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Chapter 410 Day Six, Goddess and the Last Lustful Day, Part Two

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 Goddess Arian’s ample breasts were the best for Shinji, who has had s*xual intercourse with various women. Her breasts, which seemed to embody Shinji’s ideal, clamped his cock from both sides, and he was enveloped by the soft sensation from the glans to the base of the cock.


 ”Fufu, that’s a good reaction. Nbu…♡”

 While making eye contact with Shinji, who squealed involuntarily, Goddess Arian stuck out the tip of her tongue and dribbled saliva into the cleavage. Shinji’s hips lifted up in sweet pleasure as she rubbed his cock with her breasts with her hands so that the saliva, her breasts, and his cock would be in contact with each other.

 ”How is it? Shinji. Isn’t the skin of a goddess comfortable~♡ with just a light rubbing against each other?”

 ”Ah… it’s amazing, that’s all I can say…”

 ”Right~♡ Fufu, your waist is floating~♡”

 Shinji can see that Goddess Arian’s cheeks are flushed and elated as she smiles. Even though she holds her breasts with both hands and rubs them up and down in a very ordinary way, her pre-cum is already running out of juice.

 (What’s so different…? It’s just like Freri…!)

 Shinji’s mind recalls the image of Freri whom he had fucked the day before. Although, she is different from Freri, who has the blood of a succubus and excels in s*xual skill, the pleasure seems similar and it must be caused by something other than technique. Perhaps there is something similar to function-granting magic. That’s what Shinji thought.

 ”You shouldn’t think about other women…♡ However, I don’t feel bad about being on par with Shinji’s best experience. Maybe I should be a little stronger~♡”

 Goddess Arian, who knew Shinji’s thoughts, strengthened her hand to make Shinji say that it was the most comfortable one. And with this, Shinji’s stiff cock, which was buried in the flesh of her breast, squeezed and he could only jerk his hips.

 ”Is it here~♡ Fufu, isn’t it good here, too? Ahhh, it’s twitching…♡ I think you’re going to ejaculate right away~♡”

 She watches Shinji’s reaction with her eyes, feel the bounce of his cock buried in her breasts, and look into his mind to find the point where she can please him. Goddess Arian is relentless in her service (breastjob) that simply makes Shinji feel good, and in no time at all she has him on the edge.

 (I can’t believe it! It feels so, so good…! I’m going to cum…!)

 Shinji didn’t expect to be cornered so one-sidedly. After all, he had been the one who made the Goddess Arian possessed by Yoriko sound last time, so he had thought that this time he would be able to take the initiative again.

 However, he is now overwhelmed by Goddess Arian. The reason for this was the skin of the goddess. While the wings of light are the strongest divine power that can make a person crazy, the skin of the goddess also has a weak divine power that fascinates people. Because of this, Shinji feels pleasure just by touching Goddess Arian’s skin.

 But since Shinji has been trained by Freri, he is able to lay his skin on the Goddess Arian’s skin without going crazy. If it were a man who is not familiar with s*xuality, he would be instantly knocked out and turned into a puppet.

 ”Ah… I knew it was good~♡ Shinji…♡ Ejaculate whenever you want, as much as you w…♡ *Lick* *Lick* Nnnh~♡ *Lick*”

 Goddess Arian knows other goddesses who charm apostles and manipulate them at will. However, Goddess Arian did not intend to make Shinji her puppet, but was confident that Shinji would be able to withstand her charms. In fact, Shinji is not fascinated, but is staring at Goddess Arian with the eyes of a male on the verge of ejaculation.

 And that made her more than happy. While thinking this, Goddess Arian ran her tongue over the glans peeking out from the cleavage. It is the finishing touch to her arousal with her tongue, as she seeks for the sperm of the strong male who has taught her the pleasure of a woman.

 ”Oh, Goddess… oh, I’m going to cum!”

 ”Ahhh…♡ You ejaculated a lot, didn’t you…♡ It’s so strong…♡ Fufu, and it’s warm…♡”

 Semen spurts out vigorously, staining Goddess Arian’s face and beautiful silver hair while she is licking. It stained from her collarbone to her cleavage, and Goddess Arian looked entranced by the force and volume of the spurt. However, there was one thing she was not satisfied with.

 ”Shinji… Now, It’s not Goddess, right…♡”

 ”Ohhh… oh, I’m still, I’m still sensitive…”

 Shinji writhes as his sensitive cock is sucked and rubbed by her breast after his ejaculation. The semen became a further lubricant, and not only did it make a slurping sound, but it also intensified the pleasure.

 ”Fufu, it’s so muscular…♡ I could squeeze you more like this…♡ If you don’t like it, you know what I mean, don’t you?”

 ”Kuh… Arian, please stop…”

 ”Yes~♡ Well done, Shinji…♡”

 If they are just a man and a woman, then they should call each other by their first names. So, having hit the target of what Goddess Arian wanted to say, she released his cock from her cleavage to give him forgiveness.

 ”Was it so good…♡ Was the breastjob so good…♡ Fufu…♡ Your list of the best breast jobs…♡ You’ve renewed it, haven’t you?”

 ”Kuh… *Pant* *Pant* next, it’s my turn…!”

 (So erotic… I can’t be passive…)

 Shinji ejaculated so much in her cleavage that his semen was stringing and forming bridges. This scene makes him feel even more immoral for having defiled the body of a goddess, and he can’t stop himself from getting more and more horny.

 After a few moments, Shinji gets up and wrestles with Goddess Arian, who is smiling a charming and proud smile, which is more like a succubus than a succubus. Goddess Arian does not resist the move. She, too, is elated by Shinji’s aggression, and she has been expecting it.

 ”Come on, Shinji~♡ let’s connect…♡”

 She opens her arms to reveal her beauty. In front of her exquisite body, Shinji grips her waist without hesitation and presses his glans against the entrance of her secret passage. However, Shinji does not insert his cock into her. Thanks to the breastjob, he realized that Goddess Arian’s body has the potential to surpass Freri’s.

 ”Arian, I’m putting it in…”

 ”! Shinji, wait…♡”

 Shinji’s cock is given the effect of giving pleasure to the woman by the function granting magic. Goddess Arian, who read his mind, tried to stop him, but his cock was inserted before her. That was all it took.


 Goddess Arian’s mouth was filled with ecstasy.

 Goddess times, breastjob.

 This is a situation that is typical for a woman with big tits.

 Goddess Arian is trying to suppress the power of the goddess as much as possible. Still, if there is no resistance, it is not possible to touch each other. But Shinji, who has been trained by Freri-chan, is a s*x powerhouse.

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