Wizard 422

Chapter 422 Alvin Looks to a Brand New Life of Immorality and Prosperity

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 The next morning. Alvin wakes up to find Milis sleeping right beside him. So as not to wake her from her peaceful sleep, Alvin sneaks out of bed and goes out into the corridor after a quick dressing. He goes towards the presence of people and finds Terentia, the maid. She too notices Alvin, straightens her posture and bows her head.

 ”Good morning, Wolf-sama. Can I help you?”

 ”Good morning. Mil is still sleeping. When she wakes up, get her ready for the morning. Do you know what the others are doing?”

 ”Shinji-san and Renka-san are at the temple. The head maid says that Emily-san has gone to the Adventurers’ Guild”

 The time is a little late for breakfast and early for lunch. Because Alvin and Milis had been up late at night, they had woken up too late.

 ”Oh… okay. Thank you”

 ”Wolf-sama. Would you like some breakfast? I can bring it to your room if you need it”

 ”Then I’ll ask you to bring it”

 ”Certainly. Now, if you’ll excuse me”

 After Alvin watched Terentia’s back as she left quietly with her eyes downcast and bowing with her light-purple hair flowing in the wind, he returned to his office.

 He now finds himself alone in a quiet room. Alvin sits in a comfortable chair, leaning his back against it and stretching the muscles in his arms. As Alvin gazes out the window, his mind wanders back to last night’s events.

 (This is not normal, but… it’s a little late for that…)

 He started this act of letting his lover be held by someone else because he wanted to. Alvin himself does not know how long he has had this particular proclivity. Of course, it is natural that he does not know, since this propensity was instilled in him by Freri.

 (Mil…. I can’t make her come like Shinji. I mean, I think Mil is too good. I can’t stand it……..but Shinji easily took Mil’s body as a captive…….)

 Milis climaxing repeatedly in Shinji’s arms is so lustful that Alvin’s cock gets lightly erect just by thinking about it. And Alvin has already admitted that he is no match as a man. He knew it because of last night that Milis was becoming a captive of his s*x with Shinji.

 However, Alvin feels guilty for changing Milis. Although Milis has been disciplined for a long time and has already been changed, Alvin does not know it and thinks that he has changed Milis to the present state after only one cuckold play.

 (It is not safe to go any further…. It might be really too late, right? If Mil falls in love with Shinji… I’ll have nothing but regrets… but…)

 He just can’t forget Milis’ lewd appearance. In addition, he looked into her eyes afterwards and confirmed that Milis loves him by making love to her and confirming their feelings to each other many times. As if to assure himself that he is okay, Alvin closes his eyes and catches his breath, which had been getting heavy. Knowing instinctively that any further thought would lead him deeper and deeper, Alvin subconsciously turns his thoughts away.

 (Shinji…. Shinji is an apostle, huh…)

 Alvin’s mind is filled with images of Shinji, a wizard he can rely on. In hindsight, Alvin’s group has made a great leap forward thanks to Shinji. Alvin too never expected to find out his big secret in Hateyama, where he went to surpass his parents.

 (How fast it all happened… I’m already over my parents too. And I’m an honorary knight. Thanks to everyone’s hard work…I wonder where I would be if I hadn’t met Shinji…)

 Alvin has risen from the bottom too well. Unlike he could have imagined, Shinji is now a part of Alvin’s group. If hypothetically speaking, what would have happened if they had never met?

 But that is certain is that Alvin never knew that if he had not gotten involved with Shinji, he would not have been cuckolded behind his back.

 Still, this fact never dawns on him, and Alvin yawns loudly as he abandons this idea, unable to imagine a scene without Shinji, with whom he is so familiar. Alvin then picks up an open letter, the culmination of all his work.

 The letter bears the royal coat of arms, and Christina, who gave the letter to Alvin, reminds him not to reveal its contents.

 (In recognition of your success in Hateyama, you were given the land and permission to continue the Wolf family for the next generation…!)

 Because of the nature of the matter, the royal family notified Alvin in advance. Only Alvin, Milis, and Christina’s fiancé, the head of the Beltz family, knew about this. Even after the party and other arrangements are over, Alvin is still busy because he has started studying to become a lord.

 ”The next generation, huh…”

 That is, to have a child. Alvin can picture Milis and Christina holding their child. It was a very happy scene.

 ”…From now on, I’ll have to work harder and harder…”

 Alvin picked up the book Christina had prepared for him to realize this vision.

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