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Chapter 404 Day Four, A Day with the Goddess Arian

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 After the third day, which is no exaggeration, Shinji woke up just before noon on the fourth day. When Shinji woke up, there is no one around him. Lila and the other members of <Green Travelers> have been sent back to their original rooms by Goddess Arian.

 (I have to rely on her for everything, huh? When I’m in this room…)

 Shinji gets out of bed, dressed in just a shirt and long pants. There’s no need to change clothes in this place where no one can see him, so Shinji sits down at the table and looks at the food on the round table.

 (I wonder who made this food. Lila and the others had parted ways yesterday…and Arian… it seems not her either)

 Shinji thought so, but he noticed that the food tasted obviously different from the food he had eaten the other day. Miko Arian’s home-cooked food had a homey taste and simple appearance. However, the food in front of Shinji’s table looks like it has been carefully prepared and served in a restaurant. He picks up a bite-sized bucket and brings it to his mouth.


 He mutters to himself. And as the food on the table is very tempting, Shinji sits down, unable to bear the taste and hunger. He had just picked up another bucket. But then――

 ”Apostle Shinji, you’re awake”

 A voice called out to him from behind. There is only one person who calls Shinji “Apostle Shinji”. As his expected, Shinji looks back to see Goddess Arian in the form of a glowing sphere.

 ”Good morning, Goddess…”

 However, the appearance of Goddess Arian, which is contrary to Shinji’s expectations, stops his greeting.

 She had a beautiful neck and long silver hair with a dazzling luster. Her ample breasts and fleshy hips remind him of Miko Arian, and he feels right to call them mother and daughter. Her curvy waist emphasizes her good style, and her bare legs stretching out from her miniskirt and her slender arms stretching out from her thin sleeveless chiton, without a single blemish, make her look almost divine.

 The original Goddess Arian has wings of light coming from her back, and the wings and their radiance are a manifestation of divine power, and have an influence that could drive a person insane if seen directly. Therefore, Goddess Arian had taken measures to prevent people from seeing the wings of light.

 ”What’s wrong? Apostle Shinji, you’ve got a dumb look on your face. Fufu”

 ”…No, Goddess. What’s that look…?”

 ”This figure is an imitation of my true form. Originally, I would have wings as proof of divine power but it’s impossible to you to see them directly. So, I made a new form without wings. This way, we can see each other only within the confines of this room…”

 Goddess Arian smiles as she places her hand on her chest.

 The figure of the sphere of light and the figure of the Goddess. It is a form between the energy-saving sphere and the power of the goddess, a form that she created so that she would not accidentally drive Shinji insane by showing her wings. Only Goddess Arian herself knew the reason why she had taken this form, and Shinji could not have guessed it. It could be said that he could not find the time to do so.

 After all, his gaze was lured by the movement of his hands to his chest, and his eyes were drawn to the cleavage created by the large breasts that pushed up her chiton. Still, he managed to raise his gaze from the seductive body that made him want to give up everything and devour it, and made eye contact with Goddess Arian.

 ”So, that’s it… It is an honor to be able to see the Goddess in her true form. And, I apologize. Did the food on the table come from the Goddess…?”

 ”Yes. I prepared it for the Apostle Shinji. You may eat as you please. I’ve prepared the same food as the famous restaurant in the Apostle Shinji’s world, do you like it?”

 ”Thank you very much… it’s very good”

 In Goddess Arian’s hands, it would be no problem to instantly create a complete meal without having to make it by hand. But while thinking so, Shinji’s eyes shifted from Goddess Arian to the food. If he didn’t, he would have drifted into the most disrespectful thoughts.

 (Even though I had so many women yesterday… no, I’ll focus on the food now… yes yes, it’s delicious…)

 Shinji was even more aroused than he had been when he faced the high-ranking succubus. Even though he was allowed to be impolite in this room, Shinji knew that he should avoid indulging in lewd fantasies in front of her, and fled to the delicious meal. Goddess Arian, who could read even his thoughts, was inwardly delighted by the fact that Shinji found her current appearance so attractive that he had to turn away from her.

 (It’s strange. I don’t feel bad about Apostle Shinji’s lust. Fufu, I even feel comfortable with it…♡)

 It is precisely because Shinji is trying to control himself that he feels excited when he looks at Goddess Arian as a woman. And now, Goddess Arian sits on the edge of the bed while Shinji stares at food, distracting himself from her.

 Goddess Arian sits on the edge of the bed with her left leg spread out and her right leg bent. Her thighs are boldly visible through her skirt, but her panties are not, however her cleavage is deeper due to her bent body, and her large, soft breasts are crushed by her lap. Then Goddess Arian, smiling seductively as if inviting a man, called out to Shinji.

 ”Apostle Shinji, what will you do today…?”

 ”Today I am going to study time manipulation――――”

 When Shinji looked at Goddess Arian, his eyes caught sight of her. The image was so alluring as a woman that it was a violence to his vision and reason.

 The seduction of a goddess that charms every man. However, Shinji could restrain himself in the face of a figure that no man could resist. Only Shinji, a man who had fought many battles and was the son of a succubus, could have endured it.

 ”*Gulp* ――――time manipulation magic”

 (I really want to do it with you… Goddess, you’re too naughty…)

 ”I see… well, if you need anything, just let me know”

 There’s nothing he can do about the voice in his mind leaking out. Still, his mouth was able to give a rational response. Even as he averted his gaze, he could still see Goddess Arian’s glamorous figure in his mind and decided to go back to eating. On the other hand, Goddess Arian stares at Shinji as he mindlessly eats while trying to keep his lewd thoughts at bay.

 (It’s good, Apostle Shinji… your patience and carefulness… it’s really good…♡)

 Shinji’s attitude, which is not easily dominated, is desirable. So, Goddess Arian’s smile only deepened.

 After dinner, Shinji immersed himself in the study of time magic. Even so, it was impossible to avoid seeing Goddess Arian all the time, and he often caught her in his eyes. While Shinji is stimulated by her seductive gestures as Goddess Arian watches him from various positions, he still agonizes over his research.

 And so, the fourth day passes.

 Shinji is now on his fifth day.

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