Wizard 405

Chapter 405 Day Five, Fellowship with Freri and the Other, Part One

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 Amid Goddess Arian’s tempting gestures, Shinji managed to get through the fourth day by immersing himself in the study of magic. To him, Goddess Arian was a completely superior being, and he knew that he could not touch her without her direct invitation or permission. No matter how much she seems to be inviting him.

 That’s why Shinji couldn’t make a move even if he wanted to, but he woke up very early on the fifth day and met Freri, Emily and Hayate early.

 ”So, this is where the goddess told us to go, huh? A big room~”

 ”A room with a different flow of time, isn’t this like something out of manga? It’s a fantasy thing~. Magic is so useful~”

 Emily and Hayate are looking around the room as soon as they arrive. They both looked curious, and Shinji wondered if they were acting the same way because of their similarities in personality, despite their different styles.

 [I was surprised when I suddenly lost contact with yoy. I’m glad the Goddess contacted me right away]

 [I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to be here either. I knew I couldn’t contact the outside once I’m in this room]

 [Hmm… Our magic connection was severed. That scared me]

 And as soon as Freri saw Shinji, she pounced on him and is now in his arms. She’s rubbing her head against Shinji’s chest, protesting with her thoughts, and hugging him.

 Freri, who had never lost her magical connection with Shinji since she signed the contract, was very shaken by the sudden turn of events. It was fortunate that Goddess Arian contacted her immediately, otherwise even Freri herself would not know what she would have done. That’s how things are for her, being with Shinji is a normal thing.

 And now, Emily and Hayate were rummaging around in the room, partly because Freri had jumped on Shinji first and got bored.

 ”Shinji? I’m going to use your bathtub!”

 ”Onii-san, can I have it too? I haven’t had a bath this big in a long time. But… isn’t it too open? This design”

 ”Oh, okay. Have a good time, both of you”

 Shinji smiles as he pats Freri’s head and sends them off. As a side note, Emily and Hayate have seen each other many times at the <Heliotrope> store, and he has heard that they are on friendly terms. Therefore, the two of them went to the bathtub while talking amicably.

 [I’ll forgive you if you give me lots of magic power]

 [Okay, okay. I’d appreciate it if you could stop sucking on it before I can’t move because I’m going to do it to both of them too]

 [Hmm, I get it]

 Shinji raises his hands in surrender as Freri looks up at him with accusing eyes. Shinji is already half-erect from the feel of her soft breasts through her dress pressed against his chest, and Freri also wants to cum.

 And so, Freri crouches down at Shinji’s feet and tugs down his pants and underwear, revealing her favorite part of him. Shinji, on the other hand, sits down on the corner of the bed at the suggestion of Freri’s gaze. Freri slid her body between his legs and pulled the shoulder straps of her dress off her arms, revealing her large, shapely breasts, soft and firm with fresh skin, the kind of magical breasts that captivate men.

 ”Ooh… ah… ooh…”

 [It’s hard~♡ Shinji~♡ likes breasts…♡]

 The base of the cock is sandwiched between her breasts, and saliva drips down onto the rod when Freri’s long tongue touches the glans. The rod, held tightly between her breasts from both sides, is slick with saliva and pre-cum, and the swaying breasts rub up against the entire rod, giving Shinji pleasure.

 And then there’s the glans torture, where her breasts cover the glans and make it a mess. Freri now never lets Shinji get bored with her, and she never lets him get used to the different ways she uses to get him to cum.

 ”Kuh… I’m going to cum…!”

 ”Nbuu~♡ Mmm~♡ *Slurp* *Slurp* *Smooch* Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ *Slurpp*”

 As there’s plenty of time, there’s no reason to hold back. So, unable to contain his ejaculation, Shinji holds Freri’s head with his hands, ready to spill his cum into her mouth. Although his cock is forced deep into her throat, Freri does not wince, but rather sucks on it with her cheeks as if she wants him to ejaculate quickly. And with this, Shinji pours his first thick load of semen into Freri.

 Spurttttttt! Spurttttt! Spurttt!

 The previous day, Goddess Arian had given him a lot of stimulation, so his semen came out in larger quantities than usual. But it was a treat for Freri, and she happily drank it.

 It’s a devastating sensation for Shinji to feel his magic being sucked out of him along with his semen, but it doesn’t take his heart away. Rather, Freri is intoxicated by Shinji’s semen and magic.

 [Delicious…♡ Shinji’s is my favorite…♡ more~♡]

 ”Oh…wow, it’s sucking me out…”

 Even after Shinji’s ejaculation, the expression on Freri’s face as she sucks on his cock is lustful and fascinating, and she doesn’t let go of sucking on it as if it wasn’t enough. She sucks his cock like she wants more.

 ”Hyaa… Onii-san, you look so comfortable…”

 Hayate is watching Shinji and Freri from inside the bathtub. Even in the original world, she had only seen other people interacting with each other in images, and the scene unfolding in front of her eyes had a lewdness that made her cheeks turn red, even if she had experienced it herself. Especially if it was Freri’s greedy blowjob.

 ”Hayate has big breasts too, so you can do it…”

 A half-eyed Emily muttered, staring at Hayate’s breasts with a grudge. Emily, the only one with small breasts among the three women in the room, can’t take it any longer and jumps out of the bathtub.

 ”Freri? I’ll join you!”

 ”Eh, Emily!!”

 ”Oh? Whoa, Emily!”

 Emily jumps on Shinji and pushes him down on the bed, leaving Hayate surprised. And with his cock still trapped in Freri’s breast, Shinji can’t move much, and Emily gets on top of him.

 Hayate, who is left alone, continues to observe from inside the bathtub, wondering what to do.

 Freri, Emily, and Hayate.

 Personal followers and partners.

 In the extra chapter of the ebook, Emily has made up with the old party at the heliotrope. That’s why she’s visiting the store and has become acquainted with Hayate.

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