Wizard 44

Chapter 44 A New Beginning – An Encounter with Fire-Breathing Dragon

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 Only one month left before the promotion exam.

 The members of <Running Wolves> spent their days mainly training themselves and occasionally going to dungeons to earn money.

 While the five of them, including Emily, were having dinner, someone called out to them from the side.

 ”Are you <Running Wolves>?”

 The man’s bossy tone interrupts their pleasant conversation, and all five of their eyes are drawn to the owner of the voice.

 The man’s face looked very well defined. His blond hair, luxurious robes and staff were all in perfect balance. Everything was perfectly balanced and harmonious, enhancing the man’s appearance.

 ”Yes, but… do you need something?”

 Alvin looks at the upper rank adventurer’s card on the man’s chest and responds in the same manner he uses for the same rank.

 ”Well, I’ve heard that you’ve conquered a dungeon. My party <Fire-breathing Dragon> just finished conquering it the other day too. What do you think? Why don’t we join forces and get to know each other as we aim for the same upper-intermediate rank?”

 At the same time as he finished speaking in a very bossy manner, magic was secretly released from the man’s body. Shinji immediately detects the malicious intent of the magic and secretly cancels out the man’s magic.

 (This feeling… is it <Charm>? Did he intend to take advantage of his good looks to make a good impression?)

 The man realized that his charm had failed and glared at Shinji.

 Shinji smiled back at the man with an innocent look on his face.

 If <Charm> fails, the only thing that remains is the domineering man’s words and actions. Even if he was good-looking, there was no way Alvin and the others would accept him.

 ”Sorry. I’ll pass today”

 ”I see. Well, maybe another time”

 The man turned back without any particular regret.

 ”If you want to get to the top, you have to get someone who can use more powerful magic. The limitations of those who are contracted with flower spirits and other spirits that are not suitable for combat will reach their limits one day.”

 ”What was that!?”

 Emily raged at his last words. Shinji immediately restrained Emily. Renka’s face is also tainted with anger, and Alvin and Milis also look uncomfortable.

 ”Thanks for the extra advice! We don’t need your help!”

 Alvin shouted angrily at the man’s back as he walked away.

 ”Why are you holding me back? Shinji!”

 ”Don’t get into trouble. We have a promotion exam coming up, and anything that happens could affect the exam”

 Even though the man was completely gone, Emily tried to push Shinji, but he just laughed and shook his head. It’s no secret that Emily is close to <Running Wolves>. It would only be a problem if people thought that <Running Wolves> was luring Emily away.

 ”Al! Next time you see him, don’t take him seriously!”

 ”I know! …What the hell is wrong with him?”

 ”He was a strange man, wasn’t he, Al-kun?”

 Alvin and the others were angry and confused.

 ”That guy used magic. I found it disturbing, so I canceled it out”

 Alvin and the others laughed back at Shinji’s prank-like laugh.

 ”Well, then that last one was a sore loser”

 ”Fufu, he was frustrated, wasn’t he?”

 Alvin and the others who were in a bad mood finally returned to their normal mood. Seeing that, Shinji continued to talk.

 ”Since we don’t have any evidence, telling the guild will probably only cause trouble and it’s useless…so let’s avoid dealing with him. We should be careful not to be alone, especially in deserted places”


 ”What did you mean? That guy…”

 Alvin wondered, thinking back to the man who had made the unsettling move.

 In response to his words, Shinji replied, “Well, you know…”

* * *

 [Damn, that guy’s an asshole!]

 After that, Shinji returned to the inn and summoned Freri.

 When the man turned to leave, Shinji had succeeded in putting a seed into his robe. The seed seemed to have stuck to the man’s robe all the way to his room, and when he asked Freri to listen in through the seed, she was able to pick up the man’s voice.

 He seemed to be recalling the events of the previous moment.

 [That man who can’t even use high-powered magic… Ugh, he’s interfering me…! Ohh…]

 Although the man’s voice is raging, he occasionally makes unpleasant gasping noises, and the sound of water licking gives an idea of what is going on the other side.

 [Lili, Lilu, lick it well… oh… that’s good…]

 ”Well, you’re either angry or you’re trying to vent…”

 Dumbfounded, Shinji continued to eavesdrop.

 Freri is leaning against Shinji’s back, looking bored.

 [But, Minato-sama… I’ve heard he’s an excellent wizard. After he joined, <Running Wolves> made a huge leap forward…]

 [Shut up, you fat-titted bitch! That guy! He’s second-rate who can’t sign a contract with a battle spirit like my fire spirit. He happened to cancel out my magic, but… Hmm! I don’t know what kind of magic he used!!]

 ”Hahaha, this guy is funny”

 Shinji muttered quietly, “Third-rate people who don’t notice eavesdropping”. Freri looks like she is not amused by the bad things said about her. Shinji patted Freri’s head slowly.

 [Oh, well… You’ll see. I’ve decided to make that woman mine. Those small breasts are mine!]


 Shinji tilted his head at the word “small breast”. Freri also tilted her head in response.

 [Huh… Huh… That beautiful girl…! Emily-chan… Emily-chan is so cute…! I want lick her…!”

 ”Whoa, is this guy a pervert?”

 Shinji frowned unconsciously.

 In other words, the reason why he approached <Running Wolves> was to create an opportunity to talk to their close friend, Emily.

 For the time being, the situation has been roughly grasped, and Shinji stopped listening to the man’s creepy voice so as not to hear any more. Then he began to think.

 ”That man name is Minato… a wizard. Lili and Lilu, that man seems to have perverted taste, so They must be little girl. The girl he called “Big Tits” isn’t his taste, but she’s capable, so he’s using her as a companion… or a slave, or bound by contract…”

 After that, Shinji goes to the guild and ask about a party called <Fire-Breathing Dragon>. He also needs to go to the information shop… and make plans for tomorrow and beyond.

 (But then again, Emily…)

 Shinji thinks of Emily.

 He has no intention of returning Emily’s favor at the moment. But he’s not going to sit back and watch her fall prey to some pervert. Shinji also likes Emily, despite what he says.

 (He made fun of me. He mocked me. He mocked Freri. He also said he was going to mess with Emily… I’ll show you what you deserve, Minato)

 He didn’t have his usual gentle smile.

 It wasn’t the usual kind smile, nor the disgusting smile he showed during s*x.

 He smiled like a demon plotting to do evil.

 Freri’s cheeks flushed as she saw his face.


 Emily was locked on by pervert!

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