Wizard 409

Chapter 409 Day Six, Goddess and the Last Lustful Day, Part One

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 Shinji, who has had his fill of Freri and the others, falls asleep in bed alone at the end of the fifth day. And before he falls asleep, he is relieved to know that his concerns about the last day have been taken care of.

 (Now I will be able to bear it in front of the goddess. Any pent-up libido will be taken care of when I return to the other side)

 Thinking back to the fourth day, Shinji thinks the situation will be similar on the sixth day. Now that he has gotten rid of the horniness that had built up on the fourth day, he thinks that he can concentrate on his research on the magic of time. Until this moment.

 Shinji wakes up from his sleep with a pleasant sensation. And what jumped into his open vision was the cleavage behind the chiton, created by the large breasts with white skin.

 ”Apostle Shinji. Your meal is ready”

 ”…Good morning… Goddess…”

 ”Come on, get up. Time is finite”

 Shinji replies with his eyes drawn to the soft breasts that sway with each shaking movement of her body. Though his eyes are drawn to the back of Goddess Arian who leaves his side with a smile, and to her ass, he takes a deep breath and suppresses his s*xual desire once more.

 (I was surprised… it’s a little too much for my eyes in the morning… though it’s a feast for my eyes… Still, let’s get back on track and have a meal…)

 At the time of the magic ritual, their desires were exposed, and they hit each other with everything they had. Though he has no regrets, and though he has not been punished for it, Shinji believes that the Goddess who makes this room is a force to be reckoned with, and should not be so easily touched.

 Goddess Arian, who knows what Shinji is thinking as he crawls out of bed, turns her back to him and relaxes her mouth. It is good that Shinji fears herself in a good way, she thinks. With this thought, Goddess Arian puts Shinji’s breakfast on the table.

* * *

 Shinji started to eat his breakfast, but he was feeling very restless. The reason for this was the sight of Goddess Arian sitting in front of him. Unlike the fourth day, Goddess Arian kept her presence in Shinji’s sight. She was sitting with her elbows on the table, her hands folded, and her chin resting on her folded hands as she watched Shinji eating.

 Her gentle smile, which suggests affection, is so favorable that a man might mistake it for affection, and her ample bosom reveals the cleavage of her breasts, almost spilling out. However, Shinji was eating his meal in silence, not wanting to treat the Goddess Arian with disrespect.

 ”Apostle Shinji, listen to me while you eat”

 While saying this, the tips of her breasts encased in thin chitons. Shinji, who had been looking away due to the shadow cast by the chiton because of the lack of a bra, turns to face Goddess Arian.

 ”Shinji is the first person, except God, to know my true form. This is because I have borrowed Miko’s body and the form of a ball of light is enough for me to communicate with others”

 As she spoke, Goddess Arian brushed her long, beautiful silver hair with one hand. The gesture is truly graceful and accentuates her good looks.

 ”Then, why do I have to appear before the apostle Shinji in my true form? Why did I go to the trouble of creating a figure without the wings of a goddess? Do you understand?”

 Shinji was at a loss for words at the sound of Goddess Arian’s voice and the content of what she said. And behind her eyes, he noticed the fire of lust. Seeing this, he puts his knife and fork on the table and swallows hard. Even though he knows it will be read, he can’t stop the impious thought that comes to his mind.

 ”Yes, Apostle Shinji…♡”


 With a single blink of an eye, Goddess Arian moves behind Shinji in that short time, puts her hands on his shoulders, and whispers in his ear. Though they are alone, only the two of them can hear her voice.

 ”It’s for the sake of fellowship with Apostle Shinji~♡”


 These words had a destructive power that blew away the idea that Goddess Arian is superior or an honorable subject in a single blow. Goddess Arian, who had read Shinji’s thoughts and placed her lips sweetly between his earlobes, continued her words.

 ”What do you want to do today…?”

 ”Of course, I’m going to have s*x with the Goddess…!”

 What kind of succubus’ son is he if he doesn’t respond to her words? Even the most cautious Shinji can’t help but make up his mind if his partner is played so well, even if it is Goddess Arian. As Shinji is motivated, Goddess Arian makes a move with her words.

 ”Then, let’s enjoy… this one day~♡ Apostle Shinji…♡”

 ”…!? Oh, Goddess…!”

 ”Fufu, first, as proof that my words are true… let me serve you as a mere woman, Shinji…♡”

 Again, in the blink of an eye, Shinji and Goddess Arian had shifted, and both were on the bed. Shinji’s lower body clothes are gone, and his erect cock is clearly visible. Goddess Arian, on the other hand, sits between Shinji’s legs and removes her pure white chiton.

 Immediately, Goddess Arian’s breasts captivate him. The size, shape, skin color and quality, and peach-colored nipples are all perfectly balanced, and Shinji’s cock is erect to the point of tearing even before he touches them.

 (How magnificent and erotic it is…♡)

 Goddess Arian, who is normally in a higher position, serves him with her breasts. This action was a sign that, for this one occasion only, they are only a woman and a man before they are a goddess and an apostle, and that they are allowed to tolerate disrespect.

 Although it was the first time for her to have s*xual intercourse with her own body, Goddess Arian did not hesitate to welcome Shinji’s s*xual desire into her cleavage. Now, she looks not like a Goddess but only a woman, her cheeks flushed and her eyes moistened with expectation.

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