Wizard 420

Chapter 420 Second Cuckold Play with Milis

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The day after Milis had her way with Shinji.

When she was alone with Alvin, she told him that she was prepared to give him a reward. Milis, with her cheeks slightly reddening, continues to speak as if she is waiting for Alvin’s reaction.

“Well, Al-kun, I also have a favor to ask you…. I don’t mind if you watch from the beginning, but it’s embarrassing to have Al-kun right next to me…. B-but I think it’s okay if you wait a little while, like you did the last time”

“Ah, yeah. I see. Of course you’re right”

“Yeah… I think Shinji-san also finds it hard to do. So, please watch me secretly at first…♡”

Alvin’s heart is stirred by Milis’ shyness, as if she is not afraid to do the deed. But Milis’s lasciviousness makes Alvin’s heart flutter. He is torn between his desire to see Milis’s lasciviousness and his fear that she might actually be stolen, but he can’t stop her from doing so. After all, Alvin is obsessed with the sweet exuberance he once knew.

“Okay. Then, let’s watch it from my room at first”

The couple’s bedroom has a door leading to Alvin’s room, so that they can come and go without going out into the hallway.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, Al-kun”

“No need to apologize? I’m the one who’s being spoiled…. I mean, it’s not a new question, but I think Mil is…”

“You can count on me, but I only love Al-kun, so don’t worry about me, okay?”

Milis smiles at Alvin and her attitude is the same as before. But it’s not possible for Milis to change her attitude now that she is finally aware of it, since Shinji has already taken over her body and taken her under his spell. However, Alvin, who did not notice it, breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked you that. I know I should stop you rather than ask you this. I just…”

“It’s okay. Because we’re in this together…”

“Eh? Is that…?”

“I’m glad that Al-kun wants to be spoiled by me. When Al-kun asks for me a lot after Shinji-san, it’s like he’s trying to win me back… and I know you loves me”

Milis’ words are unmistakably sincere. Alvin feels that she is adorable, and that the sharing of a secret that he cannot tell anyone is only possible with the utmost trust and love.

“So, Al-kun is the only one who doesn’t have to feel guilty. I can’t tell anyone about this, but… it’s funny yet I’m glad that Al-kun and I are so much alike”

“…Haha, maybe you’re right. I love you, Mil!”

“What? You scared me~”

Alvin hugs Milis with all his might, who gives him an indescribable, troubled smile. Although surprised by the sudden hug, Milis hugs Alvin back.

“Oh, but Al-kun, you can’t ask Chris-san to do this, okay?”

“Of course, I can’t… I can’t even tell Renka this…”

“Yes. It just secret between me and Al-kun… no, between the three of us, including Shinji-san~♡”

Milis tilted her head in Alvin’s arms, and Alvin nodded back. Alvin feels a bit sorry for excluding Renka from the group, but in fact, he is in the position of being kept in the dark about Shinji and the others’ complicated relationship.

(Mil really has a big heart. I’m going to love Mil no matter what…)

For the umpteenth time, Alvin is determined to take good care of Milis.

* * *

That night.

The servants had gone to bed, and the Wolf resident was silent. But in a room on the second floor of the building. Shinji and Milis were sitting side by side in the bedroom of Alvin and Milis.

Shinji was dressed in a casual shirt and pants, which he wears when he sleeps, while Milis was wearing a transparent negligee, which should be shown only to her husband. The pale blue underwear behind the negligee is the same as the one on the previous day when Shinji held Milis, but Alvin, who sneaks a peek through the door of the next room, does not know it.

“How can I say, you look s*xy. Especially when Milis wears it”

“Thank you very much. Al-kun picked out this negligee for me”

“Heh… Alvin, you have good taste”

Shinji compliments Milis with an attitude as if he sees her for the first time, and Milis looks down as if she is embarrassed. From Alvin’s viewpoint, it is obvious that Shinji’s eyes are focused on Milis’ ample cleavage.

(The atmosphere is different from before…maybe it’s because there is no massage, or the tension is gone after the second time…oh! )

Out of the blue, Shinji’s hand reaches out to Milis’s breast. A light squeeze and a finger sinks into her breast. Seeing Milis’ cheeks turn red and her body wriggle, Alvin cannot read the sense of rejection in her eyes.

“Al-kun…watch me…♡”

Alvin swallows hard at Milis’ words and continues to watch.

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