Wizard 435

Chapter 435 Neru’s Plea

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 Shinji and Neru face each other in the dimly lit warehouse.

 Shinji lowers his staff but looks at Neru with dismay and suspicion. He knows that Neru has broken into the warehouse to relieve her s*xual desire, but he is only pretending to be suspicious of her.

 It was understandable that she could not think properly when she was suddenly suspected. But in order to explain something, Neru starts to speak.

 ”U-umm, why are there people here?”

 ”I’m just trying to figure out where the people are in the mansion, that’s all. I don’t want any problems to happen while Alvin’s away. As a matter of fact, that’s how it worked.”

 ”You can’t just… spy on people…”

 ”Things don’t settle well just because something’s fine. As long as you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem.”

 Neru’s words were lost in the pressure of Shinji’s squinting eyes. Neru’s impatience grows as he becomes more and more suspicious of Shinji’s attitude.

 ”Shinji-san! I didn’t steal anything, did I? I mean, you saw me, didn’t you? I… umm, I just came to this room to relief myself…!”

 Shinji’s eyes remained the same as Neru tried her best to explain herself with a red face.

 ”But it’s possible that you just pretended to do that on the spur of the moment when I came close to you”

 ”That’s not true…!? Because Shuro is in the room… where else would there be no one?”

 ”That makes sense, but… as the person in charge of the deputy, I can’t easily believe you…”

 Shinji’s doubtful expression turns into a troubled smile when he hears the reason, but no words of forgiveness are forthcoming. Neru tried to explain further, but could think of nothing else to say except that she had come here to relief herself.

 ”Well, let’s get back to your room for today. I will report this matter to Alvin who will be here soon. As a deputy, I have no rights over the servants”

 Shinji, as the deputy in charge, tries to respond in a perfectly reasonable manner. At his words, Neru’s face turned pale.

 If Alvin is informed means that his employer (Alvin) knows that Neru has been reliefing herself in the warehouse. Then, her boss, the head maid (Akane), her fellow maids (Shuro and others), and other fellow servants also know about it.

 And what if the majority of people knew that she was suspected of being a thief and found out that she was just reliefing herself, which is too embarrassing?

 (I can’t work at here anymore…!)

 It would be an unbearable shame for young Neru, even though she has been married before. Once her thoughts start to turn in the wrong direction, she can’t stop it.

 ”S-stop…!? Wait a minute…!? I’m not lying!”

 ”Even if you say so, I must report it. After all, you acted suspiciously.”

 ”I beg you, please don’t do that…!”

 Neru’s head was filled with the thought that she had to make this a one-time-only conversation. She approaches Shinji without hesitation, grabs Shinji’s hand with both hands, and presses his hand against the pocket in the apron of her maid’s apron.

 Shinji felt Neru’s soft thighs through the apron and clothes and shook his head.

 ”Here, look. I don’t have anything on me, right?”

 ”No, it’s no good. Please move away from me”

 ”I-I don’t have any other pocket…”

 Neru boldly presses Shinji’s hand against her chest to make him check the pocket on her chest. The bulge is not large but soft, and his hand moves to check the softness.

 Neru is trying hard to clear up the misunderstanding and does not intend to deceive Shinji by seducing him with her body. However, the result is such a bad girl move.

 As Neru and Shinji got closer to each other because of the distance between them, and Shinji’s thing was getting hard against her thigh, Neru finally became aware of the fact.

 (D-do I have no choice but to do it…?)

 In calm condition, she would never have thought like this.

 But Neru could not think of any other way to negotiate with Shinji. She decided that the only way to get him to change his mind was to flirt with him.

 (Van, I’m sorry… just for now…)

 Though the face of her beloved husband (Van)flashed in her mind, Neru offered her body to save herself, rubbing her thigh against Shinji’s thing as she spoke.

 ”Until you’re satisfied, Shinji-san, please check it… So, please… please don’t let Master (Alvin) know… please…”

 There is no way that Shinji can be seduced by a poor attempt at seduction. And a truly innocent man would have rebuffed her and scolded her.

 But Shinji, who has chosen the life of corrupting women and giving pleasure to them, stands in front of Neru.

 [That’s a great assist, Freri]


 Shinji puts his hands behind Neru’s back as she tumbles into his grasp, and pulls back the apron strings of her maid’s apron, which is tied behind her back. As Shinji praises Freri and hears her voice, he chuckles at the thought that reminds him of Freri’s smug face.

 ”If Neru-san says so, then…”

 ”Ah…, y-yes. …. Shinji, san…?”

 Shinji’s voice has changed dramatically, and Neru is puzzled, but she can’t say anything bad. She is convinced that she must not do anything to offend Shinji.

 So Neru is.

 ”Okay, after you take off your apron, can you put your hands on the table and turn your butt toward me? I’ll check to see if there is anything missing”

 Neru does as Shinji says.

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