Wizard 429

Chapter 429 Shinji and the Others Arrive in Wolf Territory

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 A group of carriages depart from the Wolf residence. In the lead carriages of the group are the workers of the Wolf family.

 It consists of five members. First is Shinji, who is in charge of leading the group. He is instructed by Alvin, the lord of the house, to lead the group on behalf of Alvin. He was assisted by Renka and Emily. The remaining two apprentice maids are Shuro and Neru.

 ”I’ve never been out of town before…!”

 ”Shuro? It’s dangerous!”

 ”It’s the first time for me to go so far away too…”

 Shuro looks out of the window of the carriage with her blue eyes shining. Emily is sitting next to her, who is so excited about her first trip that she might lean forward. Neru also seems to be slightly elated, though not as much as Shuro, and her expression is joyful as she holds her black hair down with her hand.

 ”Unless you are an adventurer or a merchant, people don’t go out of the town”

 Renka understands their joyful sentiments. Before she became an adventurer, Renka rarely ventured outside of town. Traveling far from home is something that only wealthy families do. Besides such rich people, adventurers and merchants are the ones who frequent the town.

 ”No one would go out of the dangerous town without a reason. In this case, with us and the territorial soldiers, it will be a relatively safe trip. It’s an opportunity for you to have fun”

 ”Yes, thank you…!”

 Shuro turns to Shinji, who is sitting alongside Renka, and bows his head with a big smile. Shinji looks in the direction of the following carriages, smiling at her age-appropriate cuteness.

 (5 days, huh…? I don’t think there will be any problems…)

 And below was the group behind the carriage in which Shinji and the others were riding.

 First, the carriage with the newly hired territorial soldiers. Behind them are carriages loaded with supplies for the territory. After that, the wagons are lined up alternately with soldiers and support goods. The wagons have the Wolf family crest painted on them, and the same crest is painted on the first wagon in which Shinji and the others are riding. The absence of a flag, which could be regarded as a sign of lordship, makes it clear to any nobleman that there is no Alvin in this group.

 (No nobleman would call out to a group without the head of the family. If anything, bandits or monsters are likely to attack… but with such a large number of people, bandits are unlikely to attack)

 The Wolf Family have made a name for themselves as adventurers and have risen to the ranks of nobility. Even a bandit would not think that their subjects are weak. So, Shinji thought that the most likely cause was monsters with low intelligence.

 [Freri… can you please keep an eye on them?]

 [Hmm. All right. I’ll let you know if any of them approach]

 [Thank you]

 This concern is also allayed by Freri’s vigilance in her surroundings. All that remains is to be careful not to be too careful. Shinji looks at the destination of the carriage with this in mind.

* * *

 The Wolf Team continued on their way without any particular problems.

 Thanks to the well-maintained roads, they did not encounter any monsters during the three days from Medio to Nord, the royal capital. But the two days’ journey through the Wolf Territory was not so easy, and monsters appeared frequently.

 However, the monsters that appear are only kobolds, wolves, and other monsters that even intermediate adventurers should have no problem with, and they are not numerous. In no time at all, Shinji, Renka, and a few soldiers defeat them.

 Although Shuro and Neru were pale when they saw the monsters for the first time, they did not make a fuss once they felt that they were not a threat.

 And so Shinji and the others arrive at the central part of the Wlf territory as planned. The town is small compared to Medio. Still, it is the largest town in the Wolf territory. An important place for the people of the territory to gather and do business.

 In the large mansion at the far end of the town, carriages enter one after another, attracting the gazes of the crowd. It will not be long before word spreads throughout the town that Alvin-Wolf has finally arrived, the new lord.

 ”Okay? Are you ready? Let’s clean up!”

 ”Ha!? Yes, sir!”

 While Shinji and the others are on their way to greet the deputy of the territory, Emily and the soldiers are cleaning out the barracks, which have been left unused.

 ”Well, let’s start transferring over the duties. As soon as it is done, I will return to Nord”

 ”I understand. Then, I’m counting on you”

 Shinji and Renka take over the territory from the deputy. The process was very smooth, especially for a deputy in the service of the state.

 ”Shuro, let’s clean the bedroom first”

 ”Yes, Neru-san. Let’s do our best…!”

 Shuro and Neru, on the other hand, went to clean the vacant rooms of the mansion. Well, the deputies were working with a minimum number of people, and there were only a few personal caretakers. Therefore, the house is only minimally cared for, and the rooms where Shinji and the others sleep are not ready yet.

 Unlike the well-kept Wolf mansion, this mansion is worth cleaning, and Shuro and Neru are determined to make it spotless before Alvin’s arrival.

 Thus, Shinji and the others begin their life in the Wolf territory.

 Daily life.

 Shinji and the others arrive in the Wolf territory ahead of the others. They have to work hard in the territory to return home as soon as possible.

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