Wizard 414

Chapter 414 Alvin Learns about His Parents

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 Alvin and the others entered the archive room to pay a visit, but the room had changed considerably. The archive room, which was neat and orderly before the disturbance, was now filled with various tools and stacks of papers on the desks. In such a situation, Iren, who was wearing the uniform of the Adventurers’ Guild staff, was silently writing letters on a piece of paper.

 ”Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you at your busy time…!”

 ”…? Everyone of <Running Wolves>. Good morning. I apologize for the mess in the room”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry to bother you at this difficult time, but… are you compiling a document?”

 ”Yes. I’m just compiling information about what happened during the incident. We need to use this information for future reference. I’m going to be working on this for a while”

 This reminds Alvin that he too was interviewed by Iren. Considering the effort required to examine and summarize what each person said, he was impressed that it was beyond his ability to do so. So, not wanting to take up too much of her busy schedule, Alvin decides to offer a brief greeting.

 ”We’ve decided to go back to the base too. We’ve been indebted to Iren-san, so we’ve come to pay our respects”

 ”…But you haven’t gotten the <Breath Plant> yet, right?”

 ”Yes. But the situation in Hateyama is unstable because of this trouble. It’s not like we need the <Breath Plant> desperately”

 From Iren’s point of view, he could not feel Alvin’s lingering attachment to Hateyama. In this atmosphere of having accomplished what needed to be done, Iren guessed that Alvin had achieved his goal.

 (We may never see each other again. Before that, I want to thank you!)

 As a mere employee of the Adventurers’ Guild, Iren cannot easily meet Alvin, an honorary knight and a nobleman. Thinking of this, Iren’s mouth naturally moved.

 ”Well then, see you later…”

 ”Excuse me? Before you go, may I have a moment of your time to talk to you about your parents, Wolf-sama…?”


 Alvin stops as he is about to leave. Milis also stops moving because of the unexpected content of the conversation. Shinji and Renka also stop moving, but they are not surprised because they know what is going on through eavesdropping.

 (It is now or never to tell him. Alvin knows that he has surpassed his parents, and now that he has decided to go home, there is no problem in listening to Iren’s story)

 Rather, Shinji proposed that they go to the archive room to greet Iren so that she would tell him about Alvin’s parents. The fact that she started talking spontaneously, without prompting, saved a lot of time and effort.

 ”What do you mean…?”

 ”I am the one… who was saved by the <Breath Plant> that Wolf-sama’s parents picked!”

 Iren tells Alvin, who is confused, the truth.

 The confession is like a confession to the Goddess, a painful confession of her heart.

 As Shinji and Renka know, Iren tells the story of how Alvin’s parents saved her, how they went to Hateyama to help her, and how the dragon killed them in the end.

 Although there is no proof of this story, Alvin intuitively understands from the way Iren tells the story that it is not a lie but the truth. Milis holds Alvin’s hand, who cannot hide his agitation at the information about his parents that he suddenly learned from an unexpected source. The look of concern on Milis’ face, on the face of his loved one, makes Alvin somehow regain his composure.

 Then, Alvin quietly listens to Irene’s story. She finishes telling him about how much she admired her parents, how she had failed as an adventurer due to her residual disease, and how she had become an employee of the Adventurers’ Guild to at least help adventurers.

 ”…I could not become an adventurer who helps others like your parents did, even though they helped me. But I am glad to have become a guild member because I could say thank you to you directly. Thank you very much”

 Iren bowed his head deeply, and Alvin could feel her deep gratitude. Alvin was happy to know a part of his parents as adventurers.

 (My parents were good adventurers…! )

 Having lost his parents at an early age, he felt lonely. But now that he hears the words of those who were saved by their parents, Alvin is glad that he trained hard and became an adventurer like his parents, even though he was lonely.

 ”I should be the one thanking you! I didn’t know my parents that well. So… it’s good to hear your story”


 Alvin’s nostalgic smile shows no anger that he lost his parents because of Iren. On the contrary, he thanks her, which makes Iren feel guilty. Alvin then continues to speak to her.

 ”Besides, I don’t think becoming an adventurer is everything. You have helped many adventurers as a staff member, haven’t you? What’s important is that you want to help others. I think it is the same for my parents, and me, Iren-san”

 Alvin’s earnest words resonated well with the sense of helplessness that Iren was carrying inside her heart. It was probably because Alvin was the son of a respected adventurer.

 ”So, let’s keep up each other’s good work, okay? I will help many people as an adventurer and an honorary knight”

 The words did not come out of his mouth, like his parents’, but everyone present understood without words. Shinji squinted at Alvin’s renewed determination as if he were seeing something dazzling, and Renka looked at him as if she were seeing a younger brother who had become more reliable. Then Milis took Alvin’s hand tightly in hers.

 ”…Yes. Me too. I will do what I can. Thank you, Wolf-sama. Be well”

 ”Oh, yes, see you some other time!”

 Alvin grabs Iren’s hand. Then, they shake hands firmly in farewell and let go of each other’s hands. Iren seems to have made a decision, but no one questions her about it.

 Thus, Alvin and the <Running Wolves> return from the Hateyama branch to the Medio city and to the Wolf residence.

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