Wizard 417

Chapter 417 Corrupted Milis

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 On the second floor of the Wolf house, at the far end of the house, there is the couple’s bedroom. In there, Shinji steps into the room. The room is simple, but apart from some peculiar ornaments, which are Alvin’s taste and have a strange presence, it is a normal room.

 Alvin is sound asleep in his bed in the bedroom and does not notice Shinji’s intrusion. He would have noticed if Milis had not put him into a deep sleep…

 Upon Shinji arrival, Milis is dressed only in a thin negligee with a jacket over it, and she saw his gaze fell naturally on her body… especially her ample breasts.

 His eyes are lecherous, which she never feels during the daytime. But she didn’t feel aversion to the way Shinji looked at her, which normally should have bothered her.

 ”Alvin seems to be sleeping well. Let me ask you about Alvin’s request”

 ”Well, Al-kun wants to see it clearly from the beginning. Because before, he only watched the last part…”

 ”Oh. Originally, it was only supposed to be a shadow. And that’s not what we were promised… but, okay. It seems that Alvin is looking for more stimulation”

 Shinji chuckles as he recalls the previous event. He thinks back to the image of Alvin, who had been excited by the way Milis was embraced by him, and realizes that he really wants the same thing.

 (I didn’t expect Alvin to fall this far, even though it was Freri’s idea)

 Alvin’s previous request has completely woken his propensity. And having no reason to refuse, Shinji nodded his head immediately.

 ”Okay. I don’t have any reason to say no”

 ”Then, tomorrow… will it be okay with you, Shinji-san?”

 ”It’s okay. Because, after this, I don’t think I’ll be able to have s*x with Milis for a while”

 Shinji’s expression was one of disappointment. It is the same expression as when they slept together at the Hateyama branch, but this time Milis’s thoughts have been absorbed by the pleasure. Since this is the second time they are talking about this, Milis continues her words without getting flustered.

 ”Then, since Shinji-san is using contraceptive magic… shouldn’t our relationship be the same as before?”

 The words coming out of Milis’s mouth were not a termination of the relationship, but a desire to continue it. Since returning to the Wolf residence, Milis has been having s*xual intercourse with Alvin. However, she is not fully satisfied with s*x with Alvin.

 She thinks that she has to have s*x with Shinji. This is happened because Milis is dragged down by her corrupted body. And by this point, Milis no longer has a choice but to continue this relationship. Even though she does not love him, her heart is still caught up in the happiness that Shinji is giving her.

 ”Milis has become so erotic that she still wants to have an affair after the wedding. I’m glad, Milis”

 ”Shinji-san, you are the one who made me like this… you taught me… a lot… of this…♡ ahhh…♡”

 Shinji hinted to Milis that the relationship was over so that she would no longer have any excuses. But Milis did choose to continue the relationship of her own volition. So, Shinji begins to play with her body as if he owns it, and Milis does not resist.

 ”Yes, you’re right. I’ve made you just the way I like it. I think your breasts got a little bigger too… right?”

 ”Nnah~♡ Ahn~♡ Shinji-san, you rub them a lot…♡ Every woman will get bigger their breast rubbed…♡”

 Her breast was nurtured by Shinji, not by Alvin. And it’s been a long time since that happened. Then, after Shinji playing with her body, Milis removes her top and flutters her breasts against her negligee. Shinji looks back at Milis with moist eyes, and her tingling body slowly melts her reason.

 (Sorry, Al-kun…♡ I love Al-kun. But I can’t stop it…♡ Besides, it’s okay, right…? This is what Al-kun wants too…♡)

 Milis still loves Alvin. However, the happiness that Shinji gives her exceeds her love for Alvin. Even though there was an excuse that it was because he (Alvin) wanted it, it can be said that Milis chose lust over love. The blur that Milis felt when finding out that Shinji was an apostle also made her subconsciously aware that her carnal desires exceeded her love.

 (She is fully corrupted… Even though she kept her feelings for Alvin, Milis will never refuse my request again)

 Shinji smiles knowing that Milis is now a captive of pleasure, and that her body and soul have been corrupted. In order to confirm his guess, Shinji whispered in Milis’s ear with a sneer.

 ”Milis, I’m going to do it again today, so keep your butt facing me like this”

 Despite the fact that Alvin is sleeping on the bed right next to them, Shinji is still seeking Milis’s body. Milis too should refuse to engage in s*xual intercourse with Shinji, no matter what. At least, she should consider moving to a different place. But…


 Milis turned her back to Shinji with a lustful, debauched smile, as if she couldn’t wait to see him. Milis puts her hands on the bed and sticks her buttocks out, even though Alvin is sleeping in front of her eyes.

 Behind the white negligee. Shinji reaches for her buttocks, where her pale blue panties are fully exposed.

 Milis-chan’s turn.

 Her body has already corrupted, and her mind has finally corrupted too. And instead of depriving her love, she herself has chosen pleasure over love.

 Milis-chan, who used to be a pure priestess, has been completely corrupted.

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