Wizard 402

Chapter 402 Day Three, Lewd with Green Travelers, Part Three

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 The white slime stained her breasts. Lila looks up at Shinji with a look of ecstasy on her face, indicating that she was very excited by the amount of ejaculation. Iris also wakes up from her climax and releases Shinji’s head from her arms. But there was a look of displeasure in her eyes.

 ”…senpai, you seem to be ejaculating more than before, desu”

 ”Fufu~, he sure loves my breast~♡”

 ”…Do you like the big ones, senpai…?”

 ”I like big ones, and I like small ones too. Each of you has a different body, you know”

 Although Shinji admits that he likes big breasts, there’s no way he can say that he likes big ones. Instead of muddying his words, he decided to say that he likes every girls like an incubus.

 ”…senpai is a naughty person, desu. Although I knew that”

 ”And so, does Iris-chan, who accepts it. You came so easily with my fingers just now, didn’t you?”

 ”Because… Senpai, you’re so good… Mm~♡”

 ”I’m glad that Iris feels good”

 ”Kya… S-Senpai…♡”

 While Shinji and Iris were talking, Lila was washing the bubbles off of everyone’s bodies, and Shinji, sensing from her behavior that she was there to support Iris, stood up and held Iris up with both hands. This is what is called a princess hug.

 When Shinji looks at Lila, she gives him a wink with one eye. Shinji takes it as a sign that Lila can wait until later, and leaves the bathroom with Iris in his arms and heads for bed. He then lowered Iris onto the soft bed. But when Shinji tries to penetrate her in the normal position, Iris interrupts him.

 ”…senpai, I want to get closer to you, desu. That would be my request, desu~♡”

 ”Alright. Then, Iris is under me”

 At Iris’s request, Shinji changed his position. He lay down, covered Iris and hugged her tightly with both arms. When hugged from the front, Iris happily put her arms around his back and hugged him back. The skin-to-skin contact area was so wide that they could sit in the face-to-face position, which was Renka’s favorite position, but Shinji decided to pull his hips back and place the tip of his cock against her private parts in order to have a close normal position. Iris also spread her legs wide and prepared to accept Shinji’s body.

 ”Ah~♡ senpa…♡ Mmm――♡ Ahhh…♡”

 The cock is inserted into the vagina. Her body, imprinted with lewd crests, gives Iris a pleasure that sends shivers down her spine just from insertion. Slowly, the head of the glans penetrates the vaginal walls filled with her love juices and reaches Iris’ innermost region.

 ”Senpa…♡ *Kiss* *Kiss* Mmm…♡”

 She closes her eyes towards Shinji, who has stopped moving, and Iris starts to pucker her lips. To answer that, Shinji’s lips overlapped with Iris’s and they kissed briefly, then Shinji started to piston.

 ”Haa~♡ Ah~♡ Senpai…♡ *Kiss* I like kiss, desu♡ Mm~♡ *Kiss* *Smooch* Mmm~♡ Ah ♡”

 ”I feel good too. You seem to be feeling it more than usual, don’t you? I can tell because your vagina is so tight”

 ”Because…♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Senpa…♡ *Kiss* *Kiss* Ah~♡ Mmm~♡”

 Well, being kissed by the person she loves, in a close embrace, is very special. Iris’s heart was happy, and her body showed it in the form of her vagina’s tightness. Iris was intoxicated by the sensation of the glans pushing against the back of her vagina, as the warmth and saliva were exchanged in the close normal position.

 (Even though it’s slower than before… this position… so close to senpai… feels good… I like it…♡)

 Their tongues licked each other. Her modest breasts are crushed by his chest, and the hardened tips of her nipples rub against his chest feels good. As Iris wanted to get even closer, she wrapped her legs around Shinji’s waist and hugged him with her arms. Now, Iris was completely captivated by the close normal position.

 (I knew she was serious. No, I don’t feel bad about it, I’m happy about it, but marriage…)

 Iris reacts better than usual. It’s easy to imagine that this is because she is satisfied both physically and emotionally by the close normal position, which is a position that lovers do. It’s not that he’s not happy to be liked. But Shinji has decided that Renka is special. He is not going to think about a second wife until he and Renka become husband and wife.

 (Well, today is a thank you for defeating the succubus. I have to make sure she’s satisfied. After all, I’m the son of a succubus…! )

 It’s against his principles to go back on a promise he made to someone who asked for help and responded. And so, stopping to think about anything else, Shinji moved his hips skillfully, thinking only of the pleasure he would bring to Iris as she moaned beneath him.

 He thrusts deep into her vagina, rubs the shallowest parts, pulls his hips until his cock is almost out, and then inserts it back into her. Of course, while continuing to kiss Iris deeply. Iris is quickly driven to the brink of climax by Shinji’s passionate torment.

 ”Ah~♡ Auu~♡ Senpa~♡ Senpai~♡ Ah~♡ *Kiss* *Slurp* *Lick, Lick* *Pant* Ah~♡ I like you~♡ I like you, senpai~♡ Ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡”

 The vagina tightens convulsively, and Shinji firmly holds Iris’ body in his arms for a vaginal ejaculation. As if he had no intention of letting her go, the glans pokes the entrance to her uterus repeatedly with the tip of his cock.

 The weight of Shinji’s cock on top of her body is comforting to Iris. The swelling of his cock in her vagina tells her that he is about to ejaculate, and she instinctively moves her legs to catch the semen as deep as possible.

 The timing of Shinji’s thrusting hips and Iris’s pulling back was perfect, and the glans and cervix touched each other. In the midst of the numbing pleasure, he ejaculates deep inside Iris’s vagina.

 Spurttt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

 ”――♡ Ah~♡ My senpai~♡ *Pant* Ah~♡ *Slurp* *Slurpppp* *Kiss* *Lick, Lick* *Kiss*”

 Rich semen poured into Iris’s womb. And while this powerful ejaculation continued, Shinji and Iris continued to kiss, as if she would have conceived if not for the contraceptive magic. The pleasure of it prolonged the aftermath of their climax. Their tongues licked each other until they had completely settled down.

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