Wizard 418

Chapter 418 Milis, beside Alvin’s sleeping body

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 Shinji looks at Milis’s pale blue panties, which are already slightly stained. And with a light squeeze of her breast, her private parts easily become wet. That is how much her body has been corrupted.

 ”Shinji-san… *Pant* Ah~♡ Nhaa~♡ Suddenly, licking it…♡ Ah~♡ *Pant*”

 Milis was a bit nervous when she saw Shinji sitting behind her, but she made a sweet sound when he started to lick her secret parts with his tongue. Even though she wants to escape, Milis can’t do it because Shinji holds her thighs.

 ”What happened now…♡ Ah~♡ Different from usual…♡ Mmm~♡ Ah…♡ Don’t dig it up~♡”

 Shinji’s tongue not only licks around the secret parts, but also scoops up the overflowing love juices from the shallow penetration. The usual custom is that Milis’s service starts with cheating s*x, but for some reason, it is different today.

 (His face is buried in my ass…♡)

 Shinji’s breath made Milis itch. And she felt a sense of shame at being watched up close to her asshole, but she had no intention of rejecting his cunnilingus. With her ass sticking out, Milis continues to support herself with her arms trembling with pleasure. Shinji also doesn’t forget to cast a <Purification> spell on her asshole, and moves the tip of his tongue from her secret parts to her asshole.

 ”Hiiii!? Shinji-san~♡ That’s my ass~♡ Ah~♡ My ass~♡ Mmm~♡ Ah~♡ You are doing it with my pussy too~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Hah~♡”

 Milis, whose ass has been touched by fingers but never licked before, turns her eyes black and white. The sensation was different from that of fingers, but it was not bad at all, and Milis learned another kind of pleasure. Milis is almost climaxed by the finger on her clitoris, her wet secret parts, as well as her asshole. Even though she tried to resist, there was no way she could stand Shinji’s continued oral and finger caresses without saying a word.

 ”Ah~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cummming~♡ I’m cumming too early~♡ Ah, ah♡ ~~…♡”

 Milis climaxed easily and shook her hips. She almost collapsed, but she was supported by her thighs and did not fall down. However, her arms had lost their strength, and she was lying on the bed with her upper body on the bed, with only her ass lifted up, as if she was waiting for insertion.

 ”Isn’t the ass service good, too? There’s still so much more to be done, but it seems you’re unable to move”

 ”…♡ No, that’s not true…♡ Shinji-san, come here…♡”

 Shinji finally took his face off Milis’ ass and stood up, removing his pants and underwear. His cock was painfully erect, ready to thrust at any moment. Simultaneously, Milis feels the male’s boiling s*xuality and opens the entrance of her secret opening with her finger, inviting Shinji to enter her. Shinji then aims his glans at her fluttering pussy, and the tip of his dick comes close to her.

 ”Nice work…!”

 ”Fuahhh…♡ Please insert it…♡ *Thrust* Ah~♡ It’s good…♡”

 Milis’s lewd and inviting gestures were something Shinji had learned earlier. And after seeing it, Shinji is so pleased with Milis’ obedience that he inserts it deep inside her in a single thrust. Milis, who was penetrated at once, reached a light penetration. She arches her back, shaking her shoulders, and Shinji covers her, trapping Milis’ body beneath him. The strong male held her down, and Milis’s submissive mind was tickled, causing her chest to rise and fall.

 ”You came again, huh? Milis’s body has become really naughty to come so easily”

 ”D-don’t say that…♡ Ah~♡ Even though I just came…♡ Don’t grind it…♡”

 ”But you don’t hate it, do you? Tell me the truth”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ I like it when you grind it~♡ I feel good when you thrust it deep~♡ Ah~♡ yes, that place, ahhh~♡”

 Milis’s rationality is melted, not by the s*x between the two, but by the sultry language that reveals Milis’s true feelings, and by the sticky use of her hips, which presses the glans against the back of her vagina to teach her the thickness and hardness of Shinji’s cock.

 (Ah~♡ This is~♡ This is amazing~♡ I can’t think anything…♡ sorry~♡ Al-kun~♡ sorry~♡)

 Milis once again realized that her body had been corrupted by Shinji in such a way that she could not resist. On the same bed with Alvin in front of her, she apologizes in her mind as she shakes her hips in a lascivious manner.

 On the other side, to taste Milis, who feels guilty, Shinji’s slow piston movement also brings her to the climax. Unlike Goddess Arian and Freri, Milis’ vagina is one of Shinji’s favorite places to enjoy s*x.

 ”Milis’s body is very responsive and I like it. I’m glad we could continue our relationship. Milis likes my cheating cock too, right?”

 ”I like it~♡ I really like it~♡ Shinji-san’s cock~♡ it feels good, I like it~♡ ahhh~♡”

 ”I like Milis’ body, too. Especially this one”

 While praising her body, which he has turned into a convenient s*x partner, Shinji puts his hands in front of Milis’ body and grabs her breasts, which sway with the piston movement.

 Shinji again thinks that the best part of Milis’ body is her breasts. Their size, firmness, and softness are all first-rate, and just touching them keeps his cock erect forever. And facing the rising sensation of ejaculation, Shinji shook his hips to ejaculate inside of her vagina without any resistance.

 ”First, I’m going to ejaculate once, okay?”

 ”Mmm~♡ Yes~♡ Please cum inside me~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah…♡ Cum inside me deeply…♡”

 Shinji’s hips swung gently, but when he ejaculated, he thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina to fill her uterus.

 Milis’s climax was also gentle, and she was enjoying the sensation of semen pouring into her womb with a fascinated face.

 While the two were basking in the afterglow, Shinji’s hand was on the bed, after taking it away from her breast, and Milis’s hand was on top of his hand. Shinji silently accepts Milis’ hand, which intertwines with his fingers as if clinging to his hand.

 With Milis-chan.

 Milis-chan is made to do Shinji’s bidding. Her bottom is also serviced.

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