Wizard 43

Chapter 43 Alvin’s Fulfilling Life as an Adventurer

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 The Oni’s garden, a high-level dungeon.

 This is a dungeon inhabited by monsters known as Oni.

 Oni are powerful enemies that no ordinary adventurer can match.

 They are huge, much bigger than humans. Their entire body is covered in muscular armor, and they are strong and tough. They have the ability to regenerate themselves and heal minor wounds in a matter of seconds.

 Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> had reached the bottom level of the dungeon where these monsters lived, in front of the boss room.

 ”Okay…everyone, we’re on plan. Let’s go”


 Milis, Renka, Shinji and Freri nodded at Alvin’s words and stepped into the room where the boss was.

 As per the reconnaissance, what was waiting for them was a group of six Oni: one boss, three with spiked iron clubs, and two with a bow. The boss was bigger than the original Oni, and he had a pair of horns.

 ”The first move must be won!”

 Alvin’s figure disappears.

 An Oni with spiked iron clubs reacted to Alvin who stepping in front of him in an instant, but it was too late. Alvin has already finished swinging his great sword.

 ”First, one!”

 A flash of sideways horizontal slice cut through the body of the Oni without regard to its muscular armor and the upper body is cut off. The moment that Alvin’s great sword struck, blue magic power covered the surface of it and increased its sharpness.

 This is a special version of <Magic Blade>. It is a type that has almost no range and deploys only in the vicinity of the blade, increasing its power only.

 The group of Oni that had lost their comrades in the surprise attack were not upset. Two arrows with tremendous momentum approach Alvin, who is stopped after he has swung his great sword. If it hits, the arrow is powerful enough to pierce a human body with a single blow, but it takes a strange trajectory in front of Alvin and pierces the ground.

 [<Avoid Arrow>]

 It’s Shinji’s magic. The magic that protects him from physical long-range attacks. By the time the Oni’s spiked iron club is swung down on Alvin, he has kicked the ground again and left the scene.

 The Oni, enraged by the ineffectiveness of its arrows, throws away its bow and charges at Shinji and the rearguard. Seeing this, Shinji mutters, ” You brainless bastard…” and smiles. It made the Oni even more nervous.

 Shinji didn’t seem to respond to the oncoming Oni. That’s because there’s no need. Shinji has an excellent contracted spirit.

 Freri stood comfortably between Shinji and the Oni, and pointed her index finger at them. The yellow powder spewed out from the small magic circle at her finger tips and hit the Oni’ faces.

 The excited Oni inhaled the powder. They instantly tangled their legs and fell to the ground with the momentum they had been running with.


 Freri looked down coldly at the Oni who were unable to move due to the fast-acting paralyzing pollen. It’s another way of saying that she’s done her job.

 A self-regenerating Oni will be able to move again in a few seconds, but <Running Wolves> is not incompetent enough to waste those few seconds.

 ”<Holy Sword>!”

 Two Oni.

 Milis’s <Holy Sword> pierced the head of one of them from above.

 The remaining ones are pierced by Renka’s arrows. This is easy for Renka, who has been gathering magic power in her arrows from the start of the battle to get through the outer shell of the Oni.

 ”Two! Three!”

 It is a heavy burden for the Oni that can only attack with a large swing to deal with Alvin. It’s cut off in turn before he can take effective measures against Alvin, who repeatedly hit-and-run.

 What was the boss demon doing during that time?

 ”<Rock Arm> <Rock Arm> <Rock Arm>”

 In addition to being struck off his feet by Shinji’s <Swamp>, he is concentrating on crushing with the <Rock Arm> that is being delivered one after another.

 A single blow would not be fatal. However, the Oni’s self-respect did not want to take the attack of for nothing, and he tried to taunt Shinji by crushing his attack.

 In all likelihood, Shinji, who had intended to stall for time, would not be offended.

 He had always planned to wait until his friends had defeated their cronies, and he didn’t think he should be the one to defeat them.

 He would just have to win in the end.

 It would be a while before he could continue to consume magic and become a crusher. Alvin, Milis, Renka, and Freri joined the fight.

 The boss, who found himself alone, roared in anger.

 But it’s too late now. The boss had no chance to win.

 In this way, the <Running Wolves> succeeded in conquering the Oni’s Garden.

* * *

 ”Congratulations. Your capture of the Oni’s Garden has been approved. And here is your reward for this time”

 ”Thank you very much!!”

 After finishing the dungeon invasion, the <Running Wolves> group returned to the guild.

 The leader of the group, Alvin, went alone to the reception counter to report the incident and exchange the magic stones for cash. After receiving a bag full of rewards, Alvin asked the receptionist.

 ”When is the promotion test for upper-intermediate rank?”

 ”Well…. It will be about three months from now.”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 The only requirement to take the promotion test is to have conquered a high-level dungeon. Alvin was eager to take the promotion test as soon as he could.

 After bowing, Alvin left the counter.

 (I’ll have to talk to everyone about this…!)

 Alvin ran to the place where he had the three of them waiting.

 From a distance, he could see that Milis and Renka were having a friendly conversation, and Shinji was watching over them.

 Seeing this scene, Alvin realized that he was truly having a fun and fulfilling life.

 (Only two more ranks to go to the top of the upper levels, my goal…!)

 Shinji seems to have noticed Alvin running and tells Milis and Renka about Alvin’s presence.

 Both of them greet Alvin with a smile when they notice him. Of course, Shinji did too.

 ”Al-kun! Good work!”

 ”Al! We’re hungry, let’s go to dinner!”

 ”Alvin, thank you for the cash”

 The four of them would surely be able to reach their dreams.

 With confidence, Alvin joined the circle.

* * *

 [Secret talk that Alvin didn’t hear]

 ”I’ll come to your house again the day after tomorrow… ♡”

 ”I’ll be waiting with Shinji, Mil ♡”

 And that’s where part of the story ends.

 Alvin doesn’t know anything, so he’s happy to be living an ideal adventurer’s life with ideal friends. I guess not knowing is believing!

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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