Wizard 407

Chapter 407 Day Five, Fellowship with Freri and the Other, Part Three

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 Emily’s body has been waiting for Shinji’s penetration, and she accepts his object without any difficulty. She is petite and slender, and her vagina is tight, giving Shinji a pleasant sensation of pleasure just by inserting his cock into her.

 At once, Shinji pushed his cock into the deepest part of her vagina and pushed it into her womb. The strong pressure makes Emily feel suffocated, but she can greatly feel that she is being conquered by Shinji, and her love juice drips more and more.

 ”Emily, you really like this kind of thing, don’t you?”

 ”Yes, because I can feel that I am Shinji’s girl~ ♡”

 Emily’s cheeks are relaxed and she looks like a maiden in love. She would be very pretty if she were not forced by force into a position where she is pinned down.

 The mismatch is so great that Hayate, who is watching the scene from the side, keeps watching with bated breath to the fact that the cheerful and energetic Emily likes this kind of play.

 ”If you expect me to do it like that, I have to do it”

 ”Un~♡ Please~♡ move a lot~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Lots of it~♡ Mmm~♡ *Pant*”

 To response this, Shinji removes his hands from Emily’s ankles and changes his grip to her thighs. Then he begins a powerful piston movement as if he is pressing down on her from above. Emily squeals with pleasure at the sensation of the cock thrusting deep inside her vagina.


 ”Ah~♡ ah~♡ Freri~♡ Geez~♡ Ah~ ♡”

 ”Guh… You’re going to… join in again too, huh…”

 Freri, who had already returned to the scene, hugged Shinji from behind, pressed her large breasts against his back, and put her arms around him and ran her fingers over his nipples. Shinji’s hips are gentle as Freri clings to him, but the soft sensations on his back and the nipples make Shinji’s cock more powerful.

 [Emily, you’re so cute. Shinji, shake your hips more~♡]

 ”Okay, okay. Emily, I’m going to fuck you harder”

 ”Yeah~♡ Mmm~♡ Nku~♡ Ah, ahh~♡ Aaahhh~♡ Shinji~♡ Shinji~ ♡”

 Freri encourages Shinji, and Shinji also speeds up his thrusts against Emily. Although Shinji often fucks Freri and Emily, Freri is the type of girl who makes love even with a girl, and Emily likes to be fucked, so the two of them fuck Emily every time.

 (3P is amazing …. Looks like everyone is having fun…)

 Shinji, Emily, and Freri are all happy and comfortable, and no negative feelings are apparent. Then Hayate suddenly thinks that if Shinji is holding Freri and Emily in that order, then Hayate’s turn is next, and she instantly becomes restless.

 (A-Am I going to join them!? It’s a little embarrassing. I have to tell Onii-san!)

 While Hayate is fidgeting by herself, Shinji shakes his hips repeatedly in order to inject his sperm into Emily. Then, as Shinji pushes hard against her tight vagina, he pushes the glans against the opening of her cervix and unleashes his sperm.

 ”I’m going to cum…!”

 ”Cum~♡ Cum~♡ I’m cumming too~♡ Cumming, cumming, cummmming~~~~♡ ♡”

 With her thighs tightly pressed, the cum poured into Emily’s womb from above, filling her to the brim. Emily’s face is intoxicated with ecstasy as her hips jerk and her uterus and vagina are filled with semen. After the ejaculation subsided, Shinji removes his hands from her and Emily’s legs fall down on the bed. He then pulls out his p*nis, and a gush of semen pours out, soiling the bed sheets. But――

 ”Phew…. kuh, Freri…”

 [Just cleaning up~♡]

 Freri moves in and runs her tongue over Shinji’s cock, which is stained with semen and love juice. This is a standard cleaning blowjob for the threesome. But the cock, which was still erect rather than deflated, was sensitive, and his lust flared up under Freri’s tongue. Normally, he would extend his hand to Freri, but today there were others. As he receives Freri’s blowjob, Shinji’s eyes turn to Hayate.

 ”Why don’t you come over here, Hayate? Isn’t that what you came here to do?”

 ”That’s true, but it’s a little embarrassing to be seen by others…”

 ”Even though you were watching others from the side? Or should I just not do that today?”

 ”No, Onii-san, I’m here with the intention of having s*x with you, so I don’t think that’s a good idea… But I prefer to be alone with you”

 For Hayate, who has never played with more than one person, mixing with Shinji and the others is a mental hurdle. It could be said that she was not willing to join the group.

 And so, finding that she didn’t want to join the group, and also finding it troublesome to verbally invite her to join them, he stopped Freri’s blowjob with his eyes and moved to the bathtub where Hayate was bathing. Without hesitation, Shinji puts his hand on Hayate’s thin shoulder to check her out as he sits down next to her.

 ”O-Onii-san… ♡”

 ”Then, let’s start with just the two of us, as Hayate wants. And, Hayate’s advice was helpful. Thank you”

 ”You’re welcome? I know it’s just game knowledge, but I’m glad it’s useful~ ♡”

 With that, Shinji crawls his hands up her body, looking at Hayate, who has a look of anticipation in her eyes. Her body, which had been exposed to a lot of male-female intercourse, is sensitive, probably because it has already been corrupted. After all, just by stroking her large breasts, waist, and thighs, her sweet voice was heard.

 ”Onii-san…♡ In here, I’ll be seen… ♡”

 ”There’s no other room. You’ll have to live with the fact that they’ll see you… and graduallu, you won’t mind it so much”

 ”Ah~♡ Onii-san♡ Ah~♡ Onii-san, your finger… ♡”

 Hayate is concerned about the direction of the bed, but she has no time to worry once Shinji’s fingers are in her secret place. In no time at all, Hayate’s thoughts are dulled by the pleasure, and Shinji’s hands are moving forward to further subvert her.

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