Wizard 46

Chapter 46 Information Gathering (Fire-Breathing Dragons)

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 After parting ways with Freri, Shinji visited the guild. He went to the department where accepting party applications and complaints were handled.

 He was able to get to the counter quickly, probably because it was past the busiest time of the morning.

 ”I’m sorry, but I have a question about <Fire-Breathing Dragon>”

 ”…I understand. What would you like to know?”

 Shinji didn’t miss the moment when the receptionist made a face like, “Oh, no, not again”. Shinji smiled at the receptionist, but decided to continue with his story with a troubled look on his face.

 ”You are asked a lot, aren’t you?”

 ”…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to show it on my face.”

 The receptionist apologized, and Shinji expressed his sympathy.

 ”I was also involved yesterday. I thought that the way he was acting, he might have caused trouble elsewhere. I understand.”

 ”Just that we get a lot of inquiries. Are you sure you want to check the record of the member composition, reputation, etc?”

 The bitterly smiling receptionist regained her composure and came to ask. Shinji nodded silently. After listening to the receptionist, he thanked her and left the counter. He sat down in a suitable seat and decided to put it all together in his head.

 <Fire-Breathing Dragon> is an upper-low rank party.

 The leader is Minato. He is a wizard and has made a contract with the Spirit of Fire.

 Lila, Lili, and Lilu. Three elven sisters. Lila is the eldest, and Lili and Lilu are the second and third girls of the twins. The details of the fire spirit are unknown….

 His reputation is extreme.

 When it comes to capturing dungeons and defeating monsters that don’t involve people, he has no problem with his results. It seems that there are times when he gets into trouble with clients when he has to deal with people, and his reputation is divided.

 (It seems that he’s getting good reviews because of his <Charm>… or because he had a client who was a good match…)

 Even if he thinks about it, he won’t get an answer. What can be known is that the party has a personality, but also a fighting ability that is appropriate for an upper rank.

 (That’s all the information available on the surface. The rest is…)

 Shinji left the guild, pondering.

* * *

 After that, Shinji bought as much information about <Fire-Breathing Dragon> as he could from an informant at a bar in a back alley, and returned to his room at the inn.

 He wrote down the profile of <Fire-Breathing dragon> that summarized the information.

 [Minato. He is a wizard and the leader of <Fire-Breathing Dragon>]

 A young man with a great face. His personality is arrogant and self-centered.

 He used to be based in a neighboring town, but he accidentally burned down a field of grass near the town with a fire spirit. He became uncomfortable and came to this town.

 Lila, Lili, and Lilu are Minato’s party members.

 He has good looks and are popular with women. He likes girls with small breasts and has played with many girls with small breasts. It seems that there was a certain amount of trouble caused by this, but it was solved with power or money.

 There was no information that he could use <Charm> magic, but Shinji know that he can, so he has to be careful.

 [Lila. The eldest of the three elven sisters. Her role is that of a scout]

 Both combat and scouting abilities are quite good. Her character is quiet and timid. The three sisters have similar faces, but she is the only one with big breasts, so she is easily recognized.

 It seems that she is treated as a normal person in public places, but she is treated unfairly because she is often heard shouting at the inn where she stays. How she became one of them is unknown.

 [Lili. She is the second girl of the three elven sisters. Her role is that of a shield]

 Her fighting skills are excellent. She has a cheerful personality and is not shy. Small breasts. The third sister has the same small breasts, and the only way to tell them apart is by their hair. Her hairstyle is a side-tail tied on the right side.

 Along with Lilu, she is loved by Minato. It’s unclear how they became companions as well.

 [Lilu. The third girl of the three Elven sisters. Her role is attacker]

 Her fighting skills are excellent. She has a cheerful personality and is not shy. Small breasts. She has the same body shape as the second sister, and they are so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart except by their hair. This one has a side-tail tied up on the left.

 Along with Lili, she is loved by Minato. It’s unclear how they became companions as well.

 [Flare. A spirit of fire. She has a contract with Minato]

 Her power of the flame magic is tremendous, but the accuracy is poor. She is a beautiful woman with wavy black hair, brown skin and good style. Details other than her appearance are unknown. The reason why she made a contract with Minato is also unknown.

 There are too many unknowns. It needs to gather more information.

 After finishing writing down all the information, Shinji put his pen down on the desk.

 ”…but we can’t make any flashy moves yet”

 It’s difficult to prove to a third party that a person has used a <Charm> magic. If they make a move and cause a commotion, the reputation of <Running Wolves> will be damaged. That’s not Shinji’s intention.

 (At that rate, he’ll probably try something else.)

 He thought back to the time when he was eavesdropping. From Minato’s rage, there was no doubt that he would be contacted again.

 He concluded that he would have to wait with caution for now.

 As he was thinking about this, he heard someone running towards Shinji’s room. There’s only one person who would do this.

 ”Shinji! Let’s go have dinner ♡”

 Emily opened the door without knocking.

 ”I always tell you to knock, Emily”

 ”It’s fine because we’re friends, Shinji and I…”

 ”I would say there’s etiquette even among friends…”

 Shinji held his temples as Emily seemed to have no discipline at all, and with a sigh Shinji left his seat. He was already getting used to the fact that things had been happening quite frequently since Emily and Shinji had been staying together.

 Emily took Shinji’s hand and pulled him along with her. Shinji gave up and started walking to the dining area.

 He took another look at Emily’s face as she walked next to him.

 Her face is still very pretty. It’s no wonder she’s a target for perverts… Shinji thought.

 Emily notices Shinji’s gaze and looks up at him, giving him a teasing wink.

 ”What is it? Have you finally realized how attractive I am?”

 Emily had expected Shinji to ignore her as usual. But today Shinji’s reaction was different than usual.

 ”Well… Emily is cute, isn’t she?”


 Shinji was at a loss as to how to react to Emily’s blushing face and the completely different reaction he had expected from her.

 When he thought about it, he had always ignored or meekly responded to her, and had never once praised her properly.

 ”Y, yes. Now you can have a relationship with such a cute little Emily!”

 ”Haha, I’ll pass on that one”

 Emily pouted when he refused, smiling as she glanced up at him while playing with her hair.

 ”Look, I’ll have dinner with you for the rest of the day, if you don’t mind”

 ”…I don’t see why not!”

 When Shinji turned back the hand that was being pulled, Emily smiled good-humoredly and followed Shinji.

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