Wizard 434

Chapter 434 Neru Falls into Freri’s Scheme

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 Shinji goes to a village in the Wolf territory for a few days.

 During these days, Freri also observes Neru, who was working as a maid, but from her point of view, she does not understand what Neru enjoys in her daily life.

 (All she does is working as a maid and praying…)

 From early in the morning, Neru works as a maid and takes the initiative in her work. During lunch break, after eating, she took a nap and worked again. Even after dark, she tries to work until the end of the day, making sure that she is always working for someone else. And when she has nothing left to do, she goes to sleep as soon as possible.

 Neru’s personal time is limited to chatting with her roommate Shuro and praying to the goddess. The chats are more like listening to Shuro’s conversation rather than spontaneous talking.

 Due to this, Freri has no idea what Neru is looking forward to in life, and when she reports to Shinji as soon as he returns to the mansion, he tells her his guess.

 ”I think she still hasn’t sorted out her feelings. After all, her lost husband was such a big part of her life”

 [Why doesn’t she just do something fun?]

 ”She doesn’t even feel like it. Freri… a while ago… the goddess teleported me and the magical connection was severed. It’s similar to that”

 […I understand a little]

 Freri doesn’t understand the pain of losing a loved one, but when Shinji says about the time when the magical connection was severed, she can’t help but nod her head. Freri knows the loneliness of suddenly losing someone she took for granted to be next to her.

 Although it would be a kind and humane thing to leave Neru alone now, but the half-succubus Freri doesn’t have that kind of feeling. She will just proceed with the story as originally planned.

 [It is about to become unbearable. Because every day she releases a little bit of fragrance that makes her feel naughty.]

 ”Maybe that’s why she’s a little less focused. .”

 [Fufufu. Neru knows that Shinji’s naughty bits are great, so that’s why.]

 Renka’s charming voice and their long nighttime activities.

 Neru instinctively knows that Shinji is a good male. This is why she keeps her distance so as not to make any mistakes.

 [She can’t relieve herself in her room because of Shuro’s presence. She can’t go to the bathroom because someone else might come in. So if she wants to relief…]

 Now it’s the time, that’s after dinner. When most of the work is done and everyone’s back in their rooms. Freri, who’s been keeping an eye on Neru, notices that she’s not going to her room but towards the warehouse, which is the least popular place in the house.

 [There’ s no other way but to sneak off somewhere.]

 Shinji smiles at Freri’s fascinating thought.

* * *

 Unaware that she is being watched by Freri, Neru is walking down the corridor of the mansion, trying not to make a sound. Her goal is an empty warehouse. She couldn’t let anyone find her because she wanted to go there.

 (I don’t know why I’m so naughty… …Is it because I heard Shinji-san and the others’ naughty voices…?)

 Neru has been feeling a warm sensation in the core of her body for the past few days. She understood that it was caused by frustration.

 She wonders why her s*xual desire, which had disappeared after her husband’s death, has come back. The only thing that comes to mind is that she heard about Shinji and Renka’s s*xual intercourse, and she wonders why.

 As for her being watched by a half-succubus (Freri)and her contractor (Shinji), there was no way that she, an ordinary person, could have thought of it.

 (I could have done it in my room if I wasn’t in the same room with Shuro. …I have to finish this quickly and get back.)

 Neru enters a warehouse outside the villa, closes the door, and locks it from the inside. After looking around the dimly lit warehouse and making sure it is empty, Neru goes to an old table that she has been eyeing during the day.

 She puts one hand on the table, which is moderately high and has rounded corners, and rolls up the long skirt of her maid’s uniform to reveal her white underwear.

 She presses her secret part against the corner of the table through her slightly stained underwear, and when she rocks her hips lightly, she feels sweet and numbing pleasure, and a moan escapes from Neru’s mouth.

 (Mmm…♡ Hmph…♡ Van…♡ My dear…♡ Mmm…♡)

 She slowly rubs the sensitive spot on the corner of the desk, closing her eyes and thinking of her late husband. Remembering the act with her beloved husband and the caress of his fingers, Neru eagerly presses her secret against the table and feels the anticipation of climax.

 (Mmm…♡ Coming…♡)

 Just when she was about to climax, the door was opened.

 The door that was supposed to be locked opens and Shinji steps into the warehouse.

 Shinji knew that Neru was reliefing herself. But he pretended not to know and pointed his staff at Neru and said.

 ”That’s enough. You’ve got a lot of nerve coming into this mansion to steal…”

 Shinji pretends that he has noticed something wrong in the warehouse and has rushed to the scene. He is armed with his staff, and by saying that she is going to steal, he is showing Neru that she was suspected as a thief.


 Shinji, however, saw Neru reliefing herself. Neru, on the other hand, was also at a loss for words because Shinji had suddenly jumped into the room and she was mistaken for a thief.

 Therefore, there was a silent pause between the two of them.

 Shinji was the first to make a move. He lowered his staff he was pointing at Neru, who was frozen with her long skirt pulled up and her white underpants fully exposed in a very embarrassing way.

 He then closed the door of the room.

 ”…Let’s talk about it for now…”

 ”…T-Thank you very much…”

 Neru, whose mind was finally back by Shinji’s words, put her skirt back on and turned her head down with a voice that sounded as if it was about to disappear.

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