Wizard 424

Chapter 424 Relationships that Need to be Changed

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 After being given the lands, the Wolf family has been forced to change its internal situation. In particular, it’s about creating an heir for the Wolf family and passing it on to the next generation, which is a duty and honor that was not available as an honorary knight.

 If it was only an honorary knight position, it would be Alvin’s personal story, and he would not have to worry about other nobles, but this is not the case for the next generation.

 If the discussion of personnel matters proceeded, it was natural to talk about Shinji and other members of the <Running Wolves> party and Emily who played the role of a mentor. The one who brought up this subject was Christina, who was working in her office.

 ”Al-sama, about Emily-san and the others…how long do you plan to keep them in residence?”

 ”Hmm? Is that a problem? I was thinking that if possible, the relationship with Master and the others should remain the same”

 ”Yes. It’s a significant disadvantage for the future”

 Christina’s expression is one of uncertainty. But Alvin can’t think of a reason, and decides to continue listening to her.

 ”Everyone is looking for the best and the brightest. If they stay with us for a long time, they are considered as if they are owned by Al-sama. Or it could be seen as a public statement that you are inferior and unworthy of employment”

 ”I hope people don’t see me that way…”

 ”Well, in general, if there is a clear employment relationship, such as hiring someone as a mentor, it should be publicly stated. Otherwise, people may think you have something to hide…”

 Christina had a hard time saying this, but she was prepared to be ostracized as she continued to talk about the need for Alvin to have an aristocratic mindset as well.

 ”I understand Al-sama’s desire to be on an equal footing with Emily-san and the others. However, Al-sama will be a nobleman with his own lands now. We can no longer return to a relationship of equality in the true sense of the word”

 Christina’s words were painful to hear. But Alvin knew that she was right. Although he did not feel it at all, he had to act like an aristocrat or he would cause trouble for everyone. And Alvin had to agree with her.

 ”If we want Emily-san and the others to continue to support the Wolf family, we have to hire them. It will be a problem if the servants and the other people listen to what they said…”

 For example, how can Alvin tell if their words are the same as his instructions? Or Is their position better than someone employed by the Wolf family? Or if something goes wrong, can they take responsibility for it?

 Christina says there are a lot of problems that could arise just off the top of her head. Christina wants to say about Shinji but she can’t because her body has been developed and her actions have been restricted by him. And that’s why she thinks Shinji must have the chain of being a vassal of the Wolf family.

 (Al-sama trusts him… I have to protect the Wolf family…! I won’t let him do what he wants…!)

 No wonder, Christina’s feelings toward Shinji are negative. Shinji’s words are unreliable and his reason for wanting to hold Christina is unconvincing. She suspects that Shinji’s goal is Wolf family fortune. She thought that by making Shinji a vassal, she would be able to give an orders to him, and prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to her, who would become his second wife, and also fire or expel him at the slightest opportunity.

 In fact, Shinji is not interested in the Wolf family fortune, but only in Christina’s body, which Alvin loves. Besides, Christina doesn’t know that the situation is too late, as Milis’ body has already corrupted and Alvin is excited by being cuckolded.

 ”…Yes, I know. I understand what Chris is saying”

 Alvin nodded in front of Christina when she had finished. He had the presence of mind to listen without rejection, even when it went against his own wishes. His experience as the leader of the <Running Wolves> has helped him to hone his ability as the head of a noble family, not to believe what he hears from those around him, but to use it as a reference and to reconcile it with what he hears.

 ”I will talk to Shinji and the others once. I want to make sure that Renka, Shinji, and Master don’t get into trouble. If possible, I’d like to spend more time with them. I can trust them with my work. Thanks Chris. It was hard for you to say, wasn’t it?”

 ”Al-sama…? No, it’s my role to do this… as your fiancée, of course”

 Men are stronger in aristocratic society. Only men are entitled to the succession of the head of the family, and some people disrespect women. Alvin’s words were a welcome relief to Christina, who had lived in an aristocratic society.

 ”I hope you will continue to advise me… Even though we are technically sired, we can still spend time together as we always have, as long as we are out of the eyes of others, right?”

 ”…yes, that’s right. As long as it’s not in a public place, it’s fine”

 ”Right. I’d like to be able to relax at home and on my adventures”

 ”Fufu, Al-kun…”

 Milis giggles at Alvin’s playful way of speaking, and the serious atmosphere disappears. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door of Alvin’s room.

 ”Alvin, may I come in?”


 Shinji and Renka heard the answer and came into the room. Some time had passed, and they had come to report that the first selection of the applicants who visited the Wolf family had been completed.

 ”Al, here is today’s list of successful applicants”

 ”Thank you, Renka. Shinji too, thank you”

 ”This is nothing”

 ”That’s right. I need to talk to both of you about something”

 ”What’s wrong? Al. You’re so formal”

 Alvin tells Renka the story he has just heard, just in time for Renka’s voice of curiosity. Shinji and Renka do not interrupt Alvin’s story, and Renka understands his explanation.

 Shinji, on the other hand, is a former nobleman and knows what he is talking about. He also planned to tell Alvin when the time was right. Now that Alvin has fulfilled his dream, he was planning to use the <World Gate> after his wedding while the <Running Wolves>’s activities are inactive, to go looking for his parents.

 (Being a vassal means less free time. I had planned to tell Alvin after I knew what kind of place the world was like and made a plan…)

 Shinji looks at Christina with a sideways glance, thinking that it would be no problem after he has reunited with his parents. And it is easy to imagine that Christina has told this story to Alvin. After all, when Shinji looks at her, Christina averts her gaze, and Shinji is convinced that his guess is correct.

 ”…That’s why I want Shinji and the others to become my vassals. I want to continue to work with you”

 ”Of course, why not? Shinji?”

 ”Yes, no problem. The details will be worked out later, but I’ll be your vassal”

 ”Thanks, both of you. I’ll talk to Master later!”

 Renka immediately answers, and Shinji joins in. At this point, they cannot hesitate and break the trust they have built up. It is just a matter of timing, and Shinji has no objection to serving the Wolf family. Besides, he had no intention of giving up the environment that he had built up so far.

 (However, I would like to return the favor a little)

 Thus, Shinji, Renka, and Emily also became officially employed by the Wolf family. Shinji thinks that Christina was the catalyst for this.

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