Wizard 433

Chapter 433 Neru Works While Thinking of Her Late Husband

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 Shinji worked hard until late at night, but woke up early the next morning. And having finished most of the work around the <Bejin> town on the first day, Shinji decided to move up his schedule and go to another town.

 There is plenty of work for a wizard (Shinji) to do if he looks for it. He could not waste time.

 ”Well, I’m sorry to bother you so early in the morning. Thank you”

 ”No… it’s the maid’s duty”

 Shinji gets ready and receives his lunch from Neru in front of the Lord’s mansion. Renka, on the other hand, was unable to get up to see him off due to a late night of socializing.

 Seeing Shinji putting the lunch box in his bag and putting his luggage back on his back, Neru opens his mouth to tell him what happened last night, though she is a little reluctant to say so.

 ”Well, about last night. I could hear your voice in my room…”

 ”Voices…? Ah… uh, I’m sorry. I should have used magic. I’ll be more careful next time”

 Neru is relieved to see Shinji’s apologetic face with a furrowed brow, which makes it hard to believe that he had intentionally made her hear his voice.

 If it was unintentional, she was relieved that she would not have to go through the same thing again tomorrow.

 ”Even Shinji-san makes careless mistakes, doesn’t he?”

 ”Well, I make mistakes too, you know…”

 ”Fufufu, I’m sorry. Looking at what you’ve done before coming to this town and the way you guys usually act, I don’t have the image of you making a mistake…”

 ”You’re being too optimistic… seriously”

 During the five-day journey, Shinji’s instructions were precise, and both Renka and Emily trusted him and followed his directions. Even in <Medio>, Shinji is often a good listener when talking with Alvin, Milis, and Akane.

 Because of this, for Neru, Shinji has become a dependable person. However, his careless mistakes result in a sense of intimacy with Neru.

 ”Shuro have turned bright red. When she woke up in the morning, she was the first to ask me about last night”

 When Neru woke up and got out of bed, Shuro told her about Shinji and Renka’s voices and asked her what she thought they had done.

 (I didn’t know she was so sullen…)

 Surprised by the hidden side of her colleague, Neru lightly talks with Shuro about the affair while thinking about her life with her late husband.

 And after calming her down and soothing her, Neru is here making breakfast and lunch.

 ”I guess I stimulated Shuro too much… I’ll apologize when I get back. …. I hope nothing happened with Renka who is still in the house…”

 ”I don’t think it’s a good idea to go and talk to her about it”

 ”Hmm… If that’s the case, can you help me… I’m so worried I can’t do my job”

 ”Fufufu, I understand. I will try to calm Shuro down in case of emergency”

 ”Thank you… for your help”

 Shinji’s slightly pathetic way of asking for help reminded Neru of her deceased husband, and she nodded her head in agreement to Shinji’s request.

 Perhaps relieved to see Neru, Shinji got on his horse and rode away from the lord’s house.

 ”See you later”

 After seeing Shinji off, Neru returned back.

 As time went by, before sunset, Shinji’s return did not cause Renka to become upset with him. This is because Neru talked with Shuro first and was not upset when she saw Renka.

 The reason why Neru went out of her way to talk with Shuro and help Shinji in between work was because she saw in Shinji the image of her late husband.

 (His face is not similar to him, but… is it the atmosphere? That slightly pathetic part of him was similar to Van’s)

 Her dead husband, Van, was a kind young man.

 Neru was introduced by her parents and arranged to meet Van, and the two hit it off and ended up getting married. He was a hardworking merchant who traveled between towns and was often away from home, but when he had time, he would walk around town with Neru, and it can be said that the couple spent happy times together.

 Neru loved Van, who smiled with a lowered eyebrow and a slightly pathetic face.

 However, her husband is killed by the malice of his colleague.

 After everything was over, Neru received a report from the head of the merchant company where her husband worked that the people brought by his colleagues to protect the wagon were a bunch of amateurs.

 There was no way that such a group of amateurs could protect people and goods from the monster that attacked the wagon, and they were all killed, including her husband. The perpetrators said that they thought they would be safe because the road was not usually attacked by monster.

 Although the perpetrator was charged with embezzlement and killing the members of the trading company and sentenced to death, Neru was not comforted by the loss of her beloved husband (Van).

 After that, the head of the trading company gave Neru a part of the property taken from the perpetrators and the couple’s savings, and she continued to live in the house where they had lived together… not willing to be seduced by men, until now.

 (…I’m going back to temple to pray…)

 Neru is blessed with a good job and good co-workers.

 She is now happy in her peaceful life and walks down the corridor of the house to finish her last task of the day, thinking of her late husband, but not realizing that she is being targeted.


 Freri is watching her through the flowers decorating the mansion.

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