Wizard 431

Chapter 431 Love Affair with Renka and the Maids in the Next Room

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 Shinji and Renka sit up and embrace each other on the bed. Renka’s arms are around Shinji’s neck and Shinji’s arms are around Renka’s back as they embrace with their lips pressed together.

 ”*kiss*… nn, *kiss*… hah, mmm~♡”

 As if the repeated kisses were not enough, Renka’s tongue stretches out and so does Shinji’s. Their kisses are mild and gentle, as if they are confirming their love for each other. Their act made the quiet room filled with the sound of their breathing and the sound of their tongues entwining with each other’s.

 ”It’s already getting bigger… I’ll let it out”

 ”Well, I’ve been saving up for a few days now, Renka…”

 ”Fufu~♡ It’s throbbing…♡ Let’s give you some relief…”

 Renka’s hands, which was on his neck, move to his waist, and she pulls down Shinji’s pants and takes out his erect cock. Renka gently wraps her hands on his cock and squeezes his rod. Then, she caresses not only the rod but also the glans and the underside of the cock. Meanwhile, Shinji grabs and squeezes Renka’s ass.

 ”Ah~♡ Geez, Shinji… mmm~♡ I told you not to do my ass…♡ You pervert…♡”

 ”Are you still afraid?”

 ”Mmm… a little bit. Besides, I’d rather you do it in my vagina than in my ass…”

 Shinji tries tracing Renka’s asshole with his index finger as he puts his hand inside her loose shorts, but she gives him a reproachful look and he stops himself from touching her any further. He could have made her go into heat and developed her asshole if he wanted to, but he didn’t.

 (Renka doesn’t like it, and I should stop)

 If he prioritizes his role as incubus, he should force it, but Shinji prioritizes Renka, so he stopped. Thinking this, he moves his hand from her asshole to her front, touches her secret parts, and inserts his fingers into her pleadingly twitching vagina.

 As if nothing was happening, they caress each other’s genitals with their hands, and their tongues entwine with each other’s. Shinji’s glans overflowed with pre-cum, and Renka’s vagina dripped with love juice. And it made the sound of the water became louder and louder, and excited them even more.

 ”Renka, I want to do it already…”

 ”Nmm…♡ You don’t want me to take it out like this…?”

 ”Renka, you said you wanted it in your vagina, so I couldn’t resist putting it in”

 Part of Shinji want to ejaculate into Renka’s hand, which is squeezing his glans intensively. But most of all, he wanted to connect with her as soon as possible. So, even though Shinji speaks lightly, his eyes are strong.

 And Renka is very vulnerable to this strong, self-possessed gaze.

 ”…Then, give me lots of cum…♡”

 With these words, she lies on her back on the bed, and Shinji covers her as Renka takes off her shorts and panties.

* * *

 In the next room where Shinji and Renka are having s*x, Shuro and Neru are sleeping together. But then, Shuro notices a small sound first.

 […Ah~♡ …♡ Ah~♡ …♡]

 A small but lustrous female voice and a creaking sound reach Shuro’s ears through the wall while she is dozing off on the bed.

 (Huh…? W-what is this voice?)

 Because of her upbringing in an orphanage, Shuro is taught by the sisters about the s*xual relations between men and women. Shuro, who has no experience, remembers who is sleeping in the next room.

 (Renka-san…? Which means…)

 Shinji, Renka’s lover, also comes into her mind. She even picture them naked in each other’s arms, and her ears start to turn red.

 The room is dimly lit, but she covers her head and Neru, her roommate, with the futon so that they doesn’t hear Renka’s charming voice.

 (T-they’re lovers, aren’t they? Of course, they will do naughty things!)

 It is true that she’s very flustered, but it is also true that she’s interested in the s*x between a man and a woman.

 So far, she has not spent much time with Shinji and the others after they returned from their adventures. However, after spending a reasonable amount of time in the same carriage for five days and talking a lot, Shuro has become familiar with them.

 Even though she knew it was not wrong for them to do that, it bothered her. Nevertheless, Shuro, who is a good girl at heart, never thought of eavesdropping, and so, she was shivering in the futon.

 But then, Renka’s voice was getting a little louder, as if Shinji’s torture was getting more intense, so loud that Neru could hear it. Neru, who was about to fall asleep, half-opens her eyes at the sound of the voice.

 (Wait… Isn’t it a little…loud…? Shuro is shaking under the futon…)

 Neru turn her eyes to the bed where Shuro is sleeping, and she can see her head covered with the covers. Neru, however, can only grumble in her mind and closes her eyes again.

 [Ah~♡ Hyaa~♡ Ah~♡ Anh~♡ No~♡ So deep~♡ It’s so deep~♡]

 Neru tries not to be bothered by the sounds, but the more she tries, the more she is bothered by the voice. It seems so pleasant and happy that it makes her think back to her late husband and the love affair she had with him.

 (It’s a great voice… I don’t know if I can make a voice like that. I mean, the s*x was good, but was it so good that I couldn’t care less about my surroundings…?)

 Renka knows that Shuro and Neru are sleeping in the next room. But if Neru were in Renka’s shoes, she would be too embarrassed to raise her voice so loudly that the next room can hear.

 But all Neru has ever known is s*x with her deceased husband. She has no way of knowing that there is such pleasure that makes her lose herself, and she can only tilt her head back.

 [I’m cummmmming….♡ Ah~♡ It’s coming out….♡]

 After a while, Neru finally feels that the s*x is over and breathes a sigh of relief. But the body of the young widow, who lost her husband at a young age, was beginning to tingle in response to Renka’s happy and charming voice.

 However, her relief was a mistake.

 [Nnnah~♡ Ah~♡ G-geez~♡ Shinji…♡ Even though you let out so much…♡]

 (Eh!? Is it still going on!?)

 Neru can’t hide her surprise when she hears Renka’s voice panting again. After all, her late husband had fallen asleep as soon as he finished once.

 And so the long night of Shuro and Neru had just begun.

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