Wizard 403

Chapter 403 Day Three, Lewd with Green Travelers, Part Four

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 ”Haa――♡ haa――♡ Senpai―― ♡”

 After her climax, Iris regained her senses. She looked up at Shinji with a look of debauchery on her face as she felt much better than she had imagined. At her reaction, Shinji thinks that he can stimulate her even more to make her fall, but Lila comes up behind him.

 ”Shinji-san, it’s my turn next, isn’t it…♡”

 Lila unties Iris’s arms and legs from around Shinji’s body, and presses her only big breasts against Shinji’s back, causing him to fall. With that movement, Shinji’s unwilted cock slipped out of Iris’s vagina.

 ”Oh… Lila-san, you’re so impatient…”

 ”Please rest a little, Iris-chan…♡ I’ve been waiting for this too…♡”

 Iris was forced to move away, and Iris made a disappointed voice, but Lila didn’t apologize and begged Shinji to do her. This attitude of hers, and the fact that she interrupted at such a good time, made him think that Lila was trying to prevent Iris from becoming his s*x friend. And to find out her intentions, Shinji takes Lila up on her offer.

 ”Sorry, sorry, it’s your turn. Lila, let’s do it over there”


 Shinji points to a round table where they eat, far from the bed and the bathroom. Lila also senses Shinji’s intentions and separates from his back and walks with him to the round table.

 ”Can you put your hands on the table?”

 ”Yes…♡ Today, from behind…♡”

 Obeying Shinji’s words, Lila put her hands on the edge of the table, exposing her beautiful naked body. Lila’s long blond back, part of her large breasts was visible. Shinji stands behind Lila, looking from the top of her head to her feminine hips. He then grabs Lila’s waist. On the other hand, Lila thrusts her hips out so that Shinji can easily insert his cock, and turns her head to wait for him to do it.

 ”Mmm…♡ Nah――♡ Ahhhh…♡”

 The erect cock is inserted into Lila’s vagina. Shinji’s hips press against Lila’s hips as her wet vagina effortlessly accepts his huge cock.

 The tightness of her vagina and the soft flesh of her ass were nice, but the part of Lila’s body that Shinji was most attracted to was her large breasts. So, he wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her from behind, and his fingers sank into the flesh of her breasts. He then began to shake his hips while enjoying the softness and firmness of her breasts as he rubbed them.

 ”Ah~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡ *Pant* Mm~♡ Shinji, san~♡ You’re squeezing my breasts too much~♡♡ ahh~♡”

 Despite the fact that it had been a while since she had been penetrated, Lila’s vagina quickly adjusted to Shinji’s size. Lila’s body reacted on its own just by rubbing her breasts, which are her sensitive area, and her body, which had been standing straight up, gradually fell forward. Before she knew it, her body was hunched over and Shinji was covering her. Seeing that, Shinji whispered in Lila’s ear.

 ”You’re being very supportive of Iris today, Lila”

 ”Ah~♡ ahh――♡ ahh~♡ Iris-chan♡ *Pant* ah~♡ is like a little sister to me~♡ fufu~♡ ahh~♡”

 ”Little sister, huh. I’m glad you’re close”

 As he spoke in a quiet voice, Shinji’s hips changed from pistoning to grinding against the vaginal wall as he pressed his glans against the vaginal opening. Lila, too, is eager to get pleasure, rotating her hips in a circular movement to increase each other’s pleasure. As the water made a lustful sound, Lila’s mouth turned up in a gentle smile.

 Lila considers Iris as an equal companion, but she also considers her as a little sister. That is how close Lila and her two sisters are with Iris. That’s why this time, Lila, who is in the position of big sister, tried to help Iris not to be corrupted.

 ”Shinji, san♡ you’re not going, mm~♡ to get mad at me for something like this, are you…? ♡”

 ”Well… I owe you for helping me out today, so I’ll try to be considerate of Lila’s feelings!”

 ”Ah~♡ ah~♡ Shinji, san♡ suddenly, so intense…ah~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡”

 Shinji decides that he has heard what he needs to hear and changes his movements. He pulled his hips back and began to thrust forward again, his hips slamming hard against Lila’s flesh. He also pinched the nipples at the tips of her breasts, which shook with the impact, and the moans coming from Lila’s mouth grew louder as he tortured her two sensitive areas.

 ”Hyaa~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡ poke it more~♡ ah~♡ Shinji-san~♡ more~♡ more~~♡ “

 Lila moves her hips without Shinji’s help. Their hips work together in synergy, increasing the pleasure of each other. Lila’s vagina is the best of the four, and Shinji shakes his hips as he shoots his load into the beautiful elf.

 (Ah~♡ I’m going to cum…♡ It’s so thrilling…♡)

 His last spurt of hips raised her expectations for vaginal ejaculation. Lila was also about to come, and her eyes were flickering. She tightens her vagina and lowers her hips to catch the semen in her womb. Then, as the glans pushed into her vagina, Shinji ejaculated when the connection was deepest.

 Spurttt! Spurttttt! Spurttttttt!

 ”~~♡♡♡ ah~♡ it’s hot…♡”

 Lila climaxed, her hips quivering, and she was intoxicated by the pleasure of her womb being filled with the seed of the man she loved. Shinji, too, is filled with the desire to conquer as Lila joyfully accepts his sperm.

 He pulls out his p*nis, removes his hand from her breast, and steps back, and Lila, who has lost the support of her lower body, leans against the table. Seeing her expression of ecstasy and contentment, Shinji’s smile deepens and he looks around the room.

 He saw Lili and Lilu are cleansing themselves in the bathroom, playing with each other.

 Iris is staring at him and Lila on the bed, and her eyes meet his. Seeing the envious look in her eyes, Shinji turns back to Iris.

 (There’s still time… I’ll do as I please…)

 As the searing time continues.

 Once again, he knocks Iris down and pours his cum all over her body. After that, he ate the meal that Lili had prepared for him and held her. As per Lilu’s wish, she held Lili and Lilu one on one. He also pours his cum into Lila’s big breast while playing with them as he pleases. Not only did he have s*x with the three of them, but he also had a fivesome with all four of them.

 And so, the third day of Shinji’s life went by with the utmost lust.

 Lila-chan chapter.

 Lila is the leader of the usual <Green Travelers>.

 Iris seems to be like a little sister to her, who takes good care of her. Lila is satisfied with the fact that she can make a baby even if she is treated as a saffle. It is a difference in values due to the longevity of the species.

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