Wizard 436

Chapter 436 Eating Neru, Part One

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 Neru takes off her maid’s apron and as Shinji instructed her, she puts her hands on the table and thrusts her butt. It is obvious what is about to happen, and her body trembles with nervousness.

 She is prepared to be held, but she does not know what she will be asked to do. This anxiety is expressed in the trembling of her body.

 ”Don’t be so nervous… is that too much to ask?”

 Her black hair was tied back behind her head, her back was slender, and her hips were small. Her neat maid’s uniform of long sleeves and a long skirt accentuates Neru’s fine lines.

 Her fragile widow status also reinforces the immorality of the situation of touching a maid, and Shinji is suddenly motivated to do so.

 Knowing that he can’t relieve Neru’s nervousness and anxiety by repeating words, Shinji quickly stands behind her.

 He begins by stroking her the waist, butt, and stomach gently. As he touches her back, shoulders, and arms, Neru’s body, which had been more tense than necessary, relaxes considerably.

 (I’m glad he’s not going to be rough with me… Mmm)

 Seeing her reaction, Shinji changes his way of touch. He wrapped his hands on her breasts and squeezed them to check them. Shinji’s touch is very gentle, as if he is enjoying the feeling of touch. Gradually, Neru’s nervousness fades away and she begins to feel the sensation.

 ”Mmm… Ah… Fuah…”

 Her nipples never touched, not even her areola. But Neru feels certain pleasure in spite of the fact that she is wearing underwear and a maid’s uniform.

 As she is a normal girl, there is no way she can realize that it is because her body has been made sensitive by an estrus magic, so she is puzzled and stifles her voice.


 Shinji’s hands slip inside her skirt and caress her inner thighs. Her sweet moan comes out unintentionally, and Neru is embarrassed.

 (It’s a very innocent reaction. It seems she is a widow but inexperienced.)

 Neru’s ears are red, but Shinji quickly pulls back her hips. Then her butt are pressed tightly against Shinji’s hardened cock. Neru tries to pull her hips away from Shinji, but the hand on her thigh refuses to let go.

 ”If you move away from me, I can’t examine you”

 ”Y-yes… Ah… Ah…”

 Shinji takes a step forward and gets even closer to her. Neru naturally can feel his cock on her butt, which is so obvious even through her clothes, yet Shinji continues to caress her while avoiding her sensitive parts such as her nipples and secret parts.

 (No way… why, am I… feel… like this…♡)

 Neru, who has led a celibate life since the death of her husband, wriggles her hips at the numbing sensation rising up from deep inside her body and the discomfort in her crotch that naturally begins to get wet.

 It feels good, but it’s not enough. Neru is at the mercy of Shinji’s exquisite moderation, which makes her want more.

 ”Haa…♡ Mmm, haa…haa…♡ Ah…”

 ”I can’t find the stolen goods. Let’s look more closely.”

 ”Kyaah~♡ Ah, my voice…♡”

 Neru’s voice filled with impatience as Shinji pulled away from Neru. But before she could feel her disappointment, Shinji kneeled down on the spot, rolled up Neru’s long skirt, and moved inside her skirt.

 Shinji stroked her soft butt with his hands, and his breath tickled her when her buried his face between her half-open legs. Neru’s body and mind are being built up by the caresses, and what she feels is not shame or disgust, but pleasure.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji, san~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Why are you lick it~♡”

 Shinji’s tongue was wet with her love juices, and Neru could feel it through her panties. His hot breaths and expert use of his tongue make Neru’s hips buckle.

 His persistent cunnilingus pummels Neru’s head until her panties is so wet with Shinji’s saliva and Neru’s love juices that it no longer serves its purpose.

 (Amazing~♡ Ah~♡ Even though I’m still cumming~♡ I’m cumming again~♡ Ah~♡ Comiiiing~♡ Mmmm~♡ Ah~♡ Cumming againnn~♡)

 Meanwhile, Neru kept thrusting her butt while listening to the sound of slurping, and climaxed shallowly again and again. Her head was filled with pleasure from the repeated climaxes, and she was completely at the mercy of the man.

 (Shinji-san is too good…♡ I don’t know such a thing…♡)

 There is a desire to satisfy Shinji. However, Neru couldn’t think how she could satisfy him after he kept making her cum so easily just by foreplay.

 She was taught through cunnilingus that the most pleasurable thing for her was to just keep accepting Shinji’s actions. Just as Neru was about to break down, Shinji’s caresses finally ended

 ”Well, then, let’s go check out the back part. Neru-san, could you please remove something that is in the way?”

 Neru hears Shinji get up from inside her skirt and pull down her panties. As she pulls up her long skirt, her soaked white panties comes into Shinji’s sight.

 However, Shinji does not remove it by himself. He wants Neru to take off her panties herself, so that she will realize that she, the widow, has made her own choice to accept it.

 ”…Please check it out, to your heart’s content…♡”

 Neru’s hand moves without hesitation and pulls down her panties. She reveals her beautiful secret parts, which she has never shown to anyone but her husband.

 Neru does this only once in order to be spared because she has no choice but to give her body to him. However, the anticipation of unknown pleasure is beginning to grow inside of her.

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