Wizard 415

Chapter 415 Iren’s New Dream

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 After Alvin and the others left, Iren continued to work quietly in the archive room. This event was an unprecedented one, and as the person in charge of the archive, she was determined to keep a record of it.

 (I need to make sure that the contents are understandable to anyone at any time)

 Iren was examining the information one by one with such a thought, hoping that it would help someone someday. She has always worked diligently, but now is the most fulfilling time for her. That is how much the conversation with Alvin had affected her.

 (The important thing is to want to help others… I feel it is a good word because Wolf-sama said it to me)

 Because he is the son of her benefactor, his words were able to reach the heart of Iren, who felt a sense of debt. Even if someone else, even if her lover Mizer had said these words, they would not have healed the wound that lies deep in Iren’s heart.

 With a positive mindset, Iren lost track of time and threw herself into her work. Except for eating and using the bathroom, she stayed in the archive room all the time. It was after dark when Mizer, who had finished his work during the day, came to visit her.

 ”Iren. Your office hours are already over”

 ”Mizer-san… is it already that late?”

 ”You seem to have been concentrating a lot. The information from the Knight’s Order has not arrived yet, and it is still a time-consuming task. Please take it easy”

 ”Yes. I understand”

 Mizer reminded her of her mistake, and Iren put down her pen. Feeling fatigue in her eyes from concentrating for so long, she sits up, clutching her eyes. She then begins to prepare drinks for herself and Mizer as usual.

 ”Finally, we have a break. At first, I wasn’t sure how things would turn out, but… I think it’s settled in a good way”

 ”Yeah… But it was because Miko-sama came to the rescue. Without her… we would have been in danger”

 From Iren’s point of view, Mizer’s complexion is not good. This was not surprising since he was in charge of the Hateyama branch. I can say that this was the most tense time in Mizer’s life.

 The mentally fatigued Mizer looked old and worn out, and Iren placed a mug of freshly brewed coffee in front of him and sat down.

 ”The cause is the cause. I think that Mizer-san’s response was as usual. Even the rescue of Miko-sama was in time because Mizer-san was able to hold on”

 ”…Thank you, Iren. Speaking of Miko-sama…are you alright? I couldn’t believe you could use magic temporarily until I saw it. For now…”

 Mizer is also on the battlefield, fighting a horde of monster. Therefore, he witnessed Iren’s use of magic. He has never heard of a way to cure the aftereffects of the breathless disease, even temporarily, and being told that the information is confidential, he cannot pry into it, but he is genuinely worried that Iren’s body may have been overloaded.

 ”There is nothing wrong with me. But, as Miko-sama said… the cure seems to be temporary. I have the feeling that I only have less magic available to me than yesterday”

 After one night, the magic pores in Iren’s body were about to return to normal. The amount of magic power that can be released outside of the body has obviously decreased, and she realizes that she will not be completely cured without continuous treatment, just as Miko-sama had said.

 (Continuous, treatment…)

 Suddenly she’s reminded of Shinji’s treatment. The sensation of being stroked all over her body, the sensation of having her magic hole pried open, and the presence of a strong cock filling her vagina. Iren, who would have blushed at the memory if not for the aftereffect of the lack of change in her facial expression, hurriedly shakes off her evil thoughts and puts on a mysterious face.

 ”Well…that’s a pity. If you had been cured, you might have been able to pursue your dream once more”

 Fortunately, Mizer was unaware of her struggle. He would think that her mysterious face was also a sign of regret that she was not cured.

 ”…Don’t worry about that. I don’t think that being a good adventurer is the only way to repay the help I received. I want to do what I can do”

 Unlike in the past, Iren’s reaction was not one of regret for not becoming an adventurer. Mizer, who was surprised by the unexpected reaction, smiled at her positive words.

 (Has this incident changed her mind about something? Or is it because he met Alvin-kun? Whatever the case may be, I am glad that she was able to overcome her feelings)

 Iren is no longer stuck in the past. And after no longer needing to be an adventurer, she has moved on and has a new goal in her heart.

 She has a new goal: to find a cure for the aftereffects of her breathless disease.

 And after the turmoil, Miko Arian visits Iren before she meets Shinji. She asked Iren to join her in the temple after she reminded her not to tell anyone about the magic pore and the cure. At that time, Iren refused the offer, but was told to visit Miko Arian in Medio whenever she changed her mind.

 (But now, I will study the magic pore under Miko-sama. I will find a way to help everyone that does not rely on intercourse)

 To help someone else suffering from the aftereffects as she did, to find a safe way that is possible without knowing the existence of the magic pore, and the conversation with Alvin pushed her to make a decision to change her path.

 To do so, she had to finish her work of organizing her documents first, and she worked silently.

 ”I see. Then I will do what I can do. In the meantime, I’ll clean up the mess until we can get back to our normal work…”

 ”Fufu, yes. I wish you the best of luck, Mizer-san”

 Iren gives a faint smile and Mizer nods his head in encouragement.

 In the not-too-distant future, Iren will leave the Adventurers’ Guild and head for the temple, but there is no way for Mizer to know that now, and they spend a peaceful moment together.

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