Wizard 428

Chapter 428 Christina’s New Concerns

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 A week has passed since Shinji held Christina until she passed out. Perhaps she feels better after having been held by Shinji, Christina is now living a peaceful life… although it is difficult to say so. It is because she has a new source of concern. Of course, it is related to Shinji.

 ”Alvin, I have paid the money to the job offer to the conscripts as you told me. I also paid for the materials that are lacking in the territory”

 ”Thank you, Shinji. Chris too. The people Chris introduced me to are very helpful”

 ”Yes. We are glad to be of service to Al-sama”

 Inside Alvin’s office at the Wolf residence. In addition to Alvin, Milis, and Christina, Shinji was also there.

 Shinji is holding the Wolf family’s ledger in his hand. Why is Shinji holding this important ledger in his hand? It is because Alvin has given Shinji the job to be the treasurer of the Wolf family, the so-called “funds manager”

 Shinji has been managing the shared funds used by all the members of <Running Wolves> and has been doing a very sound job of money management so far. He has kept a record of even the smallest expense, and there are no missing funds and no discrepancies when Alvin, as the group leader, checks it on an irregular basis. The appointment was based on his track record.

 ”We are going to Wolf territory first as planned. We will go to the villages as scheduled with materials along with the territorial soldiers. Is that clear?”

 ”Yes. We’ll go later. The guy Chris introduced us to will be here the day after tomorrow”

 ”Okay. Then I’ll give this back to you”

 Shinji hands the ledger to Alvin. The neat and orderly entries written by Shinji, who has nothing to hide in his work, satisfy Alvin who looks over them lightly as he did in <Running Wolves>.

 ”Shinji’s writing is very easy to read!”

 ”It’s because Alvin is used to seeing them. I am glad to hear you say so. Well, I’ve got some preparations to make”

 ”Yeah, take care!”

 ”Shinji-san, please~”

 ”Thank you for your hard work”

 Shinji gives Alvin and Milis his usual smile, bows lightly to Christina, and leaves the room. His seemingly polite behavior may seem suspicious to Christina, who knows his true face. After Shinji’s footsteps move away, Christina opens her mouth.

 ”Al-sama. Why do you want Shinji to manage the funds? I thought he was supposed to take care of the personal security and so on”

 Christina tries not to take an accusatory tone, but inwardly she is worried. She thinks Shinji is after the Wolf family fortune. There was no way she would entrust the management of her money to such a person.

 ”Shinji wanted to avoid working with the nobility as much as possible. If he was to protect me, he would have to meet the nobles here and there. Besides, I can trust Shinji to manage the funds!”

 (Al-sama’s trust for such a man is tremendous…!)

 Alvin trusts Shinji, with whom he shares even his secret s*xual proclivities. If it weren’t for the “cuckoldry,” it continues to be a trust-worthy work. Especially if he is married to his childhood friend Renka and they are going to spend the rest of their lives together.

 ”Why doesn’t he want anything to do with the nobility?”

 ”Oh. There was a problem before. It happened at the Magic Guild…”

 Alvin tells of an incident in the guild where Shinji was suspected to be a blood relative of the Valencia family. He tells the story of how, although the facial features were indeed similar, the blood relationship was denied by the magic tool.

 ”Shinji is not good at aristocrats, probably because of this. That’s why I gave Shinji a job mainly in the territory. That’s what he wanted, too”

 ”It was unusual for you to say that Shinji-san is not good at it, Al-kun”

 ”…I don’t think so…”

 Christina recalls the face of Blade-Valencia, the head of the Valencia family. The Beltz and Valencia families are related through the magic guild, and Christina has often met Blade.

 (Indeed, they do look alike…)

 However, since the magic tool denies it, Christina decides that it is obvious that there is no blood relationship. She had never imagined that Shinji had used magic to cover up the judgment tool. But in fact, succubus’ magic is so peculiar that it is unpredictable even with Christina’s knowledge.

 Alvin thought that Christina, who was silent with a difficult look on her face, was anxious about Shinji’s work. To reassure her, Alvin flips through the ledger.

 ”Chris, take a look”

 ”…Indeed, the handwriting is neat and the contents are easy to understand…”

 ”Right? Don’t worry about it. Shinji has always taken good care of the party funds”

 Even to the eyes of Christina, who was being educated to marry into a family somewhere, Shinji’s written accounts were easy to understand and read. If the financial numbers are correct, then Shinji is the right person to be entrusted with the management of the funds.

 (Truly, a man with nothing to complain about… If he didn’t do that, I would trust him if I didn’t know him)

 If anyone should complain about this, it is Christina herself who will be the bad guy. As long as she can’t tell why she doubts Shinji, she will lose the trust of her beloved husband (Alvin). Now is not the time, she says with an agreeable tone of voice.

 ”If he can do this much, then sure. I’m sorry Al-sama, I didn’t mean to sound suspicious…”

 ”Don’t worry. Chris will figure it out. Shinji is a good man”

 ”Well, yes…”

 ”Al-kun, what about me~?”

 ”Of course, Mil too!!”

 Alvin puts his hand around Milis’s waist and pulls her close to him, and she rests her head on his shoulder happily. The light flirting between Alvin and Milis shows how much they trust Shinji.

 (I have to keep a close watch on him… I won’t let that man do what he wants…!)

 Christina’s heart is not broken yet. Shinji does not expect her to enjoy his reaction, and Christina’s struggle continues.

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