Wizard 438

Chapter 438 Arrival of Alvin and Others

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 Shinji wipes off the mixture their liquid dripping from Neru’s jar and makes her put on her half undressed underwear and maid’s uniform again.

 After dressing herself, Neru feels that she has done a terrible thing.

 She regrets having a relationship with a man who has a girlfriend (Renka) to save her own skin, but she is also very satisfied with her body. The frustration she had before coming to the warehouse is gone, and she is happy to have experienced the greatest happiness as a woman. The proof of this is evident in the lewd crest on her body.

 ”Neru-san, as long as you don’t tell anyone. Please continue to serve as a maid as before. Is that what you wanted?”

 ”…Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

 ”Yes. If you’re worried, you can talk to Akane. She knows me very well.”

 ”That’s… Nhhh…♡”

 Shinji’s hand moves closer and gently caresses Neru’s butt. Just by doing so, a sweet voice escapes from her mouth. Neru’s body reacts showing her desire for the man (Shinji) and making her panties, which she has just put back on, damp.

 (Even though he just touched my butt…♡)

 Shinji smiles at Neru’s anxious eyes, not the good-natured smile, but a wicked smile that conveys her a black-heartedness that suggests he is planning to do something bad.

 But in this situation where she wants to keep secrets, Shinji’s confident words and attitude are reassuring.

 ”Is it the same with the head maid…? That, Shinji and her… have a physical relationship…?”

 ”Yes. So, it’s okay. You didn’t know that we had a relationship until now, did you? Just leave it to me, and it’ll be fine.”

 ”Yes… Shinji-san, I’ll leave it to you… Ah…”

 Neru says she will follow Shinji’s lead. At her answer, Shinji nodded his head in satisfaction and removed his hands from her ass, and Neru involuntarily made an impatient sound with a blush of shame on her cheeks.

 Neru is so ashamed that she did not realize that she is bound by the lewd crest. And now, her perception is distorted to favor Shinji over Alvin.

 (Well, I guess the minimum preparations have been made…)

 Thus, there are more maids in the Wolf family who put Shinji before their master (Alvin).

* * *

 A few days after Neru is embraced by Shinji, Alvin and the others arrive at the territory.

 Alvin, Milis, Christina, as well as Akane, who had been hired by the Wolf family when it was founded, come here. But the newly hired butler has been entrusted with the Wolf mansion in <Medio>.

 The reason Alvin would not leave Akane at <Medio>’s mansion is because he values those he has known for a long time and has come to realize that they can be trusted.

 ”Now I finally feel relieved.”

 ”Hahaha, you can’t look like that, Shinji. There’s still a lot of work to do. You have to lead the men properly.”

 ”I know. And this is it. Here’s the territory report.”

 While Shuro shows Akane and the other servants around the <Bejin> mansion, Alvin and the others talk in his office.

 Shinji has a casual exchange with Alvin, while Renka and Emily also greet Milis and Christina and start chatting with them.

 ”Ugh, Renka-chan. It was so hard to get the dress measurements and get ready for the party…”

 ”Are you going to make a new dress? I don’t think you’ve worn it much yet.”

 ”Yes. Because the season changes. Dresses also change with the seasons. And… my bust.”

 ”…A-Are they still… getting bigger?”

 Milis is in Renka’s arms, and Emily looks at her large breasts with astonishment. Emily screams in despair at the unreasonableness of the situation.

 ”The Wolf family is the center of attention. It’s the wife’s job to behave so as not to embarrass Al-sama.”

 ”Yes. I’ll do what Chris-san taught me.”

 ”…You’ve really improved your posture, you know…”

 The more Renka said this to Milis, the more beautiful she looked. Renka feels a little distant from Milis, who is gradually becoming more and more like an aristocrat.

 When Milis tries to answer Renka “No, it’s not” Alvin’s loud voice echoes through the gap in the conversation.

 ”Oh! Already so much? We’re almost done cleaning up the farmland! !”

 ”Freri’s been so worked up… Well, she’s been dragging me around day after day…”

 ”Oh… because she’s a flower spirit, huh? I’d be glad to get this over with as soon as possible.”

 To Alvin’s surprise, Christina approaches Shinji and the others. Meanwhile, Renka and Emily are telling Milis about Shinji’s success, and Christina’s eyes widen when she sees the report handed to her by Alvin.

 ”…This is… amazing. Al-sama said Shinji-san is very good… This is the work of several wizards.”

 It’s an unbelievable report, but Christina doesn’t think Shinji would tell a lie that would be easily discovered upon further inspection.

 (Really, this guy…! If he didn’t do such a thing, he would be a good vassal…!)

 She hates him for limiting her, but he is too much of a wizard to let go. Christina had intended to find a way to banish him, but it seems unthinkable for the wife of the future lord to let such a good wizard slip away.

 ”…Al-sama. I would like to look over the other reports and so on. Are Al-sama and Mil-san going to go around the village as planned?”

 ”Yes! I have to meet with the chiefs of the villages in the territory. We will go around and we will be back in a few days.”

 ”I understand. In the meantime, I’ll make sure everything is in order for Al-sama to take office as soon as you gets back.”

 ”Thank you! Thank you very much, Chris.”

 ”Yes. You can count on me, Al-sama!”

 Alvin and Milis are planning to tour the territory. Christina’s absence has been planned since she was in <Medio>’s house. Thus, leaving Shinji behind to prepare for the trip.

 After the preparations, Alvin and Milis leave <Bejin>’s mansion. Shinji looks down at Christina from his office window as she sees them off in the garden with a bright smile on her face.

 Now with Neru is giving priority to Shinji’s request as well as Akane’s, this will make the dark work in the mansion easier!


 Alvin and the others arrive.

 In the meantime, Freri, in high spirits, is dragging Shinji around the villages faster than expected.

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