Wizard 47

Chapter 47 Running Wolves entangled with Fire-Breathing Dragon

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 The day after Shinji had gathered the information.

 <Running Wolves> had visited the Monster Den. They collected magic stones as they defeated the oncoming pack of monsters.

 ”Let’s take a break.”

 ”All right. Freri, take care of the surroundings”


 No one disagreed with Alvin’s opinion as he wiped sweat from his face. They all sat down in the small room where they had finished killing the group of monsters. Alvin and the others left Freri to guard the surroundings and replenish the food and water they had brought with them.

 After a while of resting, Freri pulled Shinji’s hem. She pointed to the entrance of the small room with a look of annoyance on her face. Shinji, sensing their presence, called out to Alvin and the others.

 ”The other day’s party is approaching, be careful.”

 ”…! Oh, I get it!”

 ”It’s the same rank, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we run into each other…”

 Alvin and Shinji stand up. When Milis followed, Renka also stood up silently, and all of them looked at the entrance.

 There were several sounds of people walking, and one elf appeared first.

 It was a beautiful blonde elf girl.

 She was wearing a green cape that elves often wear. Her large cleavage was visible through the fluttering cape. She was wearing a shirt that showed off her cleavage and navel, a miniskirt, and high socks, a common outfit for elven travelers that prioritizes ease of movement.

 Shinji continued to observe her, thinking that she must be the Lila he had heard about.

 The next to appear is Minato, the arrogant blond man from the other day, and the two elves.

 The two elves had the same hair color as Lira and wore the same outfit. The only differences were their weapons and the fact that they had very modest breasts and no cleavage. The faces of the twins were so similar that it was hard to tell them apart at a glance, only by their hair.

 Shinji was disappointed that he couldn’t find the fire spirit.

 ”What’s going on here? <Running Wolves> seems to be resting. How is your condition?”

 Minato speaks to them in the same bossy way he did the other day. The leader, Alvin, stepped forward. Shinji casually shifted his position to hide Renka and Milis from Minato’s view.

 ”We’re in good shape. What do you want from us? It is common knowledge that if you meet another party in a dungeon, you should leave immediately. If you don’t need us, we’ll just leave”

 ”I know you said it was none of my business, but as a real wizard, I thought I’d show you my magic. You’ll see what I mean when you see real magic!”

 Shinji was annoyed by Minato’s hostile tone. He’s an individual who believes in the supremacy of power, but he doesn’t want to be forced into it.

 When Shinji didn’t argue, Minato tried to push him further… until he was caught by the lovely Freri, who was picking at Shinji’s arm.

 Shinji looks out of Minato’s eyes and speaks in a cautious tone.

 ”I’m not interested in real magic or anything like that. Can you please not look at my spirit in a weird way?”

 ”So, she’s a flower spirit, huh? I have to admit that I was wrong. She’s not useless. What do you think? Would you like to be mine?”

 The three of them, Alvin, Milis, and Renka, looked at him with astonishment and said, “What the hell is he talking about!”

 The three elves, who are Minato’s companions, do not show any reaction.

 Shinji is surprised to see Minato’s eyes, although he did not show any expression.

 (What the hell is he thinking, using Charm Eyes so openly!?)

 Charm Eyes and <Charm> magic is very different.

 Charm Eyes are a strong charm that is triggered just by making eye contact with someone, and can almost certainly make them fall in love with him. For those who don’t know any of it, it looks like love at first sight.

 Fortunately, as a half-spirit, half-succubus, Freri was highly resistant to charm, so a little eye contact would not affect her. Shinji immediately blocked Freri’s view with the sleeve of his clothes.

 ”I’m telling you, don’t look at her with those strange eyes”

 Freri also hid behind Shinji.

 Minato looks at Shinji with a suspicious expression, as if he is wondering why his Charm Eyes failed to work. Shinji doesn’t even react to it. He looked at Alvin and Alvin nodded silently.

 ”…Absolutely. We’re leaving now. See you!”

 Alvin walked past Minato and the others to leave the small room.

 Milis and Renka followed suit. Shinji also walked past, making Freri lower her gaze.


 The two twin elves who take care of Minato, clicks their tongue, to Minato, who looks unhappy.


 Shinji heard Lila’s voice, which seemed to be stunned.

* * *

 (I have found out a lot about your information… you careless bastard.)

 After leaving the Monster Den and exchanging money at the guild, Alvin and the others were all having dinner. Shinji, alone, ate his meal in silence while thinking.

 It’s no secret that Shinji doesn’t talk much when he’s thinking, so Alvin and the others didn’t bother him and the three of them had a nice conversation.

 (Minato charmed the twin elves with his Charm Eyes. The two charmed elves are devoted to Minato. The eldest, Lila, is also charmed. But the effect is weak)

 Unlike the twins, Lila’s reaction to Minato was not directed at him. If she was under Charm Eyes, which melts reason and makes her crazy, all three of them should have reacted the same way.

 (I guess the Charm Eyes only work on people Minato likes. It is safer to bind them all together with the Charm Eyes than to bind Lila with <Charm>. The reason why he doesn’t is because he can’t do that)

 It is unlikely that Milis and Renka will fall prey. On the other hand, Emily will be seriously affected. He needs some kind of countermeasure.


 ”Are you done thinking?”


 ”Are you done thinking?

 Renka calls out to Shinji.

 The distance between them is the same as before they became lovers. Although they have become lovers, they keep it a secret from Alvin. Although Renka was a little dissatisfied with Shinji’s wish, she was able to put up with it because they had a solid date on their day off and they kept their private and public lives separate.

 ”Well, you know. I guess we’ll just have to be patient until there’s direct damage. I’ll alert Emily.”

 ”That guy is definitely crazy…”

 ”Will you become mine? he said, huh…”

 Even if she has a good face, Milis shuddered at the too-good-to-be-true line. Alvin also has a tired look on his face.

 ”I can’t really deal with a crazy person. We’ll just have to ignore him!”

 ”Renka was right. We’re in the middle of a preliminaries exam. I’d rather not get into any unnecessary trouble”

 Shinji smiles bitterly while appeasing the angry Renka. Alvin and Milis nodded in agreement, and they all laughed together.

 After that, they all forgot about the painful talk and enjoyed the conversation.

* * *

 [Why aren’t my eyes working!?]

 ”It’s so rough…”

 After dinner, it was time to go back to the room to eavesdrop.

 The surveillance net that Freri had laid out completely surrounded the inn, and it was possible to hear every conversation that took place in Minato’s room. In addition, the seeds that were used the first time have already been collected to hide the evidence.

 [What’s going on here…? I’m sure my eyes can make all the women I like fall in love with me. The effect of the eyes has not been lost. Lili, Lilu. You like me, right?]

 [I like you ♡]

 [Like you~ ♡]

 Shinji can hear the sound of the two of them bumping into each other. He can hear the sound of kissing, which indicates that the twins hugged each other vigorously.

 [The flower spirit was also cute… I’m going to make her mine. I was also ambushed by Emily, she was able to look at me for a moment, but she was gone in a flash]

 ”What the hell!?”

 (Why is he suddenly going for the real deal!?)

 Astonishing Shinji. Freri also searched the area around Minato’s inn, but there seemed to be no sign of Emily.

 (I should go look for her… I heard she looked at him, even if only for a moment, but I wonder what kind of influence she’s under…)

 Shinji instructed Freri to stop Emily if she should happen to approach Minato’s inn, and as he picked up his robe, he heard the usual sound of running down the corridor approaching.


 With a loud bang, Emily opened the door to Shinji’s room.

 Shinji was relieved to see that Emily was safe, but his face pulled into a grim expression when he saw her face.

 ”Shinji…♡ I love you…♡”

 Emily, who had completely lost all sense of reason, jumped on Shinji.

 It was a surprise attack, and there was no way Shinji could beat Emily in physical ability. In a flash, Shinji’s hands were tied up with the robe he was trying to wear and he was thrown onto the bed.

 Every time Shinji tried to cast a magic, Emily’s hands covered Shinji’s mouth with a tremendous reaction speed, not letting him cast it.

 The Charm eye is the eyes that make the target’s reason fly away and fall in love with the user. Emily’s eyes met him for a moment, and her reason was completely gone. She escaped before Minato could make her fall in love with him, so she did not receive the effect.

 However, the feelings for Shinji that she had suppressed in her mind overflowed and led her to commit the crime.

 Thus, things were about to proceed in an uncontrolled way.

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