Wizard 45

Chapter 45 Freri’s Morning Rituals

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 It was morning after the eavesdropping had been done.

 Shinji woke up with a strange feeling of warmth on his crotch. As soon as he woke up, he knew. Someone is licking Shinji’s p*nis. And there’s only one person who can do that at the moment.

 It’s Freri, who decided to sleep with him last night because she didn’t want to be sent back.

 ”Freri… I wish you had woken me up first…”

 ”… ♡”

 Shinji’s pants and underwear had been slid down, and Freri had also taken off her white dress and was completely naked. Her modest breasts and green skin are exposed, and her tongue licks Shinji’s vulnerable areas with precision.

 ”This is a prepayment. I’m going to need you to do a lot of work on this case. I’ll show him that Freri is no ordinary spirit”


 As Shinji said, Freri is not a common flower spirit.

 Freri is a half-breed, born from a succubus mother and a flower spirit father.

 Shinji’s aphrodisiac magic, estrus magic, and lewd crest engraving were all learned from a top-notch teacher called succubus.

 He has a high level of precision in manipulating, concealing, and detecting lewd magic, and yesterday’s use of <Charm> by Minato was child’s play to him.

 ”I know my magic is tasty, but the energy drain should be moderate…. If I can’t move, I can’t do research…”


 According to Freri, Shinji’s magic power is very tasty. He heard from Freri’s mother that it was rare for two people to be so well-matched.

 Shinji remembered her mother crying tears of joy that Freri had been blessed with such a good partner from the very beginning.

 It didn’t really matter, but unlike Freri, Freri’s mother had beautiful big breasts. Shinji had high hopes for Freri’s growth.

 Anyway, in exchange for her work, Shinji decided to give Freri his semen and let her do as she pleased.


 ”~Ugh… ~Still as usual… ~Oh no…”

 Her woman’s tongue, which was inherited from her Succubus mother, was skillfully used to suck on his p*nis, and even Shinji, who had a lot of experience with women, found it to be an excellent technique.

 Juzo…♡ Jupu…♡ Nipo…♡ Nipu…♡

 Shinji could only endure a blowjob that no human woman could possibly imitate, and the sound of water echoed in the quiet room.

 ”Kuh… with that kind of face… It’s so s*xy…”

 ”♡……… ♡♡….♡”

 Jupo~ ♡ Jupa~ ♡ Jupu~ ♡ Jupo~ ♡

 Freri, who has a face full of lust and excitement that is unlike her usual vague face, continues to suck Shinji’s p*nis. She seems to be happy with Shinji’s words and gets more and more excited about sucking.

 ”Ah! I’m going to ejaculate…!!”


 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu~ ♡♡

 The first thing in that morning, a large amount of extra thick semen is poured into Freri’s mouth.

 Shinji ejaculated into the back of Freri’s throat, holding her head firmly in place. Freri didn’t choke, but swallowed the semen with an ecstatic look on her face.

 Shinji had no time to spare when dealing with Freri.

 The pleasure of being sucked dry of semen, magic power, and life force all at once is tremendous. It’s no wonder that so many men have been drowned in pleasure after signing a contract with a succubus, only to be squeezed to death.

 Freri seemed to have a soft spot for Shinji, so he didn’t have to worry about being squeezed to death. However, Shinji has to keep his s*xual intercourse with Freri to a minimum because he doesn’t want to get drained.

 ”Fuuuh… are you satisfied?”


 Freri shakes her head. She then lies on her back and spreads her legs to show Shinji her private parts. The juices are dripping, and her vagina is twitching and writhing, inviting Shinji in.

 (This is one of those things that needs to be finished…)

 Shinji covered Freri, who was very eager to fuck him. The missionary position was still easy to take control of, and it’s better being on top of her.

 Shinji’s p*nis was slowly inserted deep into Freri’s vagina.

 The folds of Freri’s vagina swell and twist around Shinji’s p*nis, pulling it deeper and deeper into her. The vagina is filled with sloppy love juices and is warm, making it exceptionally pleasant to insert.

 An organ that specializes in squeezing a man is the vagina of a Succubus.

 (Because Freri is a half-breed…)

 While it is tempting to thrust hard at Freri, who is breathing heavily with excitement, unthinking pistoning will make it harder for Shinji later. He wanted to make her climax at least one more time with his caresses.

 ”…♡…Ah~ ♡…♡…”

 Shinji’s fingers rubbed up the hardened nipples with the fingers of both hands, insisting on the tips of her modest breasts. He plucked and pinched it with his thumb and middle finger, and a lovely voice like the sound of a bell escaped from Freri’s mouth.

 Her nipples were her weak spot, and Shinji’s caress seemed to make her scream. Freri’s face turned red with shame, and a red flower bloomed in her hair.

 ”You’re still embarrassed by your voice…oh, my bad! But don’t move your vagina…!”

 ”…♡ …♡♡ …♡♡♡”

 Shinji laughs teasingly, and Freri’s vagina wriggles and gives Shinji’s p*nis a pleasurable rubbing. The mouth of her cervix sucks on his glans, forcing him to ejaculate, and Shinji resumes caressing her nipples.

 Freri’s wriggling subsides, and Shinji manages to catch his breath and lick the semi-transparent nectar from Freri’s nipple.

 ”Freri’s nectar is sweet and delicious”


 As Shinji said this to Freri, her vagina tightened up and she slumped back and climaxed.

 For a flower spirit, being praised for her nectar is the happiest thing in the world. So happy was Freri that she climaxed.

 Shinji started pistoning into her climaxing vagina.

 ”…♡ Uh… ♡ Ah~ ♡ …♡ …Ah ♡”

 Shinji keeps thrusting into Freri’s sensitive vagina as she climaxes, torturing the depths of her vagina without mercy.

 She continued to shake her hips as she climaxed and climaxed again and again. The room was filled with the sound of water and the sweet smell of water.

 Freri couldn’t keep her voice down any longer. Every time Shinji pushed up against her, she would let out a sweet cry, and it would make him cum.

 ”I’m going to ejaculate…!”

 ”Aaaah~ ♡♡♡”

 Shinji ejaculates into her vagina as her vagina tightens and she urges him on.

 The semen he’s stored up is swallowed by Freri’s vagina and womb. Creampie for Freri is the best feeling…no, it’s too comfortable.

 Shinji pull his p*nis from Freri, who is twitching and shaking. The remaining semen is squeezed out onto Freri’s body. The white semen clinging to her green skin looked so nasty.

 ”…Did it feel good?”


 Freri smiled and nodded at Shinji’s words.

* * *

 ”Well, I’ll ask you to create a surveillance net. You can tell where they’re staying from the location of the seeds, right?”


 After adjusting his clothes, Shinji finished preparing to go out and gave instructions to Freri. Freri also has a lot of motivation! She raised her thumb in the air.

 According to Freri, Minato is still asleep at the inn. They are going to plant surveillance plants around the inn while they can.

 ”Well then, let’s start by gathering information. Let’s do our best”


 Oh! Shinji left the inn with Freri, who raised one hand in a clenched fist.


 She’s a contracted spirit for Shinji, and she’s an unusual half-succubus, half-spirit who likes to have s*x with Shinji and watch him have s*x with other girls.

 She is Shinji’s greatest collaborator.

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