaculate, Shinji poked and prodded Renka’s vagina over and over again with small movements of his hips. Renka climaxed as her back slumped from the pleasure of the big p*nis that continued to squeeze her vagina with its thrusts ♡.

 Milis climaxed at the same time. She shuddered as she felt the pleasure of Shinji’s forefinger in her asshole.

 ”Ejaculate… ♡ Please ejaculate… ♡ Inside me… ♡ Ahhhhhhh ♡♡♡”

 ”I’m cumming… ♡ Cummmmmingg ♡♡♡”

 Doku… ♡ Doku… ♡ Doku… ♡ The semen from his p*nis is poured into Renka’s vagina and womb. Renka’s vagina tightened up and squeezed all the semen out of his p*nis.

 The semen that is not contained in her vagina overflows when his p*nis is slowly withdrawn and stains the sheets.

 ”Hmm… That felt so good, Renka”

 ”Me too… ♡ That was really good… ♡”

 As Shinji watches the limp and weak Renka, Milis, who has just returned from her asshole climax, begins to lick Shinji’s semen and love juice-stained p*nis. Her expression is still in heat, and she still looks like she wants more.

 ”Rero…♡ Rero… ♡ Chu… ♡ It’s still so strong… ♡”

 ”Milis is getting used to it…”

 ”Shinji-san taught me… ♡”

 Shinji held Milis many times in the month from the time he imprinted the lewd crest until today. As a result of teaching her fellatio and paizuri, she is now accustomed to cleaning fellatio.

 ”Well…. Let’s go to the bathroom. I want to wash my sweat off”


 ”All right… ♡”

 When Shinji got off the bed, Milis and Renka followed him.

 The three of them were on their way to the bathroom, their arms entwined in each other.

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