Wizard 421

Chapter 421 Alvin Opening More Doors

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 Shinji, who was rubbing Mili’s breast from the side with one hand, turned in the same direction to see what she said and where her gaze was directed. He saw Alvin staring at them in the shadow of the slightly opened door, and decided to change his position for a slight change of pace.

 ”Milis, could you please stay seated?”

 ”Uh…yes, okay”

 ”Thank you. Here we go”

 ”What? Shinji-san…?”

 ”Well, I thought it would be easier for Alvin to see you this way”

 Shinji moves behind Milis and sits down. He puts his arms around her from behind and lifts her large breasts as if supporting them from below. Milis’s cheeks blush and her eyes moisten as Shinji’s hands caress her soft and tender skin.

 She is already ready to accept the caress, but the weak and frustrating caress makes her feel inadequate. On the other hand, Alvin’s crotch swells up as he is shown that her breasts are changing their shape by Shinji’s hands.

 ”Hyaa, ah♡ Shinji-sa, nn♡”

 ”It’s a good reaction. I wonder if you are excited to be seen by Alvin”

 ”Hyann~♡ Mmm~♡ Don’t play my nipples, ah, don’t pinch it either~♡”

 Shinji teases Milis’ nipples with the tips of his fingers. His mouth curves happily as he tweaks, pinches, and flicks the hardening nipples, enjoying her reactions. Alvin, who saw her reaction, is fascinated, and his nose is breathing hard. It is hard to imagine his brave and daring appearance in the daytime.

 ”Ah…♡ That part…♡ No…♡”

 ”You’re already wet. Come on, open your legs. If you close your legs, he won’t be able to see, right?”

 ”Ah…♡ I-I understand…♡ Ah…♡ Your finger…♡ Your finger…♡ Ah…♡ Haa…♡ Don’t let it slide…”

 Shinji rubs her breast with his right hand while his left hand crawls to Milis’ secret place. Milis tries to close her legs as soon as possible, but Shinji does not allow her to do so. Unable to resist Shinji’s words, Milis closes her eyes and opens them into an +M+ shape, making a squishing sound as Shinji expertly stirs her vagina with his fingers.

 (Shy Mil is so erotic… I hope she doesn’t really hate it…)

 Milis’ glamorous figure, shyly sucking a finger with her pussy, shows no sense of resistance or disgust. Her back is supported by Shinji’s chest as she is tossed around by the pleasure, and a certain trust is felt in her. Alvin convinces himself that his uneasiness is due to the fact that the first time was uneventful.

 ”Ah~♡ I’m cumming…♡ I’m cumming…♡ by Shinji-san’s finger…♡ Al-kun…♡ I’m cumming…”


 Alvin and Milis’ gazes meet each other through the open door, and Milis’ voice, her eyes moistened with pleasure, heightens Alvin’s arousal. He can’t help but be aroused by his lover’s lasciviousness, which he can’t bring out in himself.

 ”~~♡ Nnah~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahhhh~♡”

 Milis finally climaxes in front of Alvin. And at this moment, Alvin thinks that the sight of Milis’s back arched over, her hips trembling as her arms are entwined with Shinji’s arms is so lewd and beautiful.

 ”You came? I think it will be okay if it’s this wet……. come on, can you move away from me a little while so I can get ready?”

 ”Yes…♡ Yes…♡”

 Milis obediently follows Shinji’s words as he lightly touches Milis, who leans on his shoulder. Milis had not looked away from Alvin until then, but when Shinji pulls down his pants and starts to put a contraceptive on his exposed cock right next to her, Milis’ eyes glance toward Shinji.

 (Mil…? Is she expecting it…!?)

 Alvin was worried that he had made an irrevocable request to his lover (Milis), even after all this time. And it made him doubts Milis’s words that she loves him (Alvin), which he heard the day before. He also wonders if Milis has lost her heart after just one s*x as a result of indulging in Milis’s kindness.

 Such anxiety appeared on his face. And when he looked at Milis again, she stood up from the edge of the bed she was sitting on and took a step forward. With reddened cheeks, Milis bends forward with her hands on her knees and a beautiful smile on her face as she sticks her buttocks out to Shinji, who stands behind her, ready to go.

 ”Al-kun, I love you…♡ I’ll do my best~♡ Mmmm~♡”

 Her smile, which shows her love for hims (Alvin), is tinged with pleasure by the insertion of Shinji’s cock. Then, Shinji, who was ready, grips her waist tightly, and his cock slowly thrusts forward, reaching the depths of Milis’ vagina.

 ”Hmmm… are you okay? Milis”

 ”Y-yes…♡ It doesn’t hurt…♡ You can move…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡ Ahh…♡”

 Piston movement begins with Shinji’s gentle use of his hips. And Milis looked very comfortable as she received Shinji’s cock with her eyebrows raised and her face entranced. Her breasts were bouncing with each thrust, and the sound of the water was echoing in the room.

 (Mil…? Why am I… so… excited…? I have to stop it, before it’s too late…!)

 Alvin could not enter the room. He feels pathetic and frustrated because he has been shown the difference of being a man who can please a woman, but he is more excited by the sight of his lover (Milis) being lewd.

 ”Ah…♡ ah…♡ ah…♡ ah…♡ ah…♡ It’s deep~♡ Stop~♡ Hyaa~♡ Stop~♡ Ahh~♡”

 The sight of Milis, who is pinned down and moaning at Shinji’s mercy, makes Alvin’s cock juices flow freely. And ever since the piston movement started, Milis’ eyes are averted from Alvin’s. But Alvin’s eyes are still on Milis.

 As Alvin watches Milis’s eyes, he suddenly understands. He has reached the point of no return.

 Even with this understanding, Alvin’s love for Milis did not change. In fact, he even loved her more. Milis had learned the pleasure of being held by another person (Shinji) because of his own desire. Alvin too came to believe that he was the only one who could continue to love Milis who had been changed.

 (Mil… I will continue to love Mil…? Even if Shinji’s cock is making you crazy, I love Mil the most…!)

 Alvin, who was thinking this, finally saw Shinji’s eyes as he fucked Milis from behind. Shinji too instinctively looks straight at his hot gaze, which tells him, +I’m the one who loves Milis, you know+.

 (Really, I don’t know what Alvin is thinking anymore…? (I don’t know what Alvin is thinking anymore…? I’m just holding her because he asked me to…! )

 Shinji inwardly grumbled at Alvin who looked at him hotly as if he were his rival, without any killing intent or hatred. Sigh!… Shinji sighed and does not understand the mindset of a cuckolded man, who is excited to have his lover embraced by someone else.

 Anyway, Shinji shakes his hips hard to finish the cuckold play that Alvin wants. Milis, however, who had already reached a light climax a few times, is now getting excited at once.

 Unlike the two men, who were in a mixed state of mind, Milis was genuinely enjoying the pleasure. Her hands were on Shinji’s arms, which were unconsciously clasped together, and she was actively shaking her hips at the right moment with her face tinged with pleasure.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Shinji-san~♡ I’m cumming for Shinji-san~♡ Al-kun~♡ Al-kun~♡ I’m cumming~♡♡”

 ”Oh…? I’m watching you, I’m watching you. Mil!”

 Alvin is excited by the sight of his lover being embraced by another without hiding it, and Milis is excited by the sight of his lover getting excited at the sight of her. Before these two, Shinji and Freri have transformed their s*xual proclivities to the extreme, and Shinji thrusts his cock into Milis with extra force.

 ”Ahhhh~♡♡ I’m cummmmming~♡♡!”

 Milis arches her back, her hips bucking. Her vagina tightened so much that Shinji reached his limit and ejaculated. Milis exhales heavily as she is entranced by the vigorous ejaculation she feels through the contraceptive.

 When Shinji finishes ejaculating and pulls out his cock, Alvin opens the door completely and enters the room. He runs to Milis, who collapses into a sitting position and lays his upper body on the bed. At this moment, Milis also looks at him.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Al-kun…♡ You were watching me…♡”

 ”Oh… that was great. Thank you, Mil…!”

 While Alvin and Milis hold each other’s hands and stare at each other, Shinji smiles as he disposes of the contraceptive that has served its purpose.

 ”Uh…I’m gonna go now, okay?”

 ”Oh…Shinji…see you tomorrow”

 ”Hyaa~♡ Al-kun…♡”

 Without dressing himself, Shinji grabbed his clothes and decided to return to his room with a quick teleport spell. And without paying attention to Shinji’s departure, Alvin takes Milis in his arms and puts her on the bed. Milis also looked only at Alvin.

 ”Mil…. How was the s*x with Shinji?”

 ”…? Oh, Al-kun…”

 ”I’m not mad. I asked you to do it. Just tell me, Mil”

 Alvin’s expression was a mixture of anxiety and anticipation that he could not hide as he undressed. Milis nodded clearly and hesitantly. At his answer, Alvin’s cock swelled up in front of Milis. Alvin hugged Milis and held her in the normal position.

 ”Nnhaa~♡ Al kuuun~♡ You just came out of nowhere, that’s…♡”

 ”Even I…? Even I can make Mil better…!”

 ”Ah…♡ Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Al-kun~♡”

 Milis hugs him back. Milis makes a sweet voice, but it is not as lustrous as the one Alvin had heard just before. Rather, her vagina, which has been trained by Shinji, is the one that overwhelms Alvin.

 ”I love you. I love you, Mil…!”

 ”I love you, too Al…♡ Al-kun…♡ Chuu♡”

 A kiss on the lips, something I promised Shinji I wouldn’t do. Alvin, who does not know that she has already kissed Shinji many times, ejaculates with the kiss full of love.

 ”Ohhhh, ugh…”

 ”Nn…♡ I can feel it, Al-kun’s…♡”

 Right now, it is the best ejaculation in a jumble of emotions for Alvin. Maybe, this was the longest ejaculation in his life, which made him forget everything, including the feeling of defeat, and the feeling of shame. Even with his inferiority complex, Alvin shudders at the dangerous pleasure of this depressive ejaculation.

 (It was probably the best ejaculation he had ever had…)

 Milis, who was thinking this, pats Alvin’s back as he breathes heavily, and Alvin gradually regains his composure.

 ”Mil…. I love you, Mil, no matter what you are”

 ”Al-kun…. I love you too, any Al-kun…”

 Alvin and Milis whisper to each other as they embrace. They spend a long time in each other’s embrace, repeating the kisses as if they were touching each other.

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