Wizard 432

Chapter 432 Renka Wants to Have a Baby with Shinji

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 Having received her beloved man’s sperm in her womb as she had wished, Renka is satisfied both physically and emotionally, and is immersed in the afterglow with an enraptured expression on her face. She feels the warmth of their bare skin against each other, the weight of Shinji covering her in the normal position, the sensation of his cock filling her vagina, and the tongues entwining with each other’s.

 Renka is in a state of unparalleled euphoria as she hugs Shinji.

 Because of this, she was unaware that Shinji’s soundproofing magic extended its effect not only to their room but also to the room next door where the maids were sleeping.

 ”Nnah…♡ Geez~♡ Shinji, what have you done…♡ You’ve given me so much…♡”

 ”But it’s not enough…right?”

 ”Yes…♡ Let’s do it again~♡”

 Shinji moves his hips gently, and Renka’s sweet voice comes out of her mouth. Their intertwined fingers and synchronized breathing make Renka more and more into the act.

 As her voice goes from subdued to loud and her moans become more lustful, Shinji’s hips naturally become more powerful.

 Grind~♡ Grind~♡ He thrusts his p*nis into her vagina, and Renka’s eyes widen.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji, Shinji’s~♡ Twitching and deep~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming so fast~♡”

 Renka’s sweet voice echoes in Shinji’s brain, making him more and more excited. And suddenly, a voice reaches his mind, but Shinji doesn’t look away from Renka’s eyes.

 [Shinji, I’ve seen enough of their reactions]

 The voice came from Freri, who is Shinji’s contracted spirit.

 The flowers in the maid’s room were enchanted by Freri, and she was watching Shuro and Neru with her magic.

 [Shuro has only knowledge. Neru has experience]

 [As expected. Then the one who’s going to be corrupted is Neru]

 [Hmm. She hasn’t had s*x since her late husband died, and I get the feeling that she’s been avoiding anything s*xual]

 Freri’s observant eye is accurate in detecting the maids’ s*xual experiences.

 Then, the reason why Shinji asked Freri to observe the maids is to have another collaborator besides Akane. He thought that Akane alone would not be enough to help the Wolf family as more and more people came in and out of the Wolf territory after the Wolf family became the owners of the territory.

 (The head maid will be especially busy. So, the cooperation of the maids is indispensable to corrupt Christina…)

 As a preparatory step, Shinji turned his attention to Neru. He thinks that Neru, a widow, is more suitable for his taste than Shuro, and decides to make her a collaborator.

 [I’ll see her after tomorrow, when I get a chance…]

 [Hmm, I understand… Today, I’ll just let the voice reach them]

 With these words, the voice from Freri was cut off. Shinji also puts Neru out of his thoughts.

 And now, he waits for Renka, panting in front of him, to climax and for her to calm down as she wobbles and convulses. Then, when the tightness of her vagina has settled, Shinji whispers in Renka’s ear.

 ”I’m going to change the position”

 ”*Pant* *Pant*…♡ Mmm, this position… is the best…♡ The one where we’re so close…♡ The one where we hold each other tighter…♡”

 Shinji sits cross-legged after pulling out his p*nis, and Renka straddles him with her hands behind her back. She leads his erect p*nis, which has become sticky with her love juice and semen, back into her vagina.

 Now, Renka sits on top of Shinji in the sitting position, which is the position she prefers most. The position where they hug each other and their genitals are deeply connected is the best position for them to exchange their love.

 ”Nnah, ahh~♡ *Pant* *Pant*…♡ Mm…♡ Fufu, *Kiss*…♡”

 ”What’s the matter? You’re smiling all of a sudden”

 ”Nothing. Having s*x with Shinji, it felt so good… and I’m so happy…”

 Their movements are very slow, but the synergistic effect of their movements heightens the pleasure. Renka’s smile is s*xy and calm, as she is aware of the euphoric feeling that s*x can only be achieved by being attentive to each other, something that cannot be experienced by devouring each other.

 (I’m happy…♡ And soon, Shinji and I are getting married…♡ Father and mother must be surprised…♡)

 Renka can’t think of any other man but Shinji now, but when she left her hometown, she was going to spend her whole life with Alvin. Her parents know that Renka liked Alvin. But due to this, Renka smiled, knowing that they would be surprised when she introduced Shinji to them.

 ”I feel good too…Renka, I love you”

 ”~♡ Yeah~♡ Me too…♡ Shinji, keep doing this…♡ Ah~♡ Again, give me some…♡ in my vagina…♡”

 ”Okay. I’ll cum, Renka…!”

 ”Yes~♡ Ah~♡ Come on…♡ Come on…♡ I want Shinji’s baby…♡ Ahhh…♡”

 Renka’s hips slam hard against Shinji’s, and her vagina clenching as she begs for his seed. Her desire to be impregnated makes Shinji want to turn off the contraceptive magic, but he holds back and ejaculates inside her vagina.

 Spurttttttt! Spurttt! Spurtt!

 With a squeal, they hugged each other, and Renka’s vagina squeezed out all Shinji’s semen she could. The semen is thicker than the original, but it does not drip out of her vagina, as a sign of Renka’s strong desire to have a baby.

 ”Haaaaaa…♡ Ahhh…♡ Mmm… Shinji wants a baby too, doesn’t he? Because you’re producing so many…♡”

 ”Of course. Right after the wedding”

 ”I’m so happy…♡ *Kiss*~♡ …I can’t wait to hold the baby in my arms”

 Renka strokes her belly above the uterus with a loving expression on her face. Shinji feels the same way as Renka with her gentle motherly smile.

 ”Yeah. Let’s hurry up and finish the work with Alvin and the others. I should say hello to Renka’s parents too”

 ”Please…♡ Mmm…♡ Ah…♡ Geez, you’re still twitching….♡ Shinji, you really are a bottomless pit…♡”

 Renka’s tone of voice is troubled, but she’s not entirely unperturbed. Their peaceful companionship continues.

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