Wizard 426

Chapter 426 Giving Back to Christina, Part Two

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 After kissing it once, Christina ruffles her hair with one hand while holding the root of Shinji’s p*nis with the other hand. In order to make his p*nis erect, which does not respond to her touch with her lips, she opens her mouth and brings it into her mouth.

 ”Nmu, mm, hu… Mmm… Mmm, mm…”

 Thanks to the succubus’s dream in which she served Shinji as a maid and s*x slave, Christina’s licking is not too inexperienced, even though it is her first time to give a blow job. She breathes through her nose, licks the glans with her tongue, and sucks on his p*nis, which slowly erects as Shinji looks down at her.

 ”You’re good, Tina. Keep it up”

 ”Nn… Fwah …. Mmmm…~♡ *Lick* *Kiss*~♡ Mmm, mmm, mmph~♡”

 Shinji’s voice sounded so soothing that Christina had no choice but to continue to serve him as he asked. She should be annoyed, but she also feels a faint sense of pleasure.

 The days of lust spent as a s*x slave, and the mind of service grown in the midst of it. The effect on Christina of the succubus dream, which was too intense to be simply described as a dream, is significant. Along with her s*xual skills, the slave maid Christina was being awakened.

 (Really, it’s the worst… If I don’t get it up… and get rid of it, I’m going to have to… I’ll be in trouble…♡)

 In Christina’s eyes, besides the color of resignation that she had no choice but to obey, there is also an expectant look in her eyes. For the sake of experiencing the pleasure that she wants to forget, Christina continues her hard work.

 Because of her efforts, Shinji’s cock becomes fully erect in her mouth, and when she slowly removes her mouth from his, his magnificent p*nis is exposed to Christina’s eyes.

 ”Good job, Tina. Thanks to you, I’m ready to go…”

 Shinji’s words brought Christina back to herself, who had been staring at his cock as if in a trance. Her corrupted body is ready to suck the p*nis, and the male aroma from the pre-cum deprives Christina of her normal thoughts. Once this happens, there is no way for Christina to rebel.

 ”Now you can straddle and insert yourself into me, okay?”

 ”Haah, mmm…♡ Understood…. This is to get rid of the tingle, so…♡”

 ”Of course. I know. You don’t want to do this, do you? You don’t have a choice, do you?”

 ”Yes…♡ I don’t want to…♡”

 With that said, Christina stood up and untied her negligee and panties, which were soaked with her love juices, in front of Shinji. Thump! the panties fell to the floor and Christina straddled Shinji who was sitting on a chair. Despite the fact that she said she did not want to, her movements were unhurried and showed no hesitation. The position she adopted was a back-sitting position with her back facing Shinji to avoid eye contact, which was the slightest resistance she could offer.

 ”Mmm… Ahhh…♡ Ah〜〜〜〜 Gaaaa…♡”

 But such a slight resistance has no effect on Shinji. He waits for Christina to move, watching her beautiful backside as she breathes out a very pleasurable breath of pleasure from being penetrated in the place that she has been waiting for.

 (I knew it…♡ Just being poked and prodded, it makes me feel so…♡ Weird…♡ but it’s not enough…♡)

 Although Christina reached a light climax, her body was still not satisfied. The fever does not subside, but rather grows, demanding more and more pleasure. As long as Shinji continues to send his magical power, Christina’s arousal will never come to an end.

 ”If you stop, it will never end, you know?”

 ”Fuuh~♡ Fuuh~♡ I-I know it~♡ I’m going to move… now…♡”

 Christina was trying to catch her breath, but she could not remain idle for long if she was being agitated. So, she slowly raises her hips up, but her vagina tightens, not wanting to let go, and when she lowers her hips down, she sucks on the cock as if she needs more. Her flirtatious response, despite her attitude, gives Shinji an irresistible pleasure, which naturally makes his mouth twist.

 (Ah…♡ This, this sensation…♡ The sensation of being pushed up into the submissive position…♡)

 Christina, too, is intoxicated by the sweet, numbing pleasure that runs through her head with each rub she performs. Once more, she lifts her hips and slams them down again. Each time, her vagina was pushed up by the glans, and she let out a hot moan. As Christina’s movements become bolder and bolder, the sound of flesh hitting flesh becomes louder and louder.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 Shinji senses that Christina’s climax is near from the sight of her wildly swinging hips and her twitching vagina, and he reaches out his hand to help her.

 ”Nnah~♡ Don’t pinch that place, ah~♡ Hah~♡ Mmm~♡”

 Shinji grabs and squeezes a well-shaped breast that fills his palm. At the same time, he also pinches her nipples, which are hard and plump, along with her soft negligee, and Christina’s vagina squeezes tightly. Her tight vagina becomes more sensitive against Shinji’s thick and strong p*nis, and Christina quickly reaches her limit.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Nnaaaaaaaa…♡”

 She screams out as she has been trained to do. She is entranced by the sensation of cum pouring into her… and the comfort of hot cum hitting her uterus with such force that she continues to press her hips against it.

 ”Hah~♡ Hah~♡ Mmm~♡ Hah~♡ hah…♡”

 Seeing Christina now completely quiet, Shinji moves in to give her even more pleasure.

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