Wizard 425

Chapter 425 Giving Back to Christina, Part One

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 That evening. In a room of the Beltz family in Medio. After the servants had gone to bed.

 Christina was trying to sleep in her room, but was having a hard time falling asleep because of a strange tingling sensation in her body.

 (Ugh, this feeling again…♡ My stomach is tingling…♡)

 Since Shinji had carved a lewd crest on her, Christina sometimes felt the sensation that her uterus was getting impatient, as it was now. She rubs her legs together in the bed, but she is restless and turns over and over. This gesture is made in the midst of her struggle to decide whether or not to masturbate.

 (I-it can’t be helped…♡ I can’t sleep in this condition… this is unavoidable. Al-sama… I’m sorry…♡ I do it with Al-sama in mind…♡)

 Christina takes a few more heavy breaths, and then she decides to comfort herself by touching her breasts and pussy with her fingers. Her secret parts, already moist with her love juice, and her hardened nipples are so sensitive that with just a touch of her fingers, Christina makes a sweet sounds that come out of her mouth but she stifles them.

 ”Mmm…♡ *Pant* *Pant* Al-sama…♡ Al-sama…♡”

 Christina closes her eyes and thinks of Alvin’s face as she masturbates, unaware that Shinji has somehow been teleported into her room by magic. At this, Shinji’s mouth twists into a smile at Christina, who has a determined attitude against him, getting lewd with his magic.

 ”Ah…♡ I’m cumming…♡ I’m cumming…♡ ah…♡ mmm…♡”

 Christina’s body trembled in front of Shinji. She tries to bask in the afterglow of the sensation while breathing roughly and shallowly, but she is bewildered by the fact that, unlike usual, her body heat does not abate at all. It is because Shinji is sending his magical power to Christina’s crests.

 (…why…today…♡ Still, not enough…♡)

 If anything, Christina felt even more impatient because she had reached the lightest of depths… the depths of her vagina, which had been developed by her abominable act with the man, was still tingling. Just when she tries to move her fingers again, Shinji finally speaks to her.

 ”You’re getting used to masturbating, aren’t you, Tina?”

 ”…? If you think I’m crazy… it was you who did this to me… also stop calling me that…!”

 Christina pulls her hand away and stops masturbating, then steps back on the bed, trying to get some distance from Shinji. Her cheeks flushed with alarm, but Shinji continued the conversation with a pleasant smile on his face.

 ”Yes. I’m sending my magic power to lewd crest, so the tingling will never subside. You see that dim glow?”

 ”Kuh…♡ Aren’t you ashamed…♡ to use such a despicable method…♡”

 ”No, not at all. I wouldn’t touch Tina if I didn’t have to. Even a nobleman would do something worse if they had to”

 Christina notices a hint of aversion in Shinji’s eyes as he speaks. However, it is only for a moment, and her body heats up more and more as Shinji’s smile deepens, and Christina can’t help but let out a sweet voice.

 ”I came here today to thank you. It was Christina who suggested Alvin to make me his vassal, wasn’t it?”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Yes, that’s right… I knew it was inconvenient for you…♡ so you come here like this… Nnu~♡ wasn’t it? Fufu…♡”

 Christina’s expression of satisfaction doesn’t last long. Her eyebrows are lowered, her eyes are moistened with tears, and she rubs her knees together, looking for all intents and purposes like a female who desires a man. Shinji feels happy to see Christina’s stoutness as she carries on her conversation with only her energy, despite her appearance. It is because Christina is like that that she is so worth corrupting.

 ”As long as my eyes… are there~♡ I won’t let you… do what you want… I will… protect… the Wolf fam…♡”

 ”You’re brave. Really, Alvin will make a good wife. With Tina, the Wolf family will be safe”

 ”Why…♡ are you trying to disturb…♡”

 ”Haha, indeed. But as I told you before, I’m not interested in the Wolf family fortune”

 ”I can’t believe it… ah…♡”

 Shinji shrugs his shoulders at Christina’s questioning look. He notices that her eyes are glancing at his crotch, and knowing that she is about to run out of patience, Shinji deliberately takes a step back.

 ”Well, you’ll just have to wait and see how things work out. Well then, I’ve finished my talk and I’m going back now. I’m sorry for interrupting your masturbation”


 Christina choked on the unexpected word. For a moment, she was aware of her disappointment, and she glanced at Shinji to cover it up.

 ”I-if you’re going to leave, you’d better fix this…♡”

 ”I don’t want to be mean to you then. The effect will last all night, so just keep jerking off”

 ”T-that’s…impossible…♡ How can I sleep like that…♡”

 Desperate words shake Christina’s heart. It was hard to stop herself from masturbating. She could not sleep at all, and she imagined herself comforting herself all night long, and she shuddered at the thought of it.

 ”You’re still working with Alvin tomorrow, right? You have to keep trying”

 ”Eh? If it’s for my body…♡ Then why don’t you just go ahead and hold me…♡”

 ”No, no, I don’t feel like doing it right now… okay…”


 Christina is at a loss for words as Shinji takes off his pants and underwear as if nothing is wrong. She looked at the shriveled p*nis hanging down helplessly. Well, for Shinji, control of his p*nis was easy. He can make it erect or deflate at will.

 ”You see it, right? If you want to get rid of the tingles, you know what to do, don’t you, Tina?”

 Shinji sits back, legs spread apart, his eyes full of joy. Christina shivers with humiliation, but the burning lust is too much stronger than the humiliation to do anything about it. She struggles to decide whether or not to please her master (Shinji) in the way she has experienced in her succubus dreams…

 ”I understand…”

 For Alvin, for the office tomorrow. Christina gets off the bed slowly and kneels at Shinji’s feet in the chair, feeling helplessly that she has been set up…

 ”Really, you…are… the worst…♡”

 ”Yeah, I know. I’m a bad wizard”

 Christina swears and glares at him, but Shinji is not hurt in the slightest, only smiling more pleasantly. Christina understood that her unnecessary words only made Shinji happy.


 He kisses the tip of the drooping glans in a flirtatious manner. Thus, Christina’s first kiss is dedicated to Shinji’s p*nis.

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