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Chapter 43.5 Main Character Introduction (The End of Part One)

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 Shinji <Reliable older brother-like cuckold man>

 The main character of this work.

 He is a wizard who has a contract with Freri, the spirit of flowers.

 He doesn’t want to fuck unless it’s cuckold.

 He likes maid.

 He likes Renka so much that he changed his original plan and made her his girlfriend.

 Recently, he’s started to feel that he can get turned on by other things besides cuckolding, but cuckolding is still his favorite.

 Alvin <Country boy swordsman with a serious heart>

 The leader of <Running Wolves>. 16 years old.

 He has short black hair and is armed with a two-handed sword.

 He likes to wear light armor and is good at quick movements and bold attacks. He has a good-looking face.

 His personality is rough in a good way. He cares for his girlfriend, Milis.

 He likes to drink. He has never played with women or gambled.

 He is Emily’s Apprentice.

 He gave Milis an engagement ring.

 Milis <Kind-hearted priestess> → Milis <Priestess of Pleasure>

 Healer of <Running Wolves>. 16 years old.

 She has beautiful blond hair that reaches to her waist and is armed with a staff. She is a priestess who wears a blue vestment. She has a pretty face.

 Despite her short stature, she has large breasts and hips, and a body that is popular with men.

 Her personality is calm and reserved. She relies on her boyfriend, Alvin. She adores Renka as if she were her sister.

 As a result of being taught pleasure by Shinji’s s*x, she has developed a lewd crest.

 She is Shinji’s convenient s*x friend.

 She is so addicted to s*x that she actively does it behind Alvin’s back.

 She loves to be fucked in the back by Shinji’s big cock.

 Renka <Maid Ranger> → Renka <Love Drowned Ranger>

 A scout and archer belonging to <Running Wolves>. 17 years old.

 She has moderate red hair and uses a bow and dagger as weapons. A ranger in green robes.

 Her face is very beautiful and well-balanced.

 Her style is well-balanced. Her breasts are rather large.

 She has a strong sense of responsibility and a competitive personality. She is a year older than Alvin and Milis, but she acts like an older sister and tries to protect them.

 She seems to have feelings for Alvin as a member of the opposite s*x, and the fact that she can’t be honest with him and argues with him is a reflection of her feelings for him. Alvin is completely unaware of this.


 She is becoming addicted to s*x with Shinji.

 She began to feel pleasure in serving him.

 She loves to have s*x with Shinji in the face-to-face sitting position.

 Becomes lovers with Shinji. She doesn’t tell Alvin her secret yet.

 She feels sorry about Milis’ affair, but she puts Shinji first and is an accomplice to the secret.

 Shinji imprinted her to believe that it is natural for him to have a s*x friend, but she knows that she is the only one who is loved by him. In fact, Shinji may flirt with Renka, but not with Milis.

 Charlotte <The cheerful daughter of an innkeeper> → Charlotte <The Future Innkeeper Lady who has Fallen>

 The signboard girl of <Hidden Dragon Inn>

 She has light brown hair. She has a pretty face and large breasts.

 She has a boyfriend named Morse.

 When Morse asks her to marry him, she accepts, but has no intention of ending her relationship with Shinji. She is so addicted to him.

 She agreed to Shinji’s request to conceive his child.

 Nanaka <Married Woman>

 A former member of Shinji’s party.

 Her purple hair is tied back in a ponytail.

 Her breasts are small in size, but she has an attractive, plump lower body.

 Her husband is Haruto. Her daughter is Hana.

 Emily <Talented beautiful warrior>

 A former member of Shinji’s party.

 She has shoulder-length blond hair. She has a very pretty face.

 She is short in height and has a child’s figure.

 She has a crush on Shinji. Very strong.

 She became Alvin’s Master and act together

 Akane <The Lecherous Nun>

 A former adventurer from the same hometown as Alvin and the others.

 A nun with dark red hair.

 Her party was destroyed, and she was saved by <Running Wolves>.

 She left her hometown and is now a nun in a desert city.

 She hides her big breasts with Sarashi.

 Her phobia of men has not been alleviated by Shinji, but rather she has been taught the benefits of s*x and has become addicted to s*x with him.

 She feels dependent on Shinji.

 Freri <Shinji’s Contracted Spirit>

 A girl with green hair and skin, wearing a white dress and with a pretty face. About the same height as Milis. Her body shape is not bumpy. Her face also looks young.

 Follows Shinji’s instructions precisely. She doesn’t talk much. She doesn’t talk at all.

 Her green hair blooms when she’s happy.


 The order of Boobs size, the biggest is from the left.

 Milis ← Akane ← Charlotte ← Renka ← (The person who can do Paizuri start here) ← Nanaka == Freri ← ← Emily

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