Wizard 427

Chapter 427 Giving Back to Christina, Part Three

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 Christina’s vagina, which had been squirming as if tasting the semen filling her womb, calmed down a little, and her debauched thoughts started to work, and her face fell in shame at her own shallow lasciviousness. She tried to withdraw from Shinji’s body by lifting her hips, but Shinji stood up together with her and she could not pull his cock out of her.

 ”I’ve had enough… ah~♡ No, don’t…♡”

 ”No, no, no, Tina’s hard work has motivated me to do it. One time is not enough”

 Because of his grip on her hips, Christina is unable to move away from Shinji, but rather is pulled back in for another light thrust to the back of her vagina. Every time she moves weakly and her hips slightly move apart, Shinji pulls her closer and pokes her vaginal depths again and again. Her body, which had almost calmed down, is hot again, and her womb is tingling with the pleasure of being penetrated.

 ”Come on, we’ll continue on the bed. Let’s walk to the bed like this, Tina”

 ”No, it’s impossible…♡ To walk like this…♡”

 ”Then put your hands on the floor. If you don’t get to the bed, we’ll be doing this on the hard floor. Is that okay? Wouldn’t it be better to lie on the soft bed and be poked from behind?”

 ”~~♡ I… understand~♡ I’ll walk…♡ I’ll walk now~♡ Ah~♡ Haah~♡”

 Shinji pushes his cock into her hard for once, breaking from the act of gently pulling her to him so that she cannot escape. That one thrust made Christina realize that Shinji really intended to push her to the floor. Not willing to be pushed down like this, she endures the humiliation of having her hands on the floor, and Christina begins to move forward slowly, using both hands and both feet.

 (Every time I walk…♡ It hit something strange…♡ Ah…♡ It’s hitting me again…♡)

 As Christina moves forward at her own slow pace, Shinji follows behind her, playfully rocking his hips and making her squeal sweetly. She is treated roughly like a slave maid from succubus’s dream, and though she regrets it, she can’t resist the prick thrusting against her.

 ”Good job, Tina. You made it to the bed”

 ”…♡ Don’t touch my head… Please…♡

 Christina manages to reach the bed and collapses on it, but she brushes off the hand that touches her head. Her resistance to the non-pleasurable act was still alive and well. But…

 ”…Hurry up and hold me if you want to hold me…♡ If you don’t… Mmm~♡ I can’t sleep either…♡”

 She does not reject s*x.

 ”That’s true. Tina has work tomorrow, so let’s finish as soon as possible…!”

 ”Nnah~♡ Haa~♡ Ah~♡ This is… so deep…♡ Hia~♡ Ahn~♡”

 Shinji covers the face-down Christina and puts his hands on the bed. The atmosphere was different from the one on the chair, which was more malevolent, and she was shocked to see it. However, when he thrust his cock into her, her mouth was sloppily half-opened and she let out a moan of pleasure.

 (This, man…♡ Hyaa~♡ It’s grinding against me…♡ From behind…♡ Ah~♡ No, I’m losing it…♡)

 Christina feels Shinji’s weight on her well-shaped, spotless, beautiful ass. The weight of a partner she hates should be nothing but an obstacle, but the pleasure of a strong p*nis stimulates her female instincts. The woman’s instinct tells her that she is happy to give in to this pleasure.

 As Christina writhes with pleasure, Shinji looks down at her with an amused expression on his face, and continues to thrust his hips. He then puts his face close to Christina’s ear and speaks words to make her feel shame.

 ”You’re even tighter than before. Tina prefers to be fucked like this rather than to move by herself, doesn’t she?”

 ”No~♡ Ahh~♡ Yahh~♡ No, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…♡ Ahhh~♡”

 ”Okay, you don’t have to deny it. I know. Tina’s body is honest. She loves to be penetrated from behind, like this”

 ”Ah~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cummmmmming~♡”

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 The intense and unrelenting piston movement is the final blow to Christina’s body. But Shinji continues to pound Christina’s vagina, which is shaking with her climax, making her hips buck and her body tense.

 ”Aih~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming… Hyaa~♡ Aaah, I’m cummmmming again~♡♡

 With tears streaming down her face, Christina begs for forgiveness, making a sound that a noblewoman should not make. She clutches Shinji’s arm on the bed, not even giving a moment’s thought to her pride. Then a deeper climax comes, and Christina’s consciousness is dyed white.


 This is followed by semen slamming into the uterus. Not even the strength to raise her upper body anymore, Christina sank down on the bed. Shinji’s tongue flicked against her neck and his hips bucked just enough not to interrupt the lingering pleasure, prolonging it.

 ”Haa…♡ haa…♡ haa…♡ mmm…♡”

 Christina’s face is relaxed as she lies down, indicating that she is in a state of euphoria, unlike before she started the s*xual act. But Shinji is not done with her yet.

 ”It’s only twice. It’s too soon to be exhausted, isn’t it, Tina?”

 ”I-I can’t do it anymore…♡ I’ll be crazy…♡”

 ”If you learn from this, you’d better stop trying to get in my way”

 ”Ahhh~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Uuh~♡ No, nooooo~♡”

 In the end, Christina is held by Shinji until she passes out. In this way, Christina’s body becomes more and more familiar with Shinji, and she learns the taste of unfaithfulness.

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