Wizard 412

Chapter 412 Day Six, Goddess and the Last Lustful Day, Part Four

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 The bed continues to creak and squeak. Goddess Arian straddles Shinji and uses her smooth hips in a way that even a skilled prostitute would be proud of, and her tightness gives Shinji the ultimate in pleasure.

 On the other hand, Goddess Arian was also enjoying the pleasure of being penetrated repeatedly by Shinji’s cock, which was so strong that it did not wilt.

 ”*Pant* Pant* Mmm *Pant* Fufu~♡ Shinji, can you feel it? My vagina seems to have learned your shape”

 ”Ugh, kuh, yeah, it seems like it. Arian’s vagina, it’s sucking on me…”

 ”Anyone would be like this if they were penetrated by such a strong object~♡ Ah, it’s really, really good…♡”

 Right now, all of Shinji’s thoughts are occupied with the feeling of pleasure and Goddess Arian’s large breasts, which are shaking with the up-and-down motion, and his excitement is felt by Goddess Arian.

 (I can’t stop looking at them… Arian’s breasts are really erotic)

 After having cum so many times already, Shinji’s thoughts were now filled with straightforward lust. Goddess Arian, on the other hand, also allows him to see her not as a goddess, but simply as an attractive woman. No, not only does she allow it, but she even takes pleasure in it, a pleasure that sends shivers down her spine.

 (Shinji~♡ It’s because you try to be a serious apostle that I forgive you~♡ But you must take responsibility for teaching me this kind of pleasure…♡)

 Perhaps as a reaction to her long years of working diligently as a goddess, Goddess Arian was addicted to s*x where she could be just a woman as long as she was shaking her hips.

 And to fulfill Shinji’s deepest desires, she emphasized her breasts by pulling them together with her arms and shook her hips boldly. Shinji’s eyes immediately become more and more attracted to the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down in front of his eyes, and his cock swells up even more.

 Having his desire fueled like that, there is no way Shinji can hold back his ejaculation for much longer. So, he grabs her plump thighs and pushes up as hard as he can, shooting his load into her womb again.

 ”Kuhh… *Pant* *Pant* I’m getting squeezed…”

 ”〜〜〜〜~♡ Nfuu…♡ Ahhh…♡ *Pant* this sensation…♡ I’m going to be addicted to it…♡”

 Goddess Arian climaxes with an enraptured look on her face. Her vagina writhes, sucking up every ounce of sperm. Although it’s much easier that she doesn’t suck the magic out of him, her greedy sucking is as good as Freri’s. But with this, Shinji was confident that his cock would not wilt during the penetration.

 After a few moments, the sweating, red-cheeked Goddess Arian, brushing her hair with her hand, tried to move again… but stopped in mid-stride.

 ”Shall we eat first, Shinji? People can’t move when their stomachs are empty~♡”

 ”Thank you…”

 Shinji can only thank her for her smile, knowing that she can read his thoughts about his hunger.

 After that, the same situation happened… after reading Shinji’s mind, Goddess Arian’s “pampering” continues.

 ”Shinji, you can keep eating~♡”

 ”I-I can’t calm down and eat if… oh…”

 ”Fufu~♡ But you’re happy, aren’t you? Making it so big…♡ Hamu~♡ *Slurp* *Smooch* *Chew*”

 As Shinji sits on a chair to eat, Goddess Arian’s blowjob assaults him, burying her face in his crotch. Even though it would normally be considered an immoral and reprehensible act to have s*xual intercourse during the meal, Goddess Arian allowed it.

 ”You can do whatever you like, okay? Fufu, Mmm~♡ For example, thrust your cock…♡ From behind~♡ ah…”

 ”Arian’s breasts are so erotic…I feel like I could ejaculate as much as I want just by touching them”

 And now, in the standing back position, Shinji holds Goddess Arian from behind, and tastes her bouncing breasts with both hands, tasting them to his heart’s content. His glans and her womb swell up with arousal as they press against each other, and their hips and asses rotate and rub against each other in a close, slow s*x. Their lips and tongues also suck each other, and Shinji pours his cum again and again in a gentle pleasure.

 ”Ah~♡ *Pant* Ah~♡ Ah~♡ this~♡ is~♡ so intense~♡ so intensee~♡ and it’s so good~♡ Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ I’m cumming…♡”

 ”~~~? Ejaculate? Ggh!”

 After resting their bodies, the next step is to start having hard s*x, with their hips hitting each other hard. In normal position, cowgirl position, and doggy position, Shinji pour his sperm into her womb as he desires, without being particular about the position. Goddess Arian also allows the man’s desire to possess her, and accepts his pleasure with a charming smile on her face.

 (Ahhh~… if I get used to this feeling, I’ll be ruined…)

 Thanks to Goddess Arian, who reads his thoughts and acts ahead of him, she does not force him to think deeply, and time just passes in a state of ‘easiness‘. Even now, Shinji’s cock is sandwiched between the cleavage of Goddess Arian’s breasts, as she has read the slightest thought in his mind about having a breastjob. And seeking for more pleasure, Shinji himself thrusts his hips up and tastes the breastjob on his knees, to which Goddess Arian gives him a charming smile with a mixture of affection and lust.

 ”If you know that, Shinji, you’ll be fine, Shinji”


 ”It’s hard for me to let go of this happiness, too. However, it is not more important than the work of the goddess. Shinji and I are able to have this time because we are both fulfilling our duties”

 Shinji only nodded his head silently as she spoke to him while she made a sultry sound and rubbed his cock with her breast.

 ”Let’s have fun without losing our minds, shall we?”

 With this, Shinji shoots his sperm into Goddess Arian’s mouth, who licks the glans with her tongue, instead of replying.

* * *

 In the end, Shinji and Goddess Arian continued to have intercourse throughout the day. Of course, Shinji cannot study magic. But he was able to feel a sense of fulfillment that more than compensated for it.

 ”It was very good, Shinji…♡”

 ”Me too. I’ve done all I can do…I can’t ejaculate anymore”

 ”I understand. I can see that you are deeply fulfilled… Fufu, I feel the same way”

 They lie naked on the bed, and Goddess Arian pokes Shinji’s cheek with her fingertip while she gazes at him with a satisfied, disheveled smile.

 For the past six days, especially today, the last day of the festival, he has been indebted to Goddess Arian. Thanks to her, he has been able to fulfill his promise to the women and is now able to continue his research on the magic of time in his original world, for which he is very grateful.

 Moreover, he was now feeling somewhat refreshed, as if he was releasing the stress of being entangled with the goddess.

 ”Go back to bed and clean up afterwards…”

 ”Yes. But as I told you on the first day. The rest will settle down in its proper place. I’ll be busy for a while, too. Stay strong with my daughter, Shinji…”

 ”Of course. That’s what I do”

 Shinji looks at Goddess Arian next to him with a smile, and looks at her beautiful naked body as if it is the last time he sees her. Her body had been spotless, but now there were some red marks on it. They are the marks that Shinji sucked on and put on her…

 ”Fufu, there’s still a little time left, Shinji~♡”

 Her words, which were so clear to his horny mind, made Shinji reach out his hand to enjoy her body one more time.

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