Wizard 413

Chapter 413 Conclusion of the Disturbance

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 After a very intense sixth day, Shinji returns to his room at the Adventurers’ Guild Hateyama branch and goes to sleep. The next morning goes by without incident, and Shinji joins Alvin and the others for breakfast with the other adventurers and staff of the Hateyama branch.

 There is a sense of tension in the air because the situation in the area is still unknown and the adventurers may have to take their turn.

 Then, Mizer, the leader of the Hateyama branch, appears. All eyes in the room were on Mizer.

 ”Good morning. Let me begin my talk right away”

 Mizer begins to speak in a quiet tone, but there is no sense of heaviness in his atmosphere. His voice echoes in the quiet room.

 ”When I reported the defeat of the dragon, I also reported the defeat of the succubus that was the cause of this trouble. Actually, the number of monsters attacking us seems to have decreased considerably after the report, and the Knights seem to have been able to protect many of the people. Thus, it was decided that the Knights would clean up the monsters around the Hateyama branch and report the results to the kingdom”

 Mizer’s words caused a stir among the adventurers.

 ”This concludes this urgent request. I thank all the adventurers present here!”


 The declaration of the end of the state of emergency rouses the adventurers. Alvin and Shinji also rejoice, clapping each other on the shoulder, and Milis and Renka join hands in joy.

 Having experienced firsthand the massive onslaught of the monsters, they knew that if they were defeated, they would be in trouble. That is why they are happy to receive the declaration of the end of the state of emergency from the branch leader and to have successfully defended the area.

 ”I have arranged for the rewards to be given by the adventurers’ guilds where the parties are based. Please pick it up upon your return. Then everyone is hereby dismissed!”

 As Mizer leaves, the adventurers exchange farewells and start to head for the transfer magic circle hut. And Alvin, the party leader, is forced to deal with the situation.

* * *

 All the parties except Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves> return to their base city, and the Hateyama branch becomes very quiet. In the meantime, Alvin and the others were discussing what to do.

 ”What are we going to do?”

 ”Well, we haven’t found the <Breath Plant> yet, have we? Isn’t that what we’re here for?”

 ”Yes, but… look, I don’t think we know what kind of situation Hateyama is in after all this happened. I don’t think it’s safe to go back up there right now”

 ”That’s… true”

 Renka affirms Alvin’s concern. Shinji agrees and nods his head as does Renka.

 ”In this disturbance, we fought as the sword of the goddess. It was against a dragon. I don’t think my parents could have done the same. So now I don’t think I have to risk it all to climb Hateyama”

 ”I hope Alvin is satisfied. What about Renka and Milis?”

 ”Yeah. Al’s feelings come first”

 ”Okay? If Al-kun says so!”

 ”Thanks, everybody. Thanks for being with me”

 Alvin smiles happily at Shinji and the others’ words. His smile was genuine, and it gave Shinji and the others a sense of accomplishment that he had surpassed his parents.

 (I am glad that Alvin was satisfied. As for the relationship between the dragon and his parents, it’s not my place to say…)

 The information was obtained by eavesdropping in the first place. Shinji, however, knows that Alvin has been trying for a long time to surpass his parents.

 ”So, are we going back today?”

 ”Yeah. Let’s pack up and go back. I think we’re supposed to get our rewards from Medio’s guild… and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be called back to the castle again”

 Alvin’s prediction was right on the money. The report from Mizer has been delivered to the kingdom, and it is reported that <Running Wolves> led by the honorary knight Alvin has solved this disturbance. It is only natural that Alvin should be called out for his great work in a matter that shook the country.

 ”I’m sure of it. Honorary knight”

 ”As expected, I have to wear stiff clothes again…”

 ”Al-kun, let’s work hard, okay? If there is a party, I’ll be with you”

 Alvin, who had only been a nobleman for a short time, was not comfortable with the formal attire of nobility. Nevertheless, it is one of the duties of an honorary knight. It is easy to imagine that a victory party would be held if the knights were also in battle. As Alvin’s partner, Milis’ presence was also confirmed.

 ”Then, let’s pack our things. We haven’t been here that long but it’s been a very intense time”

 ”Yeah. Alvin, let’s pack up our stuff and go say hello to the branch manager and Iren-san”

 ”Oh, yeah, they have done a lot for us!”

 Alvin agrees to Shinji’s proposal.

 Thus, <Running Wolves> also decided to leave Hateyama. After packing up their belongings and saying goodbye to Mizer, the branch leader, they finally go to Iren in the archive room.

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