Wizard 423

Chapter 423 The Wolf Family is Busy

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 It has been almost a month since the Hateyama Incident was resolved.

 In the capital city, Nord, Alvin was recognized by the king for his service, and rose to an unusual position for an honorary knight. In the past, no honorary knight has ever been promoted further and allowed to continue his domain or his house. Everyone knew that he had done so well.

 Naturally, many people talked to Alvin at the party held afterwards. And he attracted the attention of all the nobles, from the lowest to the highest. But Christina, who had been educated as a noblewoman, helped him a great deal. She assisted Alvin to avoid being misled, and she guided Alvin not to make any improper advances.

 As Alvin is not affected by honey trap, he is not attracted by the beautiful noble daughters. Besides, his respect for his wife Milis and his second wife Christina reminded the nobles of their presence, and let them know that using a woman would cause displeasure.

 Although the consolation party was a hard work, it was attended by the knights who defeated the monster around Hateyama, and it was probably the only good thing for Alvin to be able to communicate with them.

 Thus, Alvin had become the most notable person in the world today.

 ”…Hahhhhh… it’s so hard to be famous…”

 Alvin now in his office at the Wolf residence. While sitting in his chair, Alvin sighs loudly and hangs his head. Beside him, his beloved wife, Milis, and his fiancée, Christina, look at him with a wry smile.

 ”The amount of letters is so much… they’re piling up…”

 ”Al-sama, the hardest part is now. We just have to hang in there until we get through this time”

 The unopened letters are piling up on the desk. However, Milis is writing replies to the letters that Alvin has opened, and she is working hard with her hands, showing no sign of finishing. Seeing her beloved wife like that, he has no choice but to work hard and diligently.

 So, in the presence of Milis, Alvin opens the letter, checks its contents, and consults with Christina who sits next to him. As a new aristocrat, Alvin cannot make decisions on his own, and he needs Christina’s wisdom.

 Because of this, Alvin consults with Christina, who is looking through the documents related to Alvin’s lands. However, the work was not progressing as well as they had hoped.

 ”First of all, we need manpower. I’m sorry to keep relying on Chris, but please help me again…”

 ”Yes. We are looking for someone we can trust. Especially the deputy and the vault keeper who will be in charge of the territory, they must be trustworthy…”

 ”Al-kun’s territory, it’s far away”

 ”It’s north of the capital, closer to Hateyama. It takes three days from Medio to the capital and two more days from there by carriage”

 The territory given to the Wolf family is close to Hateyama, the area affected by the recent disturbances. It had been ruled by a royal deputy, not by a nobleman. The Wolf family is to receive a reward as well as money to support the reconstruction of the area.

 ”Originally, the area was under the direct control of the royal family. In the documents, most of the land is farmland utilizing a large area of land. And Al-sama’s first job will be to help the affected people by using the reconstruction funds”

 ”This is a big responsibility… I have to go to the territories, and many things to do…!”

 ”Let’s take care of things in order, Al-sama. We have to look ahead to after the reconstruction… but that will come later”

 There was a reason why the royal family entrusted the Wolf family with the lands near Hateyama. And that is because the people are worried that there will be another attack by the same kind of monsters. So, to alleviate their fears, Alvin, an honorary knight, was chosen as a lord. Because the more the people work in peace, the faster the recovery will be. Christina understood this well.

 ”Sooner or later, huh? Anyway, we can’t go home or have the wedding until things are settled…”

 ”Do your best, okay? Al-kun!”

 ”Okay! First, let’s deal with the letters, shall we? After that, we’ll go to the territory inspection. Then we’ll go home for the wedding!”

 Christina smiles at the excited Alvin and Milis. She too is planning to have a wedding with Alvin, and she is looking forward to it.

 But suddenly, there is a cheer from the garden of the mansion. Alvin looks out the window and sees a young man slashing down a wooden puppet manipulated by Shinji.

 ”Oh, it seems there’s a very skillful guy here…? If I had more time, I’d check him out myself…!”

 ”We don’t have time for that, Al-kun. Also, we decided to let Shinji-san make the first screening of the army for the territory, right…?”

 ”I know, Mil…. But, it looks fun…”

 Since the word has spread, there have been frequent visits to the Wolf family from people who want to work for the new landowners. Since the majority of them are commoners like Alvin who dream of becoming successful, it is decided that the first screening will be a fight against a wooden puppet controlled by Shinji.

 The wooden puppet controlled by Shinji is not so strong. If a person has a certain skill, he or she can defeat a wooden doll controlled by Shinji, who is not good at close combat. And there was no way they could hire an amateur who could not defeat such a wooden puppet as a soldier to defend their territory.

 And now, after seeing Renka held back the name of the victorious young man, Alvin returns to his office with a sense of dread in his heart. Milis follows him, but Christina, who sees Shinji outside repairing the wooden puppet, is reminded of the night she was violated.

 The night when she was drowned in a dizzying sea of pleasure.

 (…♡ Why did I…?)

 Christina’s body is seeking Shinji, even though it is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She grips her arms tightly in her palms, trying to calm the fever of frustration that wells up in her core, but to no avail. She felt an irresistible tingle above her secret part, which was covered with a lewd crest. But she suppresses it with a will of steel.

 (Don’t worry… at night, I’ll just comfort myself again. Just hold out until the wedding, Christina)

 Christina tells herself this and turns away from Shinji. Then she returns to the office with Alvin and the others.

 Volume 11 starts.

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