Wizard 406

Chapter 406 Day Five, Fellowship with Freri and the Other, Part Two

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 Emily rides Shinji’s chest, but when she receives Freri’s thoughts, she grabs Shinji’s sides and moves him up on the bed. Emily then straddles Shinji’s face, with her body still damp from the bath, and presses her clit against his mouth.


 ”Freri’s first. I’m doing it here~♡”

 [Mmm. Shinji, do a function-granting magic]

 Shinji’s face is buried in Emily’s crotch, and Freri is straddling him. As Freri straddles his erect cock, she gently lowers her hips and begs for a spell while her entrance of her clitoris touches the glans. Each girl moves as she pleases, but Shinji responds.

 ”Oh~♡ Shinji’s tongue~♡ Ah~♡ it feels so good…♡”

 Shinji holds Emily’s thighs with his hands and inserts his tongue into her secret area. His tongue fluttered in the shallow part of her vagina, licking away her love juices, and then he pulled out his tongue and stimulated her clitoris, giving her endless caresses and making her hips quiver with pleasure.

 [Aaah…♡ Shinji’s cock…♡ I love it…♡ I’m moving now…♡ *Pant*]

 Freri, who found Shinji’s cock had been enchanted with a function-granting magic, sat down and inserted it in a cowgirl position. And with her legs spread wide apart, Freri shakes her hips up and down at a high pace from the start, tightening her vagina around the cock, squeezing the rod with her vaginal folds, and torturing the glans with her vulva. Her vagina and the dance-like movements that only a succubus can create give Shinji the most pleasure he’s had in days. But his tongue, which had been working hard on Emily, masked some of the pleasure Freri was giving him.

 ”What? What’s that move? It’s so erotic…”

 Freri’s breasts bobbed up and down as she worked her hips with ruthless smoothness and intensity. To Hayate, who was the same s*x as Freri, this was a very lewd sight. Hayate felt elated at the sight of the woman overwhelming Shinji, the man who had played her (Hayate) and taught her the pleasures of s*x.

 (It was all an act with me~… but not this time, right? Onii-san is not moving at all…)

 Right now, Shinji is busy trying not to ejaculate too soon. Although he is able to last longer than before, Freri still has a complete advantage, since he has not yet prepared a new countermeasure. In response to the rising feeling of ejaculation, Shinji sends a thought to Freri.

 [Freri, I’m going to cum again… kuh, uh!?]

 [Geez, hold on a bit…♡ Not there yet…♡]

 Just as Shinji is about to ejaculate, Freri drops her hips and connects with the deepest part. Freri’s vagina tightens in a way that is impossible for a human being, and she clamps down hard on the base of his cock to stop him from ejaculating.

 On the other side, Shinji removes his mouth from Emily’s private parts and bounces his hips to prevent ejaculation. Although the feeling of ejaculation has subsided, Shinji’s male instinct to sire women has increased, and his mood changes. So, his thoughts of passive gratitude to the girls fade away and he begins to seek more pleasure.

 ”Emily, would you mind stepping aside?”

 ”Ah…♡ Yeah~♡ Okay~♡”

 Emily’s heart flutters at the sight of Shinji’s eyes, which, despite his words, give off an air of uncertainty. She’s the type of person who, like Freri, wants to be strongly desired and tortured by Shinji, and Emily retreats from him in hope that he’ll turn on the offensive.

 [I told you before to hold back a little…]

 [Hmm…♡ It was so long ago I forgot…♡ Sorry~♡]

 [An absolute lie!]

 [Ah~♡ Hii~♡ Ah~♡ *Pant* Ah~♡ Shinji’s cock~♡ more~♡ ah~♡ ah~♡]

 Freri, who had been straddling Shinji’s body with her thighs, turned forwards and overlapped his body. She presses her soft breasts against Shinji’s hard chest, and Shinji grabs her firm ass, but Freri’s lustful expression shows no remorse.

 Now, Shinji and Freri had just signed a contract together, and it was a promise they had made after they had been made to work so hard. It’s been a long time since Shinji and Freri have been in a pause, and in a frenzy, Shinji pushes Freri up from below.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 Freri, smiling lasciviously, clings to Shinji’s shoulders. She sways her hips in time with Shinji’s, and their desires meet. They put their lips together, their tongues intertwined, their skin rubbing against each other, their genitals deeply connected. It’s hard to tell which one of them is the initiator, as the intense, sweaty s*x unfolds in front of Emily and Hayate, who stare at them speechlessly.

 Emily looks at them expectantly. Hayate looks on with curiosity. As they stared with bated breath, Shinji was reaching his limit.

 ”*Slurp* *Lick* *Smooch* Mmm~♡ *Pant* *Slurp* Ah~♡ Do you want to cum? Me too~♡ I want to cum~♡ Mmm~♡ Cumming~♡ Ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡ I like you, Shinji~♡ Mmm~♡ Nnnnaaahhh~♡”

 Freri whispers in a voice that only Shinji can hear as they stare into each other’s eyes at close range, and her pretty voice becomes the final stimulus for Shinji. So, pressing his glans against her uterus, the deepest part of her, made Shinji feel so good that he couldn’t help but let out a long breath as he ejaculated.

 Even Freri was intoxicated by the force and volume of the semen as it poured into her womb. Freri embraces Shinji tightly, and in the afterglow of her climax, she sucks in the best of his semen, feeling satisfied both as a woman and as a succubus. After the ejaculation subsided, their mouths parted leaving a trail of saliva behind them and they enjoyed the aftermath.

 ”Ah~… that was good… But, please don’t do that, okay?”

 [Mmm…♡ I’ll work on it…♡]

 When Shinji let out a sigh that he might be hit again by Freri’s languid but unrepentant thoughts, he finally took his hands off Freri’s body. Despite the fact that he has just embraced one of the most perfect women in the world, Shinji’s desires are endless.


 ”Shinji… please be hard on me, too, okay? Ah~♡”

 Shinji moved Freri’s body to the side and headed towards… Shinji’s hands then placed on Emily’s naked body, which was lying on her back. After that, Emily’s ankles are grabbed, and she is brought close to his head in a position where her private parts are fully visible for him.

 Seeing this, Shinji places his cock on her exposed private parts and inserts it with one breath.

 Freri is the main character for this chapter.

 One of the strongest characters in the series (in a s*xual sense).

 If a person is s*xually entangled with a succubus, he or she can’t compete with her, so it’s necessary to defeat her before that happens. Though there is no chance to meet a succubus in the first place.

 And now, if Shinji doesn’t come up with a countermeasure soon, he’s going to lose his position. Good luck.

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