Wizard 401

Chapter 401 Day Three, Lewd with Green Travelers, Part Two

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 While Shinji tries to foam the soap and feels the presence of Iris and Lila behind him, an arm reaches out and grabs the soap from his side.

 ”Shinji-san, I’ll soap you up”

 ”Are you sure? Sorry, Lila”

 ”No problem~♪ Iris-chan, would you like to join me?”

 ”…I’ll join you, desu”

 After Lila covered her hands in foam, she handed the soap to Iris and then touched Shinji’s back with both hands. With a gentle, caring touch, she began to rub Shinji’s back with her wet hands.

 The palm of her hand crawling over Shinji’s back is soothing, and the way she washes him without any hint of lewdness makes him feel relaxed. After all, he had thought that Lila would want to have s*x with him as soon as possible. And now Iris’s hand joins in. A hand, smaller than Lila’s, rubs Shinji’s arm, and Iris’s naked body appears out of the corner of his eye.

 ”Do you want me to clean Iris too?”

 ”Don’t worry, desu… Senpai, just be quiet and get cleaned, desu”

 ”Don’t be in a hurry, we have plenty of time. Shinji-san, please be quiet too~♪”

 Lila said the same thing, and Shinji left the girls to their own devices. Well, he had expected Iris to be troubled, but she seemed to be moving swiftly and without hesitation.

 (She’s recovering quickly. It’s a good thing she’s a good student, but…)

 Shinji lightly stroked Iris’s feminine, round buttocks to see how she was doing, and Iris lightly slapped Shinji’s hand with an angry look.

 ”…senpai, don’t do anything naughty, desu”

 ”Okay, sorry, sorry”

 ”Don’t get too angry, Iris-chan――Hyaa”

 If Iris made even the slightest gesture that she felt, he was going to let it go with the atmosphere, but she gave him a firm warning. In contrast to Iris, when Shinji continued to fondle Lila’s buttocks, she let out a happy cry. If it were a normal Lila, she would have come right away, but the fact that she only raised her voice was unnatural.

 (I wonder if she has something she wants to talk about before doing so. If that’s the case, then…)

 Shinji looks sideways at Iris, who is cleaning her arms. Iris, sensing Shinji’s gaze, takes a small breath to calm down and makes eye contact with Shinji. Iris’s cheeks flush as she opens her mouth to Shinji’s defensive stance.

 ”…senpai, I couldn’t hate you, desu. After all, I still like you…”

 ”…As I said before, my answer is still the same…”

 ”I know, desu. So, I’ll continue as before… desu. …And I’m going to have s*x with senpai and continue my training and I’m going to make you fall in love with me as I said, desu”

 The reason Iris said this was because she had learned a lot from Lila while Shinji was with the twins. Lila, with the permission of the Goddess, answered Iris’ questions to the best of her ability, and she knew that the Goddess also approved of Shinji’s way of life.

 Iris’s flexible mind was able to accept Shinji’s way of life as long as the Goddess, the guardian of the world, approved of it.

 ”It’s so passionate~♡ Shinji-san is loved. Of course, I love you too~♡”

 ”M-My answer is the same as last time too…”

 ”…Yes. But I’ll wait patiently, desu~♡”

 The smile on Iris’s face was very cute. But the next moment. Her smile changed from that of a woman of her age to that of a woman who knew a man, and he could see the flames of lust lighting up in her eyes.

 ”Well, now that we’ve talked…♡”

 ”I’m looking forward to it, Shinji-san~♡”


 Iris stood up and hugged Shinji’s face to her modest breasts. Even though they were modest, they were swollen and soft, and as he felt their softness on both cheeks, suddenly a warm, soft, slimy object enveloped his cock.

 It seems that Lila turned in front of him and sat at Shinji’s feet, inviting his erect cock into her cleavage. The pressure of her breasts and the bubbling wetness of her cleavage made his glans jerk with pleasure as she shook them slightly.

 ”Shinji-san must like this…♡ It’s so jittery, your cock, it’s so cute…♡”

 ”Geez. …senpai …senpai, please touch it, make it big… mmm ♡”

 Iris brings Shinji’s hand to her breast bulge, as she tries to compete with Lila’s aggressive up and down movements. Sure, he likes big tits. But every woman’s breasts are different, and Iris’s sensitive breasts are just as good, he thought, as he kneaded them with both hands.

 ”There’s some slime coming out, Shinji-san…♡ It’s jittery…♡ Whenever you want, please…♡”

 ”S-Senpai…♡ that place too… *pant* ah~♡ Senpai~♡ Your fingers, feel good, desu…♡ Suck~♡ my breasts too…♡ ah…♡”

 Shinji takes Iris’s hardened nipple in his mouth. He sucks on it and rolls it around on his tongue, and when he tortures the sensitive nipple, it makes Iris arch her back. As he does that, his other hand pinched the nipple that wasn’t being sucked and slipped the other hand into Iris’ dripping vagina. The fingers rub Iris’s clit with precision, and she squirms with tears in her eyes as the pleasure flickers before her eyes.

 At the same time, Shinji had reached the end of his patience. The violent up and down movements of Lila’s left and right breasts, and the kneading of her breasts gave him a pleasure that he could not endure for long. The hard squeezing of her breasts, which could kill an average man in a heartbeat, was the only thing keeping his erect cock in check.

 ”Kuh… Lila, I’m going to cum!”

 ”Ah~♡ That’s great…♡ so much…♡”

 ”~~♡ Ah, Senpa…i~♡”

 Shinji’s ejaculation and Iris’s climax were simultaneous.

 Iris is hugging Shinji’s head and trying to keep her legs from collapsing as she shakes with climax. Shinji, while supporting her, was intoxicated with the pleasure of ejaculating into Lila’s cleavage, pouring a generous amount of semen into her breasts. Lila also continued to squeeze him until the very end to make sure there was no ejaculate left in him, but then his p*nis regained its hardness before he had time to enjoy the afterglow.


 Lila removes her hands from her breasts, and the sight of a bridge of semen between her breasts is a sight to behold. It was an erotic sight that stimulated Shinji’s s*xual proclivities to such an extent that it made him even more aroused.

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