Wizard 430

Chapter 430 During the Wait for Alvin in Wolf Territory

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 The day after Shinji and the others stayed at the Wolf lord’s mansion. They started moving early in the morning.

 The only town large enough to be called a town in Wolf territory is <Bejin>, where the lord’s mansion is located. The rest of the territory is not large enough to be called a town, and is made up of villages where people work together to make a living.

 Agriculture is flourishing in this large land, but the crops have been destroyed by the overflowing monster from Hateyama. Not only the crops, but also the buildings in the village were damaged.

 ”Our role is to protect the safety of the village!? And then, to restore the buildings!? We also brought a lot of materials from Medio? So, each of you go to the village you are in charge of, check what is needed, and let me know. Then I’ll load them on the wagons and send them on their way”

 ”””Understood, Emily-san!”””

 ”Good!? I’m counting on you, boys!”

 Emily stands on the platform, puffing out her chest as she gives the order. And seeing the cheerful voices of the soldiers lined up in front of her and the way they are moving so quickly, Emily smiles with satisfaction.

 Emily is treated as the captain of the soldiers who protect the territory. The soldiers cannot argue with her because she is the mentor of Alvin, whom they admire. As the soldiers had already met with Emily several times, they respected her solid abilities. Her strong and confident attitude and precise instructions also impressed them.

 (Well, all I have to do is to listen to the report, and then take charge according to Shinji’s instructions, right? Yosh!? It’s perfect! Shinji will praise me again!)

 She is just following Shinji’s orders, though. Well, Emily, who prefers freedom, joined the Wolf family because Shinji does. It is an unwavering principle.

 (We have to stabilize the territory soon, don’t we? And then the wedding? And after that, making a baby…!? Hehehe, a baby with Shinji…♡ Renka should be the first, and after that…♡ I have to make sure I am ready for a rest!!)

 Since Emily is faithful to her desires, she is immersed in her fantasy world with a slight smile on her cheeks. And she has to work hard to have a baby with the man she loves, she thinks to herself. She puts herself into action.

 ”Then!? Let’s do it!”

 Emily jumps down from the platform and rushes out. Watching her, the soldiers who are staying in the same town of Bejin as Emily say

 ”Emily-san is so cute and small…”

 ”Yeah, but she’s stronger than Wolf-sama…”

 ”However, if I can look at her forever, it’s nice…”

 They follow Emily with a smile on their faces as she moves busily.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Shinji has visited the farmland surrounding <Bejin> Town. He is accompanied by Freri, a contracted spirit, as they walk through the devastated farmland.

 [Freri… is it still not good?]

 [..Hmm. Forgive me…]

 They saw a crops that have been unnecessarily dug up, their roots exposed and withered. Crops that have been trampled and fallen over. Crops that have been discarded after only a bite of the fruit has been bitten off. The sight of these wretched sights is enough to make Freri, who has the blood of a flower spirit in her veins, feel nothing but anger.

 Within the vast expanse of farmland, the townspeople are working on the least damaged areas first, and the worst areas are still untouched. Where Shinji and the others stand is a place that has been left untouched by such circumstances.

 [So, we have no choice but to clean up the mess…. We’ll just have to clean it up]

 […Shinji. Use magic]

 [Yeah, I know]

 Shinji pointed the tip of his staff at the earth as he exchanged thoughts. He casts a spell which spreads over the entire farmland.

 ”Return to the earth… <Decay>”

 The magic spreads in a circle around Shinji and Freri, and the debris of the crops touched by the magic slowly, slowly decompose. What would normally take many years to compost is now accomplished by the power of magic. For Freri, who is also a flower spirit that controls plants, this is an easy spell.

 [All that’s left is to mix it just right… Hmm!]

 Freri continues to work her magic. Ding! The earth shakes slightly, and the compost and soil blend well together. All that remains is for the people to cultivate the land and plant seedlings.

 There are not many wizards who can restore such a large scale of farmland by themselves. Even if there is one, he/she would have to pay a lot of money for the job. If one person cannot do it, the cost of hiring several people will eventually increase.

 Magic is extremely useful in managing a territory, and it was a great advantage for the Wolf family to have Shinji as a vassal.

 [Well, that’s about it. There are many more places like this… so, we’ll have to go around the villages in order]

 [I still have a lot of magic. Keep going, keep going…]

 [You’re really motivated… please take it easy on me, Freri]

 Shinji continues to use magic as Freri tries to work as long as she has the magic power.

 And as a result.

 ”…*Huff*, I’m tired… I’ve done the whole perimeter of this town in one day… Really, the pace is too fast…”

 ”Shinji, are you okay…? And Freri… I know you’re motivated, but you’re overdoing it”

 At night, Shinji lies in his room on Renka’s lap, exhausted. Renka’s expression is one of dismay as she touches her lover’s (Shinji) hair and shrugs it off. Shinji, on the other hand, is enjoying the warmth and feel of her healthy thighs.

 ”It’s so relaxing after a long day…”

 ”That tickles, Shinji”

 ”Sorry, sorry… Did Renka have any problems during the day?”

 ”Hmm… Nothing happened. I could have gone out with Shinji”

 ”Well, well. At least one of our men should be in the house”

 Shinji and Renka continue to talk peacefully. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted. Renka’s face naturally moves closer to Shinji’s face… their lips touch, and a small lip sound is heard.

 ”…Shall we?”


 The two of them are in the same room, alone, in secret, and it’s natural that their desire for each other cannot be held back during their five-day journey. So, in the privacy of their own room, there is no reason for Shinji and Renka, who are lovers, to hold back.

 Yes, even if, unlike the Wolf residence in Medio, there is Shuro and Neru sleeping in the room next to theirs. Shinji still tries to hold Renka regardless of that.

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