Wizard 48

Chapter 48 Educational s*x for Emily

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 ”Shinji… ♡”

 ”Calm down, Emily!”

 Emily gets on top of Shinji, who is thrown onto the bed. Although Emily is petite, her push is strong, and Shinji is unable to stop Emily’s assault.

 Hah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Emily, who is breathing hard, grabs Shinji’s face firmly with both her hands and pulls his face closer to hers. Their lips lightly touched each other without any resistance.

 ”Ehehe… We kissed…♡”

 Emily muttered with a sloppy look on her face. And Shinji gave up resisting Emily’s attempts to take off his clothes.

 The condition has gotten to this point, so he decided to change his mind and take advantage of it.

 ”Huh… I won’t resist. But can you pull down my pants first?”

 ”Oh, I see you’ve given up ♡ I don’t mind ♡ I’ll do what Shinji asks ……… Eh?”

 Mufu ♡ Emily is pleased to see that Shinji’s pants and underwear had been pulled down, exposing his big, erect p*nis to Emily’s eyes.

 Emily was stunned by the sight of Shinji’s p*nis, which was much bigger than she had expected, and her sense of reason began to return. But Shinji had no intention of stopping now, once he had decided to do it, he would do it.

 While she was stunned, he applied an aphrodisiac spell and an estrus spell, and brought his glans close to Emily’s mouth.

 ”Lick it”

 Emily shuddered at the sound of Shinji’s cruel voice.

 Emily regretted that she had attacked Shinji on impulse. She felt that it was understandable that the gentle Shinji would be angry.

 But at the same time, Shinji’s cold gaze and unyielding power made her feel as if she had no choice. Emily’s chest began to pound as Shinji forced himself on her.

 Actually, it was the effect of the aphrodisiac magic, but Emily had no way of knowing.

 ”…Pero ♡ …Pero ♡”

 Emily licked Shinji’s p*nis with the tip of her tongue, looking fearful. She licks it while looking at Shinji’s face, but his expression remains cold. Emily continues to lick his p*nis, but he doesn’t seem to feel comfortable at all.

 ”Suck it”

 ”Rero… ♡ I understand…”

 Emily sucked Shinji’s p*nis in her mouth, trying her best to make him feel as good as possible as an apology for making him angry.

 For a while, the only sound in the room was the sound of Emily sucking on his p*nis.

 ”I can’t cum like this. How can you so confidently attack me with this?”

 ”…Huh ♡ Nn…, It’s my first time… So, I don’t know…. I don’t even know how I could have done that…”

 While Emily was struggling to suck his cock, Shinji untied his robe that bound his hands. He tapped Emily’s shoulder to stop her from sucking and asked her in an accusing tone.

 It’s not that he’s actually angry, he’s just acting, but Emily doesn’t notice and turns her head down in a pout.

 But the estrus spell seems to be working, and Emily is rubbing her thighs together with a squirming motion. The fellatio seemed to have excited her enough.

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll teach you well”

 ”Fueh? Hiiee!?”

 Shinji, speaking in a light tone, easily flipped Emily over. Emily’s eyes are black and white as she lies on her back on the bed.

 He put his face between her legs and lifted up her skirt to see a faint stain on the striped panties that covered her private parts. Feeling the feminine scent of Emily’s private parts, Shinji slipped off the striped panties and sucked on them directly.

 ”Hiu~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ That’s not a good place~ ♡♡”

 Shinji continues to lick Emily’s private parts in silence. And Shinji caresses Emily’s private parts while casting a spell to increase sensitivity.

 The relentless caressing on Emily’s underdeveloped private parts is to make them more sensitive and ready to accept Shinji’s big cock, and it gives her tremendous pleasure.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ahh~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡♡ Auuuu~ ♡♡”

 Her first cunnilingus was too stimulating for Emily. And in no time Emily climaxed, her body shaking and trembling.

 But Shinji doesn’t stop caressing her. He continued to lick the entrance to Emily’s private parts with his tongue, sucking and licking the overflowing love juices from her private parts.

 His caresses are not limited to her secret parts, but also extend to her clitoris. He licked, sucked, rubbed with his lips together, and lightly brushed his teeth against it.

 ”Yaaaaaa~ ♡♡♡ No good… no… no… noooo… ♡♡♡”

 Emily climaxed again and again. Her mind going crazy from the excessive climaxing. Emily, unable to use her strength properly due to the pleasure, and she allows Shinji to do whatever he wants. The only thing Emily could do was to climax, scream, and writhe around.

 ”Forgive me~ ♡♡♡ Shinji~ ♡♡♡ Aaaaahhh~ ♡♡♡”

 Emily climaxed loudly and squirted.

 At this point, Shinji finally raised his head from Emily’s crotch.

 ”If you’re going to attack me, you need to be able to do this”

 ”Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡ Hah~… ♡”

 Shinji wiped his mouth and covered Emily, who was unable to reply properly. He makes her open her legs and places his p*nis at the entrance of her twitching and greedy pussy.

 ”I’ll insert it”

 ”Fue…? ♡ Nnnnnnn~ ♡♡♡”

 Shinji slowly inserted his p*nis deep into Emily’s vagina, which was in a daze. Shinji’s p*nis breaks Emily’s virgin membrane and he enjoys the pressure of Emily’s vagina as it tightens.

 It only took a moment for Emily to feel the pain. A shiver ran down her spine at the sensation of his big p*nis penetrating her vaginal passage and thrusting deep inside her. Of course, it’s pleasure.

 The combination of cunnilingus, aphrodisiac magic, estrus magic, and sensitivity magic had developed Emily’s vagina so that she could cum easily in a short time.

 She climaxed again as the p*nis occupied her vagina until it was deep inside her.

 ”I’m going to move, Emily”

 ”Hah… ♡ Hah… ♡ Wait… ♡ Nnh… ♡ Oh~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji’s pistoning begins.

 From the very beginning, Shinji thrusts into Emily’s vagina without any consideration for her. Emily is not in any pain, she just continued to enjoy the violent pleasure and screamed with pleasure.

 Emily’s vagina is very narrow because of her small size. But she is still able to hold Shinji’s big cock firmly, and the sensation of it tightening is very pleasurable.

 Shinji wanted to use this opportunity to instill a sense of hierarchy in Emily so that she would never think of attacking him again.

 He felt that Emily’s usual attitude was based on the fact that she was stronger than him. So, he will instinctively instill in her the idea that he is an unbeatable opponent and that the control lies with Shinji.

 Emily was so much at the mercy of the pleasure Shinji was giving her that she couldn’t help but feel disappointed that her first experience was not at all what she had imagined.

 There was nothing romantic about it, it was just instinctive pleasure.

 Emily thought that she was the strong, dominant one. But in reality, she was not. In this way, she was reminded that she was a person who felt pleasure in being raped and dominated by the person she loved.

 ”Niiii~ ♡♡ Hahu~ ♡♡♡”

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Emily lets out a shriek that makes no sense as Shinji’s hips crush Emily’s vagina from above as if to force her into submission while she is covered.

 Shinji’s hips shake more and more, and his p*nis swells more and more.

 Emily instinctively knew that Shinji was about to ejaculate.

 ”Nnhhhhhhhhh ♡♡♡♡”

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡

 Shinji’s semen poured into Emily’s vagina. Her first creampie… made Emily climaxed with the happiness of receiving the semen of the man she loved.

 The warmth of the semen and the mind-blowing climax made Emily’s body tremble and shake.

 Despite the fact that Shinji’s p*nis had ejaculated, it did not wilt. He will have to make the most of his energy-boosting magic to fuck and educate Emily as many times as possible this evening.

 He had to teach her body the hierarchical relationship between Shinji and Emily.

 ”Come on, Emily. There’s no time to rest, okay?”

 ”Fueh… ♡ It’s still big… ♡ Naaaaah~ ♡♡”

 And so, Shinji fucked Emily over and over again. Emily didn’t resist, but let herself be fucked by Shinji.

 When Shinji told her to get on top of him and shake her hips, she did just that, learned how to give him a good fellatio, and was once again penetrated.

 Emily is thoroughly taught the pleasures of being dominated.

 And then, at the very end. The last time, Emily’s vagina was carved with a lewd crest while she was passed out with a look of pleasure on her face.

 ”Fuhh… okay, that went well”

 Shinji put some magic power into the crest to protect Emily from being charmed. This should allow Emily’s reflexes to take action before she is affected if their gazes unexpectedly meet each other.

 ”…I wonder if I should start with s*x friend relationship for now… It seems that if I don’t bind this words and actions with a lewd crest, she’s going to lose her mind…”

 As he looked at the unconscious Emily, Shinji pondered about the future.

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