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Chapter 411 Day Six, Goddess and the Last Lustful Day, Part Three

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 Although the tip has only been inserted, both Goddess Arian and Shinji are convinced. It was definitely better than when they were connected with Yoriko’s body.

 Slowly, the cock moves through the unopened vagina. The vagina, which accepts Shinji’s cock without suffering, is overflowing with love juice and tightens around Shinji’s cock. As Shinji’s cock moves through the vagina, which is so comfortable that it is hard to believe that he has never had s*x before, he confirms the existence of the virgin membrane.

 ”Ah…ah…♡ Shinji’s, deep inside…♡”

 Shinji’s cock breaks through Goddess Arian’s virgin membrane and reaches the deepest part of her body, without any hesitation. Shinji’s movement stops as he inserts his cock into her. Looking down at Goddess Arian, who is already in ecstasy, Shinji already feels ejaculation from the comfort of the goddess’ vagina.

 (It’s as good as the fully grown Freri…… really, it feels so good just to be in there….)

 Shinji is not the only one who can’t afford it. Goddess Arian was also lost in her thoughts because of the pleasure she felt from the penetration of the cock, which was affected by the function-granting magic, into her vagina. Her face is so ecstatic with the pleasure that she has no time to read Shinji’s thoughts.

 (It’s much better than before…♡ This is Shinji’s real thing~♡ How comfortable…♡)

 The best cock and vagina. And the first to recover from the immobility caused by the mutual pleasure was the experienced Shinji. After taking a deep breath, he pulled his hips back and pushed his cock into the tight vagina again, refusing to let go. With a single piston movement, Goddess Arian’s hips bounced, her breasts swayed boldly, and her love juices spurted out. Shinji’s hips would never stop, and he thrusts again and again.

 ”Nhaaa~♡ Ah~♡ Ahh~♡ It’s good…♡ It’s really good, Shinji~♡ *Pant* *Pant*”

 ”Arian’s body also feels so good everywhere I touch… your vagina, your breasts…”

 Shinji’s hand reaches out to her breast as if he is being attracted to it. His five fingers enjoy her breasts, which do not fit in his right hand, as he rhythmically shakes his hips, sliding his fingers along her body and making love to her skin.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ahhhh~♡ More~♡ Move more, Shinji~♡ I’ll move, too~♡”

 ”Uh… Arian…? That move…”

 ”Fufu~♡ I’m getting a little used to it~♡ Ah~♡ Here it comes~♡ this one~♡ this one, isn’t it~♡”

 Soon Goddess Arian was getting used to Shinji’s hips and pleasure. She thought about how to make her movements more pleasurable. So, while looking at Shinji’s face, she moved together and practiced together with him. On the other side, Shinji’s smooth use of his hips and the tightness of his vagina made Goddess Arian feel his composure. Though Shinji was in the dominant position, the normal position, at some point Goddess Arian began to take over the pace.

 ”Kuh… I’m going to fuck you harder…!”

 Shinji grabbed both of Goddess Arian’s wrists. Then, he pulls her hands back and her arms pull her breasts up, making them stand out more visually and she wiggles her hips.

 ”Ahhh~♡ Ah~♡ This is so great…♡ So deep~♡ It’s so deep~♡ Ah~♡ Ahhh~♡ No way~♡ I can’t move…♡ Ahhhh~♡”

 Goddess Arian’s hips are pounding relentlessly against the back of her vagina, leaving her with little room to spare. It was an act that Shinji had to drive into a corner, but he was able to regain the initiative completely.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 He lowers his center of gravity and picks up the pace to shoot his sperm into Goddess Arian’s vagina, who is enjoying the pleasure of being pounded. Her legs and hips kept bouncing as she had already climaxed several times.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ Ah~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Ahii♡ Such this move~♡ I’m cumming, cummmmming~♡ Ahhhhhhhhh~♡ Ahh~♡”

 ”I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum too…!”

 ”I give you permission~♡ I give you permission~♡ Shinji~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Quickly~♡ Cum inside me~♡”

 Spurttttttt! Spurttt! Spurt!

 Goddess Arian climaxes with a wordless cry of charm as she is ejaculated with her glans and womb against the vagina. The waves of pleasure, more than when she was possessed by Yoriko, turned Goddess Arian’s thoughts into a blank white.

 ”Haaaaaa…♡ Ah…♡ At last, it’s happening to me…♡”

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* I ejaculated…inside…Goddess…”

 ”Mmm…♡ Haa…♡ Fufu, you’re the only one who can impregnate a goddess, aren’t you? Shinji…♡”

 Having been engaged in intercourse as just a man and a woman, the afterglow of ejaculation distracts Shinji and he calls her by mistake. However, Goddess Arian felt good after the vaginal ejaculation (Nakadashi) and stroked her belly as if she wanted to provoke him.

 Although there is a contraceptive spell and it is uncertain whether a person can impregnate a goddess, the gesture arouses Shinji so much that he blows away the thought of worrying about such a small matter. And Goddess Arian catches Shinji with a charming face.

 ”I haven’t cum enough…!”

 ”It is okay… I will allow you to spit it out as you desire…♡ Come on, let’s do it again…♡”

 Shinji’s grip on her wrist should have been one-sided, but he finds himself intertwining his fingers with hers in a lover’s embrace. And with a tight grip on his hand, Shinji’s hips swayed with desire. The mixture of semen and love juices in her vaginas is even more extreme, and their hips do not stop from bucking against each other.

 ”Ahhhh…♡ I’m cumming again…♡”

 His testicles keep producing sperm, and his carnal desires are unquenchable.

 Before he knew it, Goddess Arian’s legs wrapped tightly around Shinji’s waist, and their hips were in contact with each other. The man’s instincts are telling him to embrace her, as she looks like an enchanting woman.

 ”Fufu…♡ You’re still strong…♡ That’s good, Shinji~♡”

 After several times of vaginal ejaculation. Goddess Arian and Shinji switch places, after all, Shinji is getting tired from the constant shaking of his hips. So now, Goddess Arian, looking down on Shinji from above in the cowgirl position, licks her lips with her tongue and smiles lewdly at him.

 It is the first time for me to have an experience with the goddess herself.

 She is a goddess, so she has high specs. She is as good as a succubus, and Shinji is surprised at her good shape.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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