Wizard 416

Chapter 416 At the Wolf Residence after the Return from Hateyama

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 Alvin and the <Running Wolves> has arrived back to Medio from Hateyama and returned to the Wolf residence after receiving a reward from the Adventurers’ Guild for an urgent request. After telling Akane and the servants that they have returned, Alvin returns to his daily life as the head of the Wolf family.

 However, with no territory and only servants, Alvin’s only task is to deal with the letters that have come in during his absence. Thus, Alvin and his family decided to take a good rest and focus on relieving the fatigue that had built up in their bodies.

 ”Well, I think Alvin will be busy a little later. If the information about this case gets out among the nobles, invitations for the party will come in great numbers”

 ”I’ll have to talk to Chris again…”

 Shinji’s words were right on target.

 A few days later, information about the massive monster flooding that had occurred in the Hateyama area began to circulate. The information was accurate, including the fact that Alvin, an honorary knight, had defeated the monster and avoided an unprecedented crisis. As a result, the Wolf family began to receive invitations to parties one after another.

 ”There are too many…”

 ”Al-sama is the most popular one right now, so it’s no surprise…. I also received a letter from them asking me to come with Al-sama”

 ”I’m sorry, Chris, I didn’t mean to bother you…”

 ”Don’t worry. I’m proud to be your fiancée. Al-sama has done the job well”

 In such a situation, Alvin asked Christina, his fiancée, for help. So, with the help of Christina, who visits the Wolf family, Alvin and Milis do their best to sort through the letters. Still, they are hoping to have their wedding in their hometown soon, but their faces are very dejected.

 (No wonder. They saved the northern part of the country, no exaggeration. They have proven that they are capable of fighting as the sword of the goddess, and what nobleman wouldn’t want to be associated with them?)

 Alvin’s reputation among the nobility has risen dramatically as a result of this success. And Christina was relieved that she had made the engagement official before Alvin’s departure for Hateyama. If the engagement is formalized, even if a higher-ranking nobleman wants to take Alvin as a son-in-law, they cannot break the engagement forcibly. Even if they are royalty.

 ”The first one is the party in the capital, isn’t it, Chris-san?”

 ”Yes. The royal family is having a consolation party in three weeks. So, we should decline the other invitation because this party made us busy with preparations for it. They will know that Al-sama will be honored, so no one will complain about the reason”

 ”Then this, this, this, and this…”

 ”Al-kun. I will write a letter in turn”

 ”Thank you, Mil!”

 ”Madam, paper and pen”

 Milis began to write a reply to the refusal, and Enrica, the daughter of a noble and a maid at her side, added to the wording.

 ”Al-sama. When do you plan to hold the wedding ceremony in your hometown?”

 ”I was thinking soon. Is that a problem?”

 ”Yes. Under the current circumstances, I think that many people will come forward to participate in Al-sama’s wedding”

 ”S-Seriously…? I don’t want to get too flashy…”

 Weddings in the countryside are usually small and intimate, usually between family members and neighbors who have known each other for a long time. But Christina’s point of view was a blind spot for Alvin, who had been envisioning a friendly country wedding ceremony rather than a formal and stuffy one.

 ”So, let’s have the wedding party on a different day. You’ll have to be patient on that day…”

 ”It can’t be helped. Now that I’m an honorary knight, I have to do what’s necessary”

 ”We need to decide on the schedule and other things. It should be in some form by the day of the party…”

 With this, Alvin, Milis, and Christina are busy preparing for their future together.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Shinji, who has disclosed his secret of being an apostle of the goddess to Alvin and his friends, is leading a free and easy life as before. Since Christina and the servants take care of the Wolf family’s business, Shinji, Renka, and Emily, who are only house guests, have no work to do.

 The activities of <Running Wolves> have also taken a break, and Shinji and his friends are living a very peaceful life.

 Shinji worked out with Renka and Emily that day to keep his body fit, and returned to his room after sunset.

 (I can take it easy for the time being. Just as well. I’ll be able to study th time magic…)

 The fellowship with Goddess Arian was a great time, but it has not helped him to make any progress in his research of magic. And now, using the knowledge of other worlds that Hayate had given him as a reference, Shinji worked alone at his desk. While he was thinking silently in the dimly lit room, he suddenly received a thought from Milis.

 [Excuse me, Shinji-san. Are you free right now?]

 [I have a time. Milis is working hard today too. I’m sure it’s not easy being an aristocrat]

 [Yes… it’s all new to me. But Chris-san is teaching me a lot of things, which helps me a lot. I’m wondering if we could meet to talk about this? I’d like to discuss Al-kun’s request]

 [Is Alvin already in bed? But if you leave the room, he might find out]

 Shinji is already planning to have a talk with Milis, despite his saying so. But if this is Alvin’s request, he knows that Alvin wants a more extreme situation than before.

 [Don’t worry. I made sure Al-kun didn’t wake up…]

 Milis’s words do not feel false. Shinji guesses that she has used Freri’s sleeping powder, and leaves the room.

 [Okay. I’ll be on my way there now]

 [Yes. …. I’ll be waiting for you, Shinji]

 Late at night, Shinji sneaks out to Alvin’s bedroom.

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